“Hymned Again” Kid Test

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  • Brenda

    Good point!
    Maybe my kids will get to bed ontime for school!!!

    How’d you get your kids to respond so well to those cues???…
    Oh yeah, nevermind… The Child Whisperer!

    Have a blessed day and thanks for the humor. I hope CTGB is released soon from being hostage!!!!

  • april

    You gotta admit, Charlie has Richie Sambora’s foot stomp down pat! 😉

  • Wendy

    LOVE IT. Does it work on dogs? I don’t have children.

    I think your children rock btw.

    Bon Jovi is well….Bon Jovi!!!!

  • Kenny Frazee

    Great Test!!! Just keep playing it for them. They will maybe put Bon Jovi out of their mind for just a little while. Theres room for both of you. I live at the Jersey shore so I also Love Bon Jovi. Bart your song ROCKS!!!!!

  • Kelly

    Impressive! Sold me immediately. I could really use this for our 2 year old boy. The 6 year old girl … too late, she’s a Bon Jovi lover already.

  • jonathan

    Dude, this couldn’t be any funnier. Gave a me a good laugh today. Thanks

  • Z

    Man, this is pretty funny. I am amazed at how clever and creative you are at marketing Bart Miller’s Hymned Again. I am almost sucked into the consumer frenzy to buy this album.

    But I don’t have a mac and I don’t want to fill out all the balogne to get an account.

  • Bari

    I saw on your twitter that the record was already at 22! That is awesome. Did you think we would not take getting back CTGB seriously? We Are The World is so coming!

  • Ivy Six-Pack

    If it will put my six kids to sleep like that I am so heading over there to pre-order now. Does that come with a garantee????

  • Lisa M.

    Bart, I am so glad it’ll download next Tuesday! Next Wednesday school starts, and I’ll have a whole new class of 15 four and five year olds to test it out on. I sure hope it works on kids that don’t belong to you:)

  • Robbie Paisley

    You need to be marketing this to daycares, they would love you forever!

    Bart, you and Shannon have some really awesome kids.

  • Brenda

    Hey COOL !!another Brenda on theis blog…. Bart that was too funny LOL !!! hey that was pretty close to CTGB material….that was good AND funny bet they had fun doing that!!!!! God’s Blessings…

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    Hey Bart I will purchase 5 more for friends if you give a shout out to “jazz” and say that you guys still write your own music at the higher ground music festival in minnesota on Saturday? It is a long standing joke between my niece and me and she will be with me and a bunch of others to listen to your great music!! Its ok if you cant and on Sunday when I get home I will still order one more that I need!!! Cant wait for the release!!

  • Jamie

    So funny! You have really well behaved kids, did you bribe them or something:)

  • Lyda

    Amazing, I’m sold! I have four VERY hyper boys. This is JUST what I was looking for! I’ve got to get my 2 year old twins away from the Wiggles somehow. This is perfect, I’ll just put them into a music coma. 🙂

    It was great seeing you guys at the Celebrate Freedom concert yesterday! You guys were great.

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