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  • Lisa M.

    It’s all good, Bart! No need to apologize. I’m going to go try to pre-order it now, and if I can’t figure it out, I’ll make my husband do it:-)

  • Lisa M.

    I think it worked. First it told me it couldn’t access the store, then when I tried to go through the process again, it told me I already pre-ordered that cd. So, I think it took!
    And get this, I was kind of stressing because I really wanted to do this for you and your family, and because the songs sound awesome, but money’s tight. I knew I had an itunes account from way back when, and didn’t know how much I had left. Come to find out I had $9.99, exactly the amount I needed. Cool, huh? That was like a kiss on the cheek from God that I so needed today!

  • MomS

    It is my very first I Tune purchase – had to get Mike to walk me through it – confess I am technically challenged. But hey I discovered how easy it is and will no doubt do it again and again and again. Love you and see you soon!

  • Kenny Frazee

    I have it pre ordered on itunes and several of the web sites. I know the album will do GREAT! Saw you again last Saturday night and was Blessed to be able to be in the front row. I love you guys and what stand for. Bart, I am planning several of my next MercyMe Concerts and really looking forward to your solo tour. I hope your album makes a huge dent and goes right up the chart for you.

    You made my night last night with If you’re happy that your home clap your hands!

  • Kenny Frazee

    I also just wanted to mention that if you can have itunes put your album under new releases. Also I know that MercyMe is listed uder the Bart Millard section but under the MercyMe section no listing for either of Barts albums. Forgive me for speaking out but I thought for anyone that just might not know that you album was coming out and everyone should. I went to Belmont in Nashville and worked with the Judds and Ricky Skaggs. I had to at least let you know.

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    I thought 7.99 was really cheap! Oh well, I had a lisned on Itunes and it seems well worth the price!
    Also, could you PLEASE take care of your voice for this weekend. I am taking 6 teenagers for the weekend at higher ground to show you guys off and my son thinks it would be funny if you had to cancel due to illness after I have put in such time and money into bringing your music to these great kids!! (my son actually believes it would be funny. Of course he also thinks he sings your song “I know” good) Just please take care of yourself! Cant wait to see you again on Saturday, you guys are awesome!!

  • Lori Broach


    Now bring back CTGB.

    With dancing.

  • Jim Clark

    i tried to email freefour@inorecords.com and got a message back saying that my email couldn’t be delivered. Did they get overloaded? Any help here would be awesome. I’m preordered and looking forward to next Tuesday.

  • Jim Clark

    Sorry… spelling and words are challenging… i typed above “freefour” but i had emailed “fourfree@inorecords.com” initially and got the response that i did about it being undeliverable. Sorry… too much mountain dew and iTunes today…

  • Toby

    Done X 3!! Called and talked my Mom through the process yesterday :-). She can’t seem to understand why she bought it yesterday, but can’t listen to it now…..
    Bought on my and the wife’s computers also!!
    Best of luck!

  • Kim The SLOB

    Ordered…..Now trying patiently to wait until Tuesday!

  • stephanie

    That was so easy. Instead of doing the whole email thing (cause I am basically too lazy), and because I already have the 1st Hymned album, I decided to try something else. I was thinking……if I would have kept that $2, what would I have gotten??? Easy. A Big Mac. So, I went and got a Big Mac. I can honestly say I didn’t miss out on anything.

    It was a pretty awesome Big Mac too.

  • Robbie Paisley

    $9.99 is great deal, besides with some of it going for juvenile diabetes it makes it even a better deal.

  • islandchick

    Woo hoo! Just got my confirmation email from MusiChristian.com that my Hymned Again was on its way. Can’t wait for it to get here. I can’t stop humming What A Friend We Have In Jesus, it’s one of my all time favorite hymns 🙂

  • lyssa

    Album, Record…how old ARE you anyway??? ha! 🙂

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