Not quite a church sign, but close…thank you for the reminder resident of Ocean Grove, NJ.


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  • Adam Riggins

    just a weeeee bit on the cheesy side.

  • Robbie Paisley

    I like it and it is a great reminder.

  • magen

    oh yea i saw this on someones gate in ocean grove and i just went to the mercyme concert yesterday 8/9/08 yup it was great

  • Buggy G

    Apparently, a church near my house doesn’t have ice cream, but they have great Sundays.

  • Brenda

    I havn’t seen that one before …..thats cute!!

  • MMmike

    nice one Buggy!


  • Kaleb Trail

    My friend’s church has a Sundae Night Sunday Night at his church every so often. lol.

  • lsi

    thanks a lot for this nice web site. it would be better with other languages, bur thanks..

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