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  • jerseyprayers

    Oh Yeah we were there and You were all AWSOME.

  • Jessica

    Very cool. Where is that? With the windows, it almost brings the old Reiman to mind.

  • Z

    Do you ever sing, “Staaaaaay, just a little bit longer.”

  • Sandi

    that’s a great view…wish I was in that front row of seat there!!!!!!

  • Lisa M.

    Nice view! Although, put some people in those seats and you couldn’t pay me to stay behind that mic.

  • Robbie Paisley

    I’m with you Lisa, I would get a huge case of stage fright if I were behind that mic.

  • laura

    that is the 130 year old nearly all wood “Great Auditorium” in Ocean Grove NJ. a tiny, formerly all methodist ,hamlet along the eastern seaboard. it actually has tent houses that surround the perimeter of the venue that people wait years on lists to get the opportunity to rent. it’s quite a unique and charming place. Bart, did you get any photos of the tents?

    was there last night for a really wonderful show.
    thanks guys!

    was wondering if i could make a few (serious) suggestions for the grab bag…
    Extreme’s “hole hearted”, Bryan Adam’s “i do it all for you”

    God keep you in His Hand!

  • Julia

    hey!! i was there and i loved ur testimony! it made me and my mom cry… i lost my grandmother when my mom was only 12… people say that im the spinning image of her… i really want to meet her and i know that i will… i will be next to her praising the lord!

  • Julia

    oh and by the way… you and your father will be together in heaven and together both of you will worship our great god together… i also lost my grandmother from cancer… like you said.. God made this happen for his glory… everything that happens in our life is for his glory… his glory is the thing thats gonna get us to go through everything in our life… for his glory…. its keeping us alive and happy. My name is Julia Natoli and im 12 years old, from Plainsboro NJ, and i have friends and family that are dying from illnesses, there all happening too soon for me and for them and i always look toward the light that god put ahead of me so i know that hes doing his to me for my own good. i know that your father died for his glory… God wanted you to be this amazing man that helps people to get closer to god. all i wanted to say is thank you for doing what you do, it really helps the world to get closer to the Messiah coming back for us. thank you
    God Bless You,
    Julia Natoli

  • Denise

    Wow – I was there last night too and it was amazing…I loved the sound of the whole place entering into worship – it sounded like a preview of heaven…every once in a while, I would stop signing to listen to it….coolest thing ever was stalking the tour bus after the concert and meeting the band. What a bunch of true gentlemen, kind and funny. Robby you were very gracious to the two ladies that sort of embarassed me, I don’t know them (you want a hotdog, Drummer?). I do not idolize man, but I must say that this was an awesome honor. Thank you for all the photo ops

  • Tim

    Glory to God for MercyMe! I was at that concert last night and it was the most God filled place I’ve ever been in. Bart, your testimony was exactly what I needed to hear. Everything DOES happen to glorify God. I thank God for your ministry and pray that more people of this world will come to know Jesus through you or through others. It doesn’t matter how. Just that they do. God Bless!

  • Betty

    oooo…I love the Shure UHF-R KSM9. Yes…yes Betty does.

  • Pam

    I was there in Ocean Grove Saturday & it was awesome. I so enjoyed worshipping with you & everyone else. Your words were so moving & touched me to my soul. It was the first time I heard Finally Home & it is my new 2nd favorite, only to I Can Only Imagine! I introduced you & your music to my brother for the first time & he really enjoyed himself as well. His girlfried and I have seen you before but I was glad I could share this with him. You guys are wonderful & I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    God Bless!

  • jerseyprayers

    Saw you guys last night at Ocean Grove. Our first time and we loved you. We go to Ocean Grove often. It is a special place and we always feel God’s presence there but never as strong as last night! Wish we could have met you after the concert. We wanted to tell you all how your words and music went right to our hearts! You all are truly AWESOME! Hope to see you again live someday. Gram and Gramp Wilson.

  • jeff 27

    i wasnt there but i bet it awsome

  • Brenda

    I’m with Jeff —- I wasn’t there but bet it was really awesome and the view…..WOW!!! the sunlight beautiful—behind the mic YIKES!! no thanks

  • Cassandra, a SLOB

    I REALLY wish you all would come to the Des Moines area. To Point of Grace Church in Waukee to be exact!!

    What a great photo. Thanks for sharing the beauty of God from your view.

  • Jeff

    Was there/great show…Thanks for the netertainment, the message and carrying Gods word…

  • Mike & Karolyn

    My Fiance and I were at the show and all I can say is WOW! We brought my son who is 21 and he was amazed as well. It was the first time for all of us at a ccm concert, we were all so filled with the Holy Spirit.

    Bart, we thank you and the rest of the band for helping us along in our new journey.

    God Bless.

  • Cassandra, a SLOB

    *cries* I want to enjoy this tour too!! Look at all who rave about it… *pouts and looks around for Bart and fellow band members*

  • Ronnica

    Wow, you’d think you’d have a better turn out than this…

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