Albert Pujols

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  • Toby

    Ok, I thought I was doing a pretty good job of handling your wagon jumping from the Rangers, Tigers, Cubs and Sam’s Yankees, but NOW you’ve gone too far! I can respect taking the pic with Pujols, but wearing a Cardinals shirt??? Not only that, but one from like 1984?? I think I just puked a tiny bit in my mouth.
    I am now only going to buy 3 copies of Hymned Again!

  • Tyler

    Um seriously? Wow…I’m jealous.

  • Dale Best

    The dude’s a beast with a baseball bat…and a great witness for Christ. But not in that order.

  • Jim Clark

    Yeah… I agree with Toby, I puked a little bit too. But that’s because I’m a Cubs fan… sorry (for you – wearing a Cardinals’ shirt).


    P.S.: This won’t stop me from pre-ordering the Hymned album! Can’t wait until Tuesday.

  • Family Jules

    You are officially the coolest, the cooolest!!

  • Rafael

    WoW, Thats a great Baseball Player! and a great man of God!! He makes God smile and make me proud to be a Dominican!!! Bless you all!

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