Go Rangers!

Texas is HOT!!! We just got done playing before the Ranger game today. I can’t believe how amazing our fans are…it had to be 1000 degrees outside and there were tons of you guys out there…THANK
YOU!!!! Go Rangers!!!!


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  • Rebecca T :-)

    You guys got to play at a Rangers Game? how cool is that?!?!? (hey- maybe that helped with the heat hu? hahahahaha… get it? it was COOL to be able to play there?…uh…okay… :D)

  • Elizabeth

    Ya’ll did an amazing job tonight despite the heat. The concert was a big hit!! Thank you for doing it!

  • Jeff

    Great to hear that. Loved you guys Friday night in Houston, great show and very moving.

  • Sarah

    Hey Guys!!
    I cant believe i missed it!! 🙁 oh well maybe next time.
    love your music!!


  • Karen J

    It was wonderful to worship and pray with you guys tonight in the heat at the TX Rangers game. You were amazing as usual and we really enjoyed the concert! Great job on the National Anthem as well. Too bad the Rangers lost but it was still a great night. We love you MercyMe!!!

  • Jessica D

    it was HOT this afternoon at the ranger’s stadium but I went there anyways.. i told my husband that there was nowhere else I’d rather be to celebrate our anniversary on a Saturday afternoon than at the mercy me concert! as soon as the concert was over i went home.. did it all just to see you guys and to feel the presence of the Lord in such a great way through your music and worship. it was the greatest gift. thank u so much for all that you do! i wish i had had a chance to get an autograph and a picture. if u guys are still in dallas tomorrow it would be great to make it happen! i’ll be singing at the First at Firewheel church in garland on Lavon dr tomorrow for an “all nations day” celebration with the choir at 10:30 am. you guys are invited and welcome to come! gosh, i dream big right?! 🙂 i wish you guys had the time. God Bless you all

  • Jodie R

    Yes, it was hot, very hot out there tonight but it was still wonderful! And as only God can do, there was a cool breeze that came through every now and then…ONLY God can do that through Texas heat. My favorite moment was when you had the crowd sing Amazing Grace, it sounds corny but it brought tears to my eyes to hear all those voices lifted in praise. Thank you guys for your music and its message, it was the best birthday present I could have received from my husband.

  • Brian

    You guys were awesome even in the extreme heat. I think the coolest part was when Hamilton showed up, talked to the crowd and then signed Bart’s Josh Hamilton jersey on stage. I am a huge fan of MercyMe and their message to the world. Keep up God’s work and see you next year.

  • stephanie

    Thanks for such a great time. Your shows are always such a blessing. I really appreciate the Rangers for their efforts in making it happen.

    If you guys ever perform the same day as the as the Bring your dog to the ballpark night, my life would be complete. 🙂

  • Sara

    That was the most AWESOME concert that I have EVER been to! It was 107 degrees…HOT!!!! But it was worth it. I loved it. The national anthem was amazing. Thank you so much for that fabulous worship experience. You guys are awesome.

  • Quinn Geer

    I don’t know if HOT even describes what it was yesterday. It could have been 120 and my family (and church-1st Presbyterian, Greenville) would have been there!! You guys were spectacular, not just with the music but with the message you gave. You have made a difference in so many lives and your words lead my daily life in ways I never could have imagined. Thanks for all you do…you are lifesavers!!

  • carol

    I really thought the heat was going to kill us, but when you all started playing the heat was forgotten. Again what an awsome experience. Thank you so much for sharing your gift of praise and worship with our family. Can’t wait for next year. Sorry for the loss Rangers.

  • Alec

    Officially, it peaked at 105° at 5:00. …Conveniently the same time the concert started. I was one of the few smart ones who decided to scrap the whole “stand out in the grass with the record-high sun overhead, swamping everyone’s head and body with intense warmness, while the close huddle of everyone traps the heat in and prevents any wind from doing any good” idea, and instead stood on the edge of the middle level inside the stadium. The sound was just as good as it was from the top of the hill, and there was the added benefit of shade. Stress on the shade.

    You guys do a really good national anthem, by the way.

  • Buggy G

    It must be the angle… Nate looks so small, like a hobbit or something. I just hope he doesn’t have hairy feet! 😉

  • Baylor

    Hey guys yall did an awsome job there!! It waz so much fun! I cant belive I got a pic with yall !! It waz hot but your in texas :)! I love texas but i love you guys for playing for God. God bless yall and God bless Texas!! Go Rangers

  • Lisa M.

    Wow, sounds like it was a little warm. You have some great fans.

  • MMmike

    Actually Nathan is half Hobbit, half Elf….he has VERY pointy ears.


  • Jerry W

    For one of your Grab Bags, could ya’ll sing Amazing Grace to the tune of the Theme Song of Gilligan’s Island. It sounds really really cool we did it at church.
    Thank you,
    Jerry W.

  • Jeff Tucker

    Yes, it was HOT! But it was such a blessing to hear all of God’s voices singing with one voice Amazing Grace. I work with the Rangers and I brought a friend to listen to my favorite band that lifts me up when I am down. He was amazed by the amount of people that was there standing and praising God in the Texas summer heat. He was moved and after the game called me up to ask me about what MercyMe was singing about. I told him about God’s love and shared with him of how God has changed my life and how I fall and that God’s love brings me back up as I struggle to follow Jesus in an ungodly world. At this time, I planted a seed with the help of MercyMe. Thanks guys for lifting up God’s word in song and lifting my spirit up with God’s melodies. Give God all the Glory and May God continue to be with you and your families as you are full-filling God’s will in your lives. God Bless.
    Jeff, Azle, TX

  • Sandi

    So when are you going to sing at the A’s game? That’ll be the only thing worth going for right now….you guys are awesome…and it’s been so long since you’ve hit N. CA

  • Tom & Jan

    So much to say: May God continue to bless you and live in your worship! We are so blessed to live in a country that we can freely worship in the open and I thank God for all of the OPEN spaces of Texas. We have only attended a few concerts through our nearly 30 years of marriage, but we love going anywhere to worship and praise the Lord. Thank you for your continuation with the Rangers Concert series. Yes, we were baking in the SON, but you guys were cookin’! I saw the presence of the Lord, shared throughout the evening, thanks to the beginning you gave us.
    God Bless America; God Bless Texas and God Bless MercyMe.

  • Renee Ankrom

    I don’t know that I have EVER been as hot as I was on Saturday. My husband and I took our youth group to SEC and Faith Night at the BallPark. We joked saying the Mercy Me concert was our reward for having sat through Hawk Nelson and the other bands at SEC. Little did we know that on Sunday night at church during testimony time that every one of the youth stood up and said the Mercy Me concert was their favorite part of the whole weekend.
    You guys are just normal down to earth guys doing a great work for King Jesus! THANK YOU. Renee Ankrom Copperas Cove Texas

  • Gina

    Yep, I went to the game too and it was so hot! But aren’t we glad we don’t have to spend eternity in that kind of heat, if you know what I mean! Praise the Lord! Anyway, great worship and message! Love you guys every time I see you play!

    By the way, I was the chick in the hot pink shirt holding up the “PLEASE PLAY A COVER TUNE GRAB BAG SONG” sign that you pointed at but you didn’t play one! I really wanted to hear “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” but like you said, too embarrassing! Love ya anyway!

  • Melissa

    Hot, yes it was!!!! Really enjoyed the concert. My family and I rode from New Boston on our church bus to see ya’ll and the Rangers. What a way to spend the day, worshipping God, being with family and friends, and cheering for the Rangers! Thank You Mercy Me and the Texas Rangers and our church, First Baptist, for a great day.



  • Larry

    We have been Blessed to have been to all your Rangers concerts, but this year despite the heat. Y’all were Great.I have a grab bag request I think you’ll like. A classic ” Carry on my Wayward Son”. We hope you play it next year at the Rangers game. Lord Willing. May the Lord Bless Y’all, for being a blessing to others.

  • julianne davis

    yall guys are a blessing to me my dad and i was yall aug.2 at the rangers stadium yall were just amazing that day God was pleased and my friend that went with me got saved so thank you. ANd bart i agree Josh Hamilton ranger 4 life. GOD bless yall o by the way i love the cover tune grab bags make more please!!!!!!!!!!1

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