Submitted By:  Barbara Marshall

Thanks so much for coming to Phoenix to play you guys are awesome.  Bart my son also has Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes and I found out yours did by the t-shirt you wore in this picture.  How can I get one of those shirts I would love one and so would my son.

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  • Rob

    How was the Bus Ride Boys??? Welcome to Cali!!! Can’t wait to see you the next couple of nights. The Angels are in town, Bart you would look good with that halo hat on. Any chance you would make a game? Don’t bring that Red Sox nation to the Big A. We just sent them packing back to Bean town with a sweep. Anyway I agree with Barbara with regards to buying and promoting JD with the t-shirts. When will they be on the site???

  • Donna

    Just saw the show in Bakersfield. You all are so awesome!! Get well soon Bart.

  • Cassandra, a S.L.O.B.

    Oh sure, go to my former hometown of B-town, but not close enough to my current one, Des Moines. *sigh*

    Nice photo Barbara, thanks for sharing!

  • Sandi

    You’re lucky…I’ve been trying to meet MM for the past 5 years…..great pic!

  • jenn

    The concert in Bakersfield was awesome! I had a great time. Bart hope you are feeling better. Enjoy the rest of your stay in California. Hope you keep coming back, even though it is so expensive. I will keep coming to your shows last nights was my 7th! God Bless!

  • Todd Branson

    May God Bless Barbera and May God Bless Mercyme and the humility and love you have for your fans.
    This is why I am going to strive to use your example for our Christian Band in Denver. Be looking on the web for many renditions of Mercyme songs. I hope 1 or more will be on this site.

    You guys are my heros

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