Newsboys Rock

Shaumburg, IL…ahhh the Newsboys…what can you say. They’re always amazing live and seriously…Paul Colman could be one of my favorite people on planet earth. Aussie Aussie Aussie…..



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  • Megan Schrieber

    Goodmorning! We were there last night and, yes, the Newsboys are awesome! BUT….what about Mercy ME? WOW….and with pneumonia no less. We so loved your concert that we are going to go see you in Philadelhia in OCT. We are moving there in 2 weeks. You truly moved us last night. Thank you and God bless you always.
    Yours in Christ,

  • Sandi

    I’ve always wanted to see the Newsboys, but on their last tour, they never even hit the west coast, much less my area. But if all goes well, I’ll see them at Spirit West Coast in a couple of weeks. BTW….why aren’t you in the line up for SWC Monterey??? Now, that would’ve been rockin’ to see MM and the Newsboys!!!!!!

  • MomS

    Yes they do in fact that is the CD playing in my car this a.m. Did you get to hang out?

  • Lisa M.

    They were pretty awesome. As were you guys! It was especially fun because it’s the first time my daughters have gotten to see Newboys. Just listening to their shrieks of delight when they did the drums (man, Peter was up high!) was worth the $60 spent on beverages that day!
    We’re a little burnt and a lot tired, but we had so much fun! Tell Bart thanks for pushing through, and we hope he’s feeling lots better soon.


  • Rob

    Can’t wait to see you guys on the California tour. We are bringing our four kids to Costa Mesa and San Diego to feel the MM spirit. My 5 year old son has a number of your songs memorized. It is so fulfilling to hear them sing your songs and worship Christ. Praying for your health Bart…

  • Dylan

    I’m not saying the NEWSBOYS don’t Rock, but you guys have been my fav. band since I was like 10, I’m 18 now, I would love to do what you guys do you for a living for the lord, I write and sing my own songs, but can’t play instruments, due to my cerebral palsy. I Saw you guys play in Jackson, Tn at the Oman Arena with Fee and Mike’s Chair, around April 19th I think, anyway it was without a doubt the best concert I’ve been to. Keep on rockin’ for the lord fellas

    – Dylan

  • MMmike

    Sandi… not sure why we weren’t invited to SWC this year… it seems like it’s been a while… you should register a complaint with someone @ SWC and make them have us back!!!!! We love playing there… always a great crowd!!!

    Mom… yeah… got to hang w/Paul for a few minutes before they went on and we had to split early to get to bakersfield, so no aftershow hang!


  • Karen

    My husband and I took our nine year old to the event last night (actually it was the entire day). It was his first concert and needless to say, he loved it! Not only did he enjoy Newsboys (the drums of course), but he was moved to tears during MercyMe. I truly believe the Holy Spirit touched his heart right there! Thank you for your music and for providing the opportunity for my son to feel the hand of God. God Bless.

  • Sandi

    Mike ~ hehe, yeah, I will make a big stink as to why one of the best groups out there hasn’t been at SWC, lol. Seriously though…I’ll write to them. Hey I’ve never been to SWC, but I know you guys haven’t played in Monterey for several years (only Del Mar)…so I was hoping at my first SWC, you guys would be there. A MM/Newsboys concert would’ve been almost as awesome as seeing my two favorite groups play together last year MM/Audio A. *sniff, sniff* ok, so I’m eagerly awaiting for you guys to go further north then Bakersfield…N. CA (aka me) is having MM withdrawls. 🙂

  • Brad

    Just wanted to say to Mercy Me – my fiance was crying during your song “I Can Only Imagine” and they were looking at her as if “what’s wrong?” A year ago, she sang that song during my mom’s funeral – and it brought back a lot of memories.
    We truly appreciate your music and ministry. Thank you and may God bless you!

  • Mike

    My family was at Ignite Chicago last Sunday (7/20) and we were truly blessed to see so many great artists who inspired everyone there, especially for me, MercyMe! Your music, your passion for Christ and your heartfelt words in ministry helped put some things in perspective for us. Thank you and may God continue to bless you all. Get better, Bart – if you didn’t mention pneumonia, I would have never known, since you sounded incredible.

  • Christy

    We like the Newsboys here too. My son loves the accent. Thank God for all of you!!!

  • Elizabeth Diaz

    This is my 5th time seeing the newsboys and they just keep on getting better and better!!! : )
    But i also LOVED Mercyme. I have never seen a band so humbled like mercy me…they didnt put on a show they worship just like we did : )
    God bless….

  • Liz

    Mercyme moved me like never before….thank you for your inspiring lyrics and your thirst for God!!!….Sunday at ignite chicago was the awsome…..

  • Phil

    I saw the Newsboys several years ago, in fact they got me going on Christian music. I now play in a praise band! But Mercyme keeps me going daily. Thank God for people like you! Great show last night at the OC fair. Hope you are feeling better Bart. You sing better with pneumonia than I do without! God bless all of you. Phil

  • Susan

    Hey Mike,

    I like your picture better than mine, I was near front roll crowd stage right, my left…You & Bart,Jim,Barry,and Robby ~thank-you for sharing your bless talents~ I hope that Bart feeling better! My sister & her husband enjoyed the show in Costa Mesa,CA -Thank-you!! God Bless!

  • Ann

    Our youth group drove in to Ignite Chicago from the cornfields of northwest Illinois and Mercy Me was definitely one of the highlights of the day along with Newsboys. I could tell that Bart was feeling a little down by his coughing, but want to say thanks to the band for not canceling. It was an awesome day and my family picked out a child from Compassion International. Hope to see you again in concert.

  • Owan

    You are too right, Mr. Mike from MercyMe! Newsboys are awesome! Paulipops is great too. 😛

  • Sandi

    I just saw them for the first time at SWC this Sat…oh wow, they are even better in concert. But I have to say the Cap’n Crunch mania was INCREDIBLE. I was swimming in Cap’n Crunch by the time the Breakfast song was over…I’m still finding it in everything I brought, lol.
    We missed you guys not being there. We were sporting the MM sweatshirt and a couple of other people were too. And Kutless did a good rendition of “Word of God Speak”…but it just wasn’t the same without MM singing it! 🙂

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