Lego Man

Walking to go see The Dark Knight today in Schaumburg, IL, Jim and I ran into an old friend from our childhood….LEGOMAN!!! Who doesn’t love leogs?!?!

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  • tam

    “Who doesn’t love leogs?!?!”


    having raised children i have had my share of painful midnight trips across the hall stepping on every color and shape of lego.

    well. ok. i love’em! good times and memories!

  • Sara

    what is a leog???? no. i hate those things…they hurt when you trip on them. But they entertain the kids when you’re babysitting!!!

  • Jessica

    Ooooo. The king of correct grammar just got busted! 🙂

    You know, it’s funny because when I first saw the picture, I thought “Awww… we used to go to the Fox Valley Mall and they’d have TONS of things made of Legos… it was so cool! It was in Aurora, Illinois – So, I’m thinking… it must be an Illinois phenomenon!
    But, it is fun!! Makes you feel like a kid again!

  • Hilary

    What did you think of the Dark Knight?

    I just saw it today and really enjoyed it.

  • Lisa M.

    You even went shopping, huh? Schaumburg is known for it’s great shopping (especially the IKEA!) I went there before heading to Ignite Chicago.
    The show was great! I felt bad for Bart though. He just needs to sleep for a week and get over the pneumonia. I was so blessed because Bart spoke the truth to that crowd (the Spirit was moving down there, let me tell you), and you guys not only bring the praise, you bring the rock! I’m so glad we were able to get there. Hope you guys aren’t as burned as me:) G’night!

  • Jen B

    I love Legos!!! The only reason my 8 yr old is excited to go to Disney in sept is to go to the lego store. What a nut!! You should check it out when you’re down there for the Night of Joy. Which I can’t go to, cuz my kids are young and can’t physically stay up that late. BUMMER!!!

  • MomS

    Hmm Legos, think some of them got eaten for breakfast. Rest are here just waiting for small (or large) children to play with them.

  • MMmike

    I was typing on my phone….give me a break!!! Ok…i should’ve checked it over before sending it….sorry. I loved The Dark Knight, but wouldn’t recommend it for kids under the age of 16-18…it was pretty dark, and Heath Ledger deserves the Oscar.


  • Karen J

    Legos…gotta love em. Hours of entertainment for the kids and hours of frantic seaching for the lego man hat when it got misplaced. Our little dacshund swallowed one several years ago and we had to be sure and check his deposits to make sure it made it’s way out…gotta love legos! We saw The Dark Knight last night as well…my husband enjoyed it. It was too scary and sad for me…I like movies with happy endings. But I do like Super Heroes! Can’t wait till the day the ultimate Super Hero comes to take us home. The MM song “Hold Fast” helps me picture Jesus as our Super Hero…thanks for that great song…and what a happy ending that will be one day.

  • J.

    this lego man dances like bart
    watch him !

  • Charity

    My 6 year old nephew, Avery, who is the most amazing boy in the world, loves legos. He recently moved to Minneapolis Minnesota so he gets to go to Lego Heaven which is what he callS the Minneapolis Mall of America Lego Store!

    I live in Southern Ohio and I highly recommend Mall of America. It is pretty amazing. The lego store was a dream come true for me because they had a, completely made of Legos, LIFE SIZE Star Wars Storm Trooper which I had my Picture taken with!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truevyne

    Was that a rhetorical question? I’m the mother of three lego lovin’ boys, and well, I don’t love them. They’re so doggone hard on a mom’s feet when left unattended on the living room floor…

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