Cover Tune Grab Bag – “Thriller”

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  • Christie

    I love the arrangement! You should record it. I would buy it.

  • kelli

    The Hillbilly Appalachian Thriller.

    Dang, Ellie May- that was purty!

  • kelli

    Will I be able to get the vision of Sasquatch doing the moonwalk?



  • Buggy G

    Wow, I’m THRILLED!!! 😉 I like this version better than the original! It has the same vibe as your song “3:42 AM (Writer’s Block).” I love that song, by the way—I can relate!

    Ya knocked it outta the park, boys!!

  • Anne

    LOVE IT!!!!!

  • JanetRN

    I was all ready to say, “Um not my favorite Grab bag… ” then the dancing started.. ROTFL! yall are so funny.. Seriously waiting for some Steelheart (in honor of their new CD coming out…Seriously, Steelheart has a new CD coming out.)

  • tam

    your poor wives


  • Lori Broach

    Finally!!! Dancing!!! It almost makes up for my 5-year old son’s new favorite song being the Cover Tune Grab Bag theme song. He sang it nearly 100 times at Target the other day.

  • Z

    You guys are awesome. That had so much in it! I loved it so much!

  • Robin C.

    As soon as I saw the title I had visions of the dancing…was somewhat disappointed and then you double wammied me with the cut-ins of the dancing…my favorite thus far!!! You guys really do have too much fun! I am in New Hampshire for a “moms side of the family” family reunion and I can’t wait to get my Aunt Jackie and Aunt Janice in here to see this…and 200 other relatives from all across the country…glad I brought my laptop…lol

  • KayD

    y’all are the whitest white boys I’ve ever seen….yikes… 😀

  • Felicia Huff

    Wow! I hope I don’t have nightmares tonight! 🙂 The dancing was GREAT! 🙂

  • Jessica

    Yeah, that did come off a bit blue-grassish for some reason? But, what’s even more strange than that is that it actually worked! Love it.
    And love the dancing.
    I still just can’t figure for the life of me why Jim and Robby would want to miss out on all the fun…?
    Jacko, eat your heart out!


  • Heidi Reed

    ROFL! I freakin’ loved that. Oh my. All I could think was you are like the male white version of the Pointer Sisters doing Thriller. Then I saw Kelli’s comment and I lost it. Totally. Tears coming down my face. Kelli you are SO right!!

    She said: “The Hillbilly Appalachian Thriller”

    Hysterical! I am going to bed with happy, happy thoughts. Who the heck needs Prozac anyway.

    [still laughing as I click goodbye]

  • Robbie Paisley

    This is my favorite CTGB so far and I loved the dancing too. You should get your families involved and do the Cupid Shuffle or the Cha Cha Slide. Make it a MercyMe Family Dance night.

    I would love to hear you all sing This Is Home by Switchfoot from the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian movie. I know you would be excellent on this song.

  • Sandi

    I loved your arrangement! You guys should record these…it’s totally amusing. The dancing really makes these CTGB’s stand out more then they already do. I could watch these everyday…oh wait, I do, at least 10 times. lol

  • Jen

    Complete with dance moves! I actually had to learn the dance moves to Thriller, and I taught them to my youth group for a silly skit that we did. Thanks for the laughs!

  • Emma

    I think I’ve been waiting my whole life for this.

    At first, I was kinda disappointed that you didn’t do the dance… and then when you DID start dancing I laughed until tears came to my eyes. Too funny! 😀

  • KB


    I’m cracking up … can’t wait to show my husband and daughter tomorrow, they love watching you guys too.

    4 words for you guys:
    Dancing.With.The.Stars … the MercyMe addition. That would rock! 🙂

  • Stacey

    This indeed is an awesome CTGB! I loved it,once again i laughed so hard i started to tear up. You guys didn’t disappoint with all the dancing. Great job guys really funny stuff!

  • Trish


  • islandchick

    Wow, lots of artist are “re-inventing” themselves and putting out country albums. Michael Jackson may have a hit on his hand if he puts Thriller out as a bluegrass song 🙂 We’ve been anxiously awaiting this since Bart let it slip that Thriller was coming at the Phoenix concert. It was soooooo well worth the wait!!! You’ve just raised the bar, we now expect dancing in all future posts of the CTGB. Robby and Jim come on, I know you guys want in on the CTGB fame, praise, and accolade.

  • Jay Sellers

    I’m a MercyMe fan all over again.

  • Spencer

    See…I’d go to a concert with nothing but CTGs!

  • Toby

    Absolutely fantastic!! I couldn’t stand that song back in the day, but I have a new found joy in hearing it.
    Oh, and Bart…I couldn’t be happier that you’ve finally jumped on the Cubbie wagon!! You picked a good time with us playing in Houston this weekend :-).
    You guys rock!

  • Jen B

    Who’s the poor soul that lost their office so you guys could record this? That was very well done. The dancing was my favorite part.

  • Papa Ron

    Go Barry Go!… Mike? Well lets say you didn’t get your dancing technique from dear ole Mom….

  • Heidi

    Wait for it….wait for it….dancing…YES!!! I was trying to decide what sound this was; Kelli nailed it. Hillbilly Appalachian Thriller. 🙂

  • Cathy

    Don’t know if this will go through or not. I never done anything like this before. I’m 50 years old and don’t even know how to spell Blog (okay I lied) much less how to do it. Just wanted you to know I’ve seen your site lots of times but haven’t taken the time to go in to this section till now. Man have I missed out on the fun! You guys are so cute and I say that with respect. (I’m old enough to be your mother after all). I love everyone of you. My kids, i have 3, have a notepad where they have kept track of how hard they can get mom to laugh. I love to laugh and they don’t have to work too hard to get me going but they rate themselves 1 – 10. I must say, you got a sold 9 (I didn’t tear up but I got a good beller out). You’re all a real hoot. Love it! God bless!

  • Candice

    That was awesome! We are still missing Jim and Robby! Get them in!

  • Sarah

    OMGoodness! That was so funny! Dancing?? Yes!! I look forward to few things more than Cover Tune Grab Bag! 🙂 You guys are great.

  • Lisa M.

    Way to represent, Bart! (Considering you’ll be in Chicago this weekend.)
    I had some friends over last night who do not like Christian music. Oh, they’re Christians, but it’s an ongoing “agree to disagree” type of thing. I showed them your S.L.O.B and the CTGB, and they were rolling. He even told his wife he wants this one in their ipod! Hysterical!
    Hey, I’m praying for you, Bart! Pheumonia?! Don’t be getting sicker and missing Ignite Chicago tomorrow. Rest, rest, rest!

  • Bob S.

    The “Lounge” version of Thriller….AWESOME!

  • step

    VEry cool y’all.

    With you being on the road and all….and Third Day going on the road with Switchfoot soon….you should do a Cover Tune Grab Bag Challenge. An EPIC Online Battle of the Bands on the road. You could do themes like American Idol…Michael Jackson, Barry Manilow, or Kenny Rogers.

  • MomS

    Whoooooa…That was SCARY

  • Sara

    I don’t know about that…it was Michael Jackson. It was a little scary…

  • Rebecca T :P

    Nice dancing. Maybe next time you can get Charlie to do his signature dance for you while you sing!

  • Rebecca T :P

    Nice dancing. Maybe next time you can get Charlie to do his signature dance for you while you sing!

  • Rebecca T :P

    Nice dancing. Maybe next time you can get Charlie to do his signature dance for you while you sing!

  • Rebecca T :P

    Nice dancing. Maybe next time you can get Charlie to do his signature dance for you while you sing!

  • Rebecca T :P

    Nice dancing. Maybe next time you can get Charlie to do his signature dance for you while you sing!

  • Rebecca T :P

    Nice dancing. Maybe next time you can get Charlie to do his signature dance for you while you sing!

  • kristina

    You guys are almost as good as those lizards in that commercial. Almost. 😉

    Love it! God bless!

  • TLC

    What can I say besides – It thrilled me! But it kinda sounded like you were singing the word thiller?! Were you? How about doing the “Have fun in life song”? God bless all of you and I hope you feel better Bart.

  • BWigg

    Wow I think that’s the first time I’ve actually been able to catch all the words to the song

  • andira

    You did it!!!! I am so glad…how happy is this day!!!


  • Christy

    I am just so “thrilled.” LOL You guys are too funny.

  • Stephanie

    I am a big fan of brooks and dunn too and i think you guys should do one of thier songs I Believe is the song 🙂

  • Stephanie

    oh and you guys are so good THRILLER WAS AWESOME 🙂

  • Kelly

    I was gonna say how DARE you do this song and not do the dance….

    But you redeemed yourselves!

    Good job boys 🙂

  • Peg

    Speaking of ‘dares,’ I dare you to come and do your ‘thriller’ spotlight at our church!!! We would welcome it!!

  • Kim In GA

    I was on a weekend trip in Gatlinburg when I decided to use my Palm to check YouTube, just to see if there was a new CTGB. Low & behold… Thriller!! Needless to say my hubby & I woke up one of the kids while laughing at those incredible dance moves!!

  • Kim In GA

    Hey Bart… Hope you’re feeling better!! Push those fluids!!

  • Crystal Renaud

    the choreography was more than necessary and made this my favorite so far. well done.

    Worlds of Fun was a BLAST, you guys. and i hope you did receive the canvas portrait from Roxanne. we gave it some obscure gentleman who worked for the production company running the sound. anyway — hope you got it!!!

  • Vinnie

    Nice! Different arrangement…but nice…maybe simon cowell, given the chance to hear you guys sing that in American Idol, he would have liked it too…hmm, MercyMe at American Idol(just a thought)…but my ultimate favorites are your versions of Never gonna give you up and Girls just wanna have fun! How trying Jive talking by the BeeGees or something from Queen..just a suggestion..:) Rock on guys!

  • Kaleb Trail

    nice mandolin

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    The dancing was a thrill to watch!! WOW!!

  • Alec

    Heh. Hehe. Hehehehehehehehehe…

    That’s Thriller as it’s never been done before. …And likely never will be again. Dancing: Spot-on. Man, it doesn’t get better than this.

  • Elizabeth Martinez

    Loved the Dancing! Very funny!
    Happy Monday!!

    How about doing an Elvis song?

  • Lance

    Once again, AMAZING!


    You MUST cover “Take On Me” by A-Ha!

  • Karen J

    Totally awesome! Love the hat Nathan and Barry is definitely a good lead man for your dance numbers! Rock on!

  • Abbie

    This was hilarious to watch and totally amazing! I think you guys should do Bohemian Rhapsody… I am a huge fan of Queen!

  • Z

    This video makes me smile everytime I watch it.

    Great job!

  • Don

    Love the grab bag…..the dancing had the family rolling. We are trying to figure out a good one for ya’ll to try. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the great hits.

  • Katherine

    Oh my-that is awesome. I, too was going to be very disappointed if you did not dance, but then I thought “How could they not?” and there you were!!

    Love it-great version. Top 10 hit, right there-Michael Jackson better watch out 😉

  • Brenda

    OOOOOHHH man !!that WAS GOOD i think it was the dancing …i have tears now…… Barry got the look going… thiller with a little county twang…different but very uuummm creative it’s amazing how you guys can change an entire songs by just the tune of it… i didnt even recognize it at first…. oh gosh very very funny…….. so Bart’s whole face too good job guys

  • Johnny Martin

    You guys are great!!!! You have to do Thriller when you come to Cincinnati. Who said that Christians cant have fun? Thanks for the laugh…

  • monica

    ha ha!
    i love it.
    im sending it to all of my friends!!!!!

  • Charity

    You guys never fail to bring laughter into my life.

    You all took Thiller to a whole new level.

    Thank You for taking time out of your busy schedule to entertain your SLOB fans. It is very much appreciated.

    I saw you all at the Huntington, WV Winterjam show. If I’d have known You all like the appalachia twang I’d of told you all to visit HillyBilly Hotdogs while you were in WV. Their kitchen is in a old school bus…No lie. Even made the Foodnetwork channel.
    They gotta 5 pound hamburger. Yeah…It’s big, but my Jethro thinks he could eat it =]

  • Debbie

    SOOO funny!! Saw you last night in Bako CA!

    Great ministry!!!

    Waiting to see Petra-God Gave Rock and Roll to You 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!!

  • Markus

    O.K. who farted at 3min 34sec. Priceless!

    Love you guys.

  • Carol

    Michael Jackson has NOTHIN’ on you guys! Loved it! Especially the dancing! Just saw you guys tonight at the O.C. Fairgrounds, you were awesome! Bart, I hope you’re feeling better, I’m praying for you!

  • Maria, Miami

    Yep! White boys cant dance! LOL…. I enjoyed it none the less! LOVE U GUYS!!!!!!!!

  • Phil

    Guys, I feel much better about my dance moves since I saw this. Last night at OC was moving and entertaining. Be well and God bless. Phil

  • Steph and Mel

    We attended your concert last night at the OC Fair, which BTW was awesome! Anyway, after Bart spoke about the grab bag, we were intrigued. This is our first grab bag and we love it! We love how you infused your style with Thriller. The dancing was also great – scary, but in a different way 🙂 God bless you guys!

  • Hanny B

    Hey Guys,

    Great show in San Diego. I have a request for the cover tune grab bag. Actually, it’s two…

    FOR FUN, I think you should do Karma Chamelion hahahaha

    As a serious song, I would love to hear you guys cover “My place in this world” by Michael W. Smith.

    God Bless!

  • Cassie

    Hey guys!
    Great concert in Santa Barbara yesterday! When you mentioned your website and the blob, I just had to go on. You guys are hilarious!!!! If I can make a request, I think you guys should sing I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. haha =). You guys are great! Byebye!?

  • Cassie

    Lol. I meant “blog” not “blob”!

  • Sara

    i think you guys should sing yellow polka dot bikini

  • Hallie

    WOW that was……AWESOME!!!!!!! Love the dancing!!!
    U guys should do Skimbleshanks the railway cat from CATS the broadway musical.that would be hilarious!!!!!!

  • Hallie

    Well,any song from CATS and I will luv u guys more than I do now!! lol

  • Dawn

    Thanks guys for the laugh!!!! I think you should dance on stage at your concerts. Great JOB in Central Point OREGON loved the concert!!!

  • SlobberKing

    You raised the bar with that one guys…….dudes, when do we get t-shirts?

  • Jeff 53

    Michael Jackson!

  • natedavidscott

    CTGB is the best!
    are you still taking requests? I would love to hear/see “Total Eclipse of the Heart”

  • Aaron

    Loved the dance moves to the song,had me crackin up. Maybe u guys could dance to “u can’t touch this” (w/ the hammer pants), that would be great.Like Dawn, loved the Central Point concert, cant wait 4 another.God bless you all!

  • Laurie

    Excellent! Such a versitile group of awesome artists!



  • Kathy

    You guys are too much!
    You are great, no matter what you do, I’ll always like it!
    Love you guys

  • Katie

    Haha, oh my goodness – LOVE it! I agree – I’d buy it too! Good job guys!

  • Russ

    I can’t believe somebody mentioned Steelheart in an earlier post!!! BTW, that had a really cool vibe to it.

  • Sandy

    Got to be the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! My favorite cover so far! Thanks for the laughs!

  • Mike Moore

    Fella’s that was….Nice! I Belly laughed many times during this song. The music was great, but what really “jumped out” at me was the dancing. This is what is needed in the next video! In the words of Mr. M. Jackson, You are all, “Dancing, Dancing, Dancing….. Dancing Machines!”

    Song request…..Holy Diver by Dio! Run wild with this one!

  • Sue Ingram

    Hey Nate, I just wanted to say that u guys are the BEST band in the world. I saw ya’ll in Myrtle Beach at Beach Fest. I had strayed away from the Lord and that nite I redicated my life to Him. Imagine is my very favorite song in the whole world. When ya’ll played that I felt like Jesus gave me a glimpse of what I will feel when I go to heaven. My father passed June 3, 04 and I identify with that song so very much. I also have the dvd. I saw ya’ll again in Charlotte at Carowinds in July. U guys are the best band in all of the world. I feel sooo blessed that a friend of mine turned me onto u guys. I live in Wilmington NC. and I will go to see u every chance I get. I plan to go to see u when u play in VA beach in Oct. Sister in Christ, Sue P.S. If possible can u guys sing “Mustang Sally” on 1 of yr blogs. Almost forgot, I love love love watching and listening to yr songs on yr blogs. My favorite is “Girls Just Wanta Have Fun”. I laughed so hard the 1st time I heard it, I had tears in my eyes. “Ice Ice Baby” too……..

  • keysoffaith

    Okay, that’s funny right there …. Our Pastoral Staff did a dance version of this at VBA 2008 (vacation Bible adventure) which sadly I cannot get out of my brain. Thanks for this reminder!! Your version is … somewhat “Michael Jackson Goes Country” … an improvement, I might add! You guys rock! rockin’ for Jesus, and we LOVE IT!

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