S.L.O.B.’s Give Back

Fellow SLOBs, please take the time to watch this video. If each person who visited this site gave just a dollar, we would make a huge, huge impact. It ends July 31st so make sure to head over there soon. Thanks for your time.


Click here to support Sam’s car.

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  • Karen J

    Good luck Sam! I made my donation and I pray you get many, many more. Very cool design, you are quite an artist. I am praying for you Sam and for your sweet family.

  • Toby

    Sam, your design ROCKS!! My prayers are with ya buddy!!
    Come on Slobs!! THIS post should be the one with hundreds of comments, with every one giving atleast $1. Let’s get crazy about this like we do the CTGB’s.
    God bless you and yours Bart!

  • Colby

    That design looks GREAT! Thanks for making everyone aware of this. I was glad to give to the cause. My dad has Diabetes, so it’s important to be involved wherever possible!

  • Family Jules

    Sam, you are so cool. I have type 1 diabetes too and I have a pump. Do you have a pump or do you take shots? I always wanted to be a race car driver growing up, but my dad said that the car hit too many things when I drove it! Dang.
    Thanks Bart for supporting JDRF! The length of our lives literally hang on the research and technology provided through JDRF.
    Sam you rock!

  • Christopher [at] lightvox


    Just wanted to let you know that we have been supporting Imagine a Cure on the site and we added your post as a feature today. Hope this helps bring awareness and support to JDRF through your organization.

    On another topic, when is the Hamster Dance going to make it to Cover Tune Grab Bag?



  • Roxanne

    Sam, I LOVE the entire design, but the view from above is AWESOME!!!!! Hey Bart, I think you need to put it on the big screen at Worlds of Fun in KC this Saturday. You HAVE a stage ya know! What better opportunity and forum have you been PROVIDED ??? Thousands of people ,who have come to LISTEN to you all?? Even better, print off a flier with the pic and link, as people come in!:):) I have plenty of volunteers who would help you! Just let me know!

  • Christy

    I just went and made a donation. We are a drag racing family. We just watched my Father in Law race 2 weeks ago in a car that he won 7 world records in. We usually race 68 camaro’s. Here’s a link to my blog and the 66 Biscayne that broke records. http://www.homeschoolblogger.com/sharpcrew/Through%2BThe%2BLens/
    It is a great fun sport. That’s how hubby and I met. I hope you win Sam. I wish we could have you here to race with us. By the way, my family has diabetes all through it. I pray they do find a cure and soon.

  • islandchick

    Sam your car is AWESOME!!! I just got through donating and I’m telling my friends to do the same. Goodluck!!!

  • The Honey Family

    Sam, the girls and Eli got you covered with a $100 dollar donation. Can you eat honey?

    The Honey Family

  • Heidi

    Hey Sam!
    My brother has Type 1 diabetes as well. I’m heading over to make a donation now.

    Also, we live pretty close to that drag racing track in Indy. We can hear the cars roaring down the track. Cool!

    Hope you win!

  • Cassandra, a S.L.O.B.

    Great design, Sam. I pray that it is one of the finalists and Ford chooses yours!!

    I donated and linked it to my LiveJournal which in turn will link it to my Facebook RSS. I pray my friends will donate.

  • Kim Berly

    Sam, your car design is AWESOME!! I hope it helps raise a lot of money to find a cure for diabetes. I love your Yankees cap…you are much cooler than dad in his Red Sox cap.

  • Kim In GA

    Great job Sam!! Take care of yourself & listen to what Mom & Dad tell you…. Even when you don’t want to. My family & I will be praying for you all !

  • Heidi Reed

    I’ve had gestational diabetes twice and I’m pregnant again. My FIL has type 2. I believe in this cause. We made a donation and voted for Sam.

    Good Luck Sam… awesome car design!!!

  • Robbie Paisley

    I have a long history of diabetes in my family. My sister and only sibling died from complications of diabetes. I hope they find a cure soon.

    I voted for Sam and made a donation. I hope he wins!

  • TLC

    That is a cool car Sam. I voted for your car and made a donation. I’m also praying for you. Good luck and God bless.

  • Christie


    Go Sam! I hope your design wins πŸ™‚ It looks AWESOME!!

  • Jodi Udovich

    Good job, Buddy! I made my donation and my prayers will be with you and your family that all of the contributions will help find that cure. Your Dad speaks of this at his concerts and he is so passionate about a cure being found one day. Your design looks great and should take first place! Good Luck!

  • Jaime

    Hey Sam. I found out I had Type 2 diabetes at 36 last year and I can’t imagine what it would be like to have this disease as a child. I pray that you will do what you’re supposed to and that together we can find a cure. You have an awesome design for your race car. I will definitely vote for yours. I’m also sending this link to a co-worker who has Type 1 diabetes and competed in the Miss Tennessee pageant last month. She is our current Miss Greene County (Your dad was in our town last month-Greeneville, TN. She is an advocate for research on Diabetes and uses this in her competitions. Good luck in your competition and bless you and your family.

  • Lisa

    Hey Sam,
    That’s an awesome design for a car! You are one talented artist. I made a donation to your car design, and I hope you win! I’ll be praying for you and your family. Tell your Dad I hope to see him in Schaumburg this Sunday!

    Mrs. Mongold

  • Shannon R Gerdel

    Hi Sam,

    You are a very special person. You have created a very cool car, and I am sure that you will do well in this contest. I suffer from a brain tumor, so I know what it is like to have to get shots and so much medical attention. Thank you for being such a brave young man as you face your illness head on. May God bless you and keep you.



    I lift Sam up to You, and I ask that You would reach inside him and cure him from his diabetes. Your Word says that You are the Great Physician. We know that through You all things are possible. Give Sam’s physicians wisdom and discernment as they treat him, and work through them.

    In Christs’ name I pray,


  • Lexie

    Sam, Thank you for your support with JDRF! Your car looks so cool! We voted for yours!!! I am 12 and have type 1 diabetes as well. God bless you and your family! And May He, “our” Saviour…help us through this! We can do all things through Him!

    Love in Christ~Lexie

  • Tammy~S.L.O.B.

    Nice job Sam. I made a donation for your car and we all hope you win!! May God continue to watch over you!

  • Shelly H

    Sam and Bart Thanks for the message to get the word out!
    That’s an AWESOME design for a car Sam!
    You are VERY talented just like your dad!!
    Me and my family made our donation.
    Usually walk every year in the JDRF Walk this fall.
    Good Luck Sam lots of Prayers sent to you.
    Dear Lord We leave it up to you to find a Cure for Sam and all other that are in his Shoes.
    In Jesus Name, AMEN.

  • jenn

    Hi Sam,

    My 8 year old son and I watched the video you made with your daddy. We both thought your design was AWESOME! My 8 year old was very impressed with your coloring job. Our family made a donation for your car – it would be fun if you win! When we finished making the donation we said a prayer for you and others with diabetes that scientist and doctors would find a cure! Again great job on your design.

  • John Z.

    Sam & Bart,
    Sam the design looks awesome.I made a donation in your name. I pray each and every day they find a cure. May your Lord and savior Jesus Christ bring upon a miracle in your life and the life of all who have Diabetes.Good Luck
    Blessings be with you.

    John Z.

  • Lee Marie

    Good Luck Sam..
    I am praying to our Great Father that you win this. I Love the Logo you choose its my favorite Song that your Dads Band sings. It sure fits the cause. I also made a donation.
    Lots of prayers being said here. You go Sam!

  • Kaleb Trail

    I donated 5 dollars the other day. Hope it helps.

    I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  • Buggy G

    Hello, Millard boys!! πŸ™‚

    I felt led to donate the same amount of money I paid for a MercyMe ticket. If I can shell out the dough for an awesome concert, I can give to an awesome cause!

    Sam, you are one cool kid. Your car looks AMAZING. I really hope you win!

    Bart, I can’t wait to see you and the rest of the guys with Bebo Norman in November!

    Love & Prayers,
    Sarah in Louisville, KY

  • Daniel Hacker

    Dear Bart & Sam

    Hello, i am sorry about your son Bart I do wish I could send you money to help but , i dont have it. But , what i can give you is prayers. By the way I love the band!! keep up the good work.

    your biggest Fan
    Daniel from marion IL.

  • PWOC


    I just checked your car and it is up to alost $2,000.00!! Great job. Do you know what place it is in? May God continue to bless you and your family. I am praying with you for a cure.

    Jessica A.

  • MomS

    Hey U are so wonderfully made and God will use your life for His Glory. Just look at how many people you are touching through this contest! It makes me proud of God and proud of you. You are one brave boy and I can’t wait to see you in Sept at Disney!

  • Denice Tennill

    You car is awesome. I love it. God is going to use you and all the adversity that has been and will be faced by you and your family for His glory. You, at such a young age have been given a beautiful testimony. May God continue to bless and keep you. I will send this link to everyone in my address book and hopefully many more will vote for your car and most importantly donate.

    In Him,
    Denice T. in San Antonio, TX

  • Stephanie

    Bart and Sam,
    My 7 year old and I found your website today and were watching some of the videos. Ben picked up on a t-shirt one of the guys was wearing with the Imagine A Cure logo on it. Then we found this video. After hearing what the program is about, he figured out that the heart on the finger was about the blood sugar tests that leave fingers sore. He has watched me do those same blood sugar tests for two years now and hates to see me do it. He went and pulled out his wallet and told me to donate all the money he had in it.

    So Sam, in your honor, we have donated all $17.30 that he had. His comment was that he wished he had not spent so much of his money on a recent trip so he could have sent more. The grand total on the donations is now over $2100.

    Bart, your child has taught my child something amazing about working together to make small changes that made together make big changes in the world. Even his small donation added with others makes a big donation. Thank you for sharing your son with us.


  • Steph and Mel

    Hi Sam!

    We LOVE your design – especially love the heart on the index finger. We are praying and rooting for you!

    Steph and Mel

  • Jeremy Holland

    Hey Guys, Jeremy here. I love you guys and when you come back to Greenville, Tx. my wife and I will be available to volunteer w/ helping to set up your show w/ our frienf Eric of CiCi’s Pizza. Can’t wait to be there for you guys.

  • Jen B

    Hey Sam!! We are praying for a cure. I wish that I could be as strong as you are when life throws me a couple of loop-de-loops. Stay strong. πŸ™‚

  • SlobberKing

    God be with you guys, I pray for the cure for juvenile diabetes, we will donate.

  • Jim Taylor

    Bart & Sam,

    My son Mason was diagnosed with Type 1 two years ago at the age of 8, so we know exactly what you go through on a daily basis. Mason is in to piano, guitar, basketball, and tennis, and is doing great with his Type 1, although as you know it’s a lot of work!

    It’s great to see you are supporting JDRF and we join you in that effort. Sam, I know God has a plan for you, and my son Mason, and that He will open doors so that through diabetes you guys can bring glory to God’s name.

    Sherman, TX

  • Bari

    Did he make it in the top five? It looked like he was number 1 when I checked last!

  • Dalton Blevins

    Man this is awesome. You guys will enjoy this event and remember it! I am a huge NHRA fan, and will miss this years Indy, but I will be watching for you on TV.


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