Twenty One!!

Who went to their 21st major league stadium in Arizona? Oh yeah I did! Oh my stars I love baseball!


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  • admirable

    Oh man, that is awesome. Nice job.

  • Buggy G

    Congratulations on achieving this milestone! 🙂

  • margie

    That is so Awesome!!! Only 6 more days until we get to see you in Kansas City! Will you be visitng the Kaufman stadium while you’re there? This will be my Husband & I’s third time to see you in 12 months!!! Salina, Dodge City, and now Kansas City! We keep hoping to hear one of our very favorite songs “Here with me.” Maybe we’ll here it this time. Travel safe and see you from the front row Saturday!

  • Robbie Paisley

    That is so awesome!!!

  • margie

    Hey guys! It’s me again. My hubby, Jason, just told me that’s it’s not “Here with me,” but it’s ” Where I belong,” instead. It’s his very favorite song and I know he’d be thrilled to hear it LIVE 🙂 Sorry for the mix-up. We did hear “Here with me” in Dodge City and it rocked!!! The whole concert was wonderful!

  • Danielle

    You guys were amazing in Phoenix, My second Mercy Me concert and truly left me convicted and humble before the Lord.

  • lyssa hunter perry

    I didn’t realize there were 21 major league stadiums in Arizona…WOW! jk – 🙂 love ya Bart!

  • noel

    yall r so cool

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