Atlanta Rock

Playing in for the Choctaw Nation in Mississippi tonight with Echoing Angels. Great guys and they can out AtlantaRock any other AtlantaRocker out there…yes I just made up the genre AtlantaRock.



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  • Lisa

    Looks very pretty there with all the trees. I love outdoor concerts.

  • Brad

    It was a great concert but it was hot! Love the comment by Bart about if he catches on fire then it is part of the show. Echoing Angels definitely put on a great show. Hope to see you guys in the future back in Mississippi.

  • Jess

    I love Echoing Angels!
    They’re my ‘hometown’ boys from right around here in GA!
    They actually came and performed at my church a year or more ago and I really enjoyedit. Love just about every song on their cd.
    (I bet it was hot though!)

  • Buggy G

    Speaking of fire and Echoing Angels… When they were signing autographs after a show at my church, the fire alarm went off. I thought they would go out a secret back way or something, but they just followed everyone else out the front doors. While waiting to go back inside, my mom and I got to stand out there and chat with them for several minutes! It was a very cool experience, especially since there was no fire! 🙂

  • Robbie Paisley

    I like outdoor concerts as long as its not hot and there are no mosquitos. You need to come back to Desoto County or to the Memphis area so I can come see you in concert again.

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