Phoenix With Phil

One of our favorite artists to hang out with, play with, listen to…..Phil Wickham!!! We were lucky enough to get to do a show with him tonight in Pheonix. If you don’t already have it, go buy his album!!!


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  • Tom Lister

    Sweet!! Yeah I love Phil’s music and I love MercyMe’s music! What a combination! Now if you can make a spot in Lethbridge, Alberta to come and play here it would be even better!!

  • Tom Lister

    Did you guys do a song together with Phil?

  • marina

    Very fun concert. I’m not sure why, but I had low expectations for Phil Wickham – so I was totally surprised by his songs, his heart, the musicianship, it was a total WOW! for me. And, of course, MM rocked the house. I was at the Broadmoor for Generous Giving – I absolutely loved your acoustic sets…such a great time in an intimate setting. But tonight was really great because of the energy of the crowd of worshipers. Thanks for keeping it all about God.

  • Kat

    Just returned from the concert and let me just thank you for a wonderful evening!! My first MercyMe concert and I was DEFINITELY NOT disappointed! The worship and the whole vibe at Celebrity was amazing!! Have to agree with Marina in saying that I loved the acoustic sets, well and everything else about the evening. Both opening acts were great; Phil has a new fan in me! Thank you again for sharing with all of us your God given gifts of worship and music. God Bless!

  • joanne

    Great show tonite! It was my first time seeing you all in concert and all I can say is WOW! The house definately rocked and all the worship…

  • Steven

    AMAZING concert… very touched. I loved when everyone sang amazing grace and other hymns… god was truly in that place tonight

  • islandchick

    You guys were awesome!!!! I left your show tonight feeling like I was just at a great big worship meeting, not a concert. I’ve been introduced to a great local talent, Nate Huss, and I’ve always loved Phil Wickham, so seeing him just made the night even better. Anxiously awaiting your return to AZ.

  • Susan Hebert

    I just want to say it was a grea concert here in Phoenix. I want to let Bart and the guys know something very important tho. Tonight marked the 11th month, to the day I lost my son to Juvenile Diabetes. I was very moved by the comments Bart made before “Bring the Rain” It was as if Bart knew what I was stuggling with. As I sat there crying for the loss I was feeling, a woman in front of me turned around, took my hand and told me that she knew that cry… She had lost a child 16 ago. She hugged me, asked me my name and told me that she would pray for me. I had brought my son’s picture for “I can only imagine”. I showed her his picture and she told me that he was with our Lord and Savior now. Yes I knew that but to have a total stranger, comfort me and praise God, it moved me so. Tonight was a wonderful step in the process of healing my grief. I just want to thank all of you guys for that…

  • Renee

    Great show in Phoenix. Loved every minute of it.
    Phil Wickam was great too. Cant wait until you come back to Phx again.

  • Christy

    Wow, Mike, 3 posts back to back. I’m totally impressed.
    I want to come hear you guys play. It just hasn’t worked out yet. I’m still trying to get it figured out. I want my husband to come with me and the boys. His scedule, driving a truck, is crazy, so we are watching and waiting.
    I am going to go and check out Phil. I haven’t heard of him.
    Hope you all had an awesome weekend.

  • Curt

    Can’t believe we got to see MM in such an intimate venue; almost like a private concert. Great music, and I confess that I didn’t know much about Phil, but I’m an instant fan.
    Bart, hope you and the lads can find the focus and energy to play another 14 years – you probably haven’t written your best song yet!

  • Lisa

    I’m not familiar with Phil Wickham. I’ll have to check him out. If Mercy Me recommends him, well then, he must be awesome!

  • De La Cruz

    Great show guys, my husband and I took our 9 yr. old to see you, it was his first concert. And it was GREAT… we love your songs, both my husband and son are musicians and have done a few of your songs, My husband relesed his CD going on 2 years now and it has been a blessing to many. May the Lord Bless you all and may he continue to work in your lives as he has done in ours. Keep up the the great work you do, our prayers are with you for more insperation as the years go on. Thank you

  • Erin

    MM, your concert was absolutely amazing. I saw you guys when you came to the Dodge Theater a couple of years ago, but what you did at the Celebrity was 10 times better. Thank you for the awesome worship experience and for being a great band altogether. I pray that Lord continues to be with you on the rest of your tour. I can’t wait to see you again!

  • AZNative

    This was my second MM concert. The venue was AWESOME and I hope you will come back to the Celebrity again. There are no bad seats!
    Bart…when we were all lifting our hands praising God, we were praising with ALL the saints, even the ones who are in heaven! Lifting our voices to our Living God, shoulder to shoulder with your dad, my mom and dad, and many others who are in HIS presence! What an amazing blessing! I could even hear a few angels singing along, too!
    PLEASE come back to Phoenix..preferably the Celebrity, soon!
    God bless you all and keep on singing His praise and sharing the gift!
    Nate Huss, is a wonderful and talented musician, hope to hear more from him! His story was touching! My friend’s daughter attends NAU and he was her orientation leader. So happy his birth mother said yes!
    Over all…amazing and awesome…thanks so much!

  • Rebecca T :)

    I saw him in concert once when he was touring with you guys during the MercyMe/AudioA tour he has an awesome heart for worship and he definitely has a gift for leading worship 🙂

  • Eugene Jarzab, Jr.

    AWESOME!!! I know at some concerts I have been to, there is a recording of the live show. Did that happen at the Celebrity last night? I would like to purchase the recording. This was the first time for me to be at a Christian Concert and it was real emotional for me.Thank God for Lisa suggesting this concert. Please add me to you contact list and let me know if there is a chance to buy a recording of last nights concert.

  • Maggie

    Don’t forget NATE HUSS was also there to open up the night. We really enjoyed our first MM concert! Just thought I’d mention Nate, he’s very personable and talked to lots of folks in the audience the rest of the night, signed autographs, and let pics get taken.
    Phil was amazing and Mike(even tho’ he misspelled Phoenix:P)
    Bart, Barry, Jim and Robby were the best! We really enjoyed meeting you all. THANKS for signing all our stuff and having our ugly mugs taken with you guys.. Loved that you didn’t STINK! HEHEHEHE

  • Kathy

    My husband & I drove up from Tucson to see MM and it was totally worth the drive! MM, love your music. I’m listening to my MM CD while I’m writing. You have such a way of touching my heart with your music and makes me look forward to the day we’ll all meet Jesus face to face. I hope you come back to AZ again soon–maybe Tucson next time?

  • MMmike

    Eugene…sorry…there wasn’t a recording of the show that I know of, but we’d love to come back to the Celebrity Theater again….was one of our all time favorite shows. It’d be fun to come back and film a DVD or something…who’s in?!?!?!
    Also…sorry about the spelling of PhOEnix…I was sending it from my phone…no spell check, and well…I wasn’t really paying attention as I typed…

    thanks to everyone who came and helped to make such a memorable night for us!!!

    And yes Nate Huss was great too.


  • amanda

    i wish i couldve gone. what an amazing concert that must have been!!
    i love me some mercyme and i for sure love me some phil wickham. awesome-ness right there!!

  • Jodiiii

    thats all that needs to be said

  • Marc Campbell

    Great show Sunday night–thank you! It was the first time I’ve seen you or heard your music and was really blown away by your sound and the feeling of God inside the venue. Do you guys post your set list by any chance? Your third or fourth song (where the entire band except Bart and Jim left the stage at the beginning) really spoke to me and got me in the groove, but I don’t know what it’s called. Thanks for showing me how much Christian rock has really evolved!

  • MMmike

    That song is and was Word Of God Speak…it’s on our 2nd album ‘Spoken For’.
    We added the big part at the end where the rest of the band comes back in…maybe one of these days we’ll do a DVD or live recording that will capture that part too…. 🙂


  • rosez1996

    We were at the Sunday MM concert at the Celebrity.

    Like most everyone has said, from Nate to Phil To You all ,the vibe was that of a great worship session, not of a concert. You were totally awsome, and thank you for giving me another reason to like ” I won’t back down”. We are going to work on our worship team to incorperate Phil’s Cannon song, so moving and beautiful,and 100% pure glorifying GOD. Thanks for giving me even more reasons to love Phil ( like I needed more).
    You guys all rock and inspire through all your music. when ever I feel like I am not right with GOD, I pray a lot,then listen to any of your songs, Finally Make It home is my current favorite!

    Thank You and May God Bless You and your families !

  • rhonda

    I was at the PHOENIX concert too!: ) Such a taste of Heaven!! All the music was just awesome! It is just so tender to see the obedience you give with your music to serving HIM.
    I just LOVE being with Jesus people! Espcially when so gifted, it is just a breath of fresh, and inspiring.. Have you seen Nick Vujucic? Life Without ? Another great gift!

    B Blessed!

  • rosez1996

    Oh yeah, Bart, the hat probably was a bad Idea! jk, got to go with what your fashion sense tells you at the time! hee hee

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