Ranger’s Day (Part Two)

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  • Nathan

    Lol, that was great…I can’t believe you got to meet him…sorta anyways….lol

  • BobS

    So funny; something most baseball fans can relate to.

  • Z

    That was sweet! How do you get all these cool tunes on the videos?

    I would love to see Josh Hamilton on the Grab Bag Cover Tune set.

    You guys are awesome.


  • Jen B

    Bart, you are so funny. I would get nervous meeting anyone famous. You handled yourself well. I hope next time you’ll actually talk to him.

  • Daniel Crowe

    thats pretty cool to see josh hamilton again. i played some baseball with him when he was a minor leaguer in charleston, sc, for the charleston riverdogs.

  • Buggy G

    Wow, that’s exactly how I would act if I got to meet you (again)! Except I’d get within, you know, maybe a mile of you…might make it difficult for you to sign something otherwise. 😉

    So did you at least get his autograph??

  • Wendy

    This was so great to see….that YOU were “giddy with excitement” to meet Nolan Ryan. I felt similar when you guys came to Bloomfield.

    I DID have the guts to interview you, but I felt a little like it was in your face, so I stopped. LOL It was great to meet you, though.

    Here’s my checklist….
    Take a bug out of Bethany Dillon’s Eye…check
    Hang out with a couple of guys from The Afters at lunch…check
    Video Bart and Mike of Mercy Me while walking in the desert…check

  • Lisa

    That was great! Seeing you on the other side of being a fan.

  • Jess

    Hey. What ever happened to Flat Stanley? Wasn’t he your honorary ‘wingman’ with the big whigs?? You need to just dig him back up from wherever he’s ended up and go back and try again. Or did you retire him after the whole Tony Bennett ‘incident’???


  • Gina

    I’m confused when these videos were taken? You’ve played at the Rangers Game the past two years (06 & 07) and are coming on August 2th. Anyhow, can’t wait to see y’all! Yes, my husband and I like Josh Hamilton too! He has a great testimony and is a awesome baseball player! Go Rangers! We’d love to see him as part of the Grab Bag Cover Tune.

    Our 5 year old daughter Reese loves Captain and liked it when you played “One Trick Pony” in honor of him the first time you played at the Rangers game. That song became one of her favorites! I’m counting down the days until you come to Arlington! You’ll see me in the bright pink shirt that reads “MercyMe Fan”! I wear it every time I see you guys in concert! (Saw you last at Come Worship Texas–I’m not a stalker!)


    i know how you feel….a friend and i went to the movies (a million years ago to see city slickers 2) and he went to the restroom after the show….and came out with a starstruck look…and i quote…”nolan ryan just came up and used the urinal next to me” …then he(mr. ryan) came out of the restroom and shook my friends hand and smiled and noded at me ….we just stood there like idiots.
    see ya’ll at the rangers game in august…

  • Lisa K

    Hey Bart,

    That was pretty fun to see you so excited meeting Nolan Ryan. You should have just gone up to him and put him in a head lock like he did to Robin Venturo years ago. Except, don’t punch him. Just give him a good noogie, like Moe. Okay… so that’s a little stalker-ish. he he…

    ~Lisa K. San Antonio, Texas

  • Rebecca T :-)

    usually when someone has to reassure people that they are not stalking someone, that means they ARE stalking them…hmmmm…

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