Secret Rehearsal

Hello all you big SLOBs out there! Well I am at home enjoying time with my family, so here is an old one, but a good one…I guess it’s a good one. I used to do these podcasts which I so brilliantly called “BartCasts” but I am not sure if anybody ever watched them, so if I can find them all, I will let you folks check’em out . This video was made during rehearsals of the “Coming Up To Breathe” tour, and it just goes to show that we have always been major goofballs just waiting for this blog…oops I mean SLOB to come along. A match made in heaven!

– bart

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  • Kim the SLOB.. AKA Kim in Ga

    Just one question…. You all never invested in dance lessons, did you?? It’s great that you can laugh at yourselves & let us laugh along with you! And just in case you’re wondering… 97 days til Knoxville!! Not that my family is excited or anything…..

  • kristina

    Love it! Please share more when you come across them. 😀 Is there nothing you guys can’t do? 😉

  • chadryan

    Hello from Greenville, That video assures me that is as close to “The Old Bart” as we are ever going to get. Can we do some sort of contest that if you sell X amount of records you will shave your head, shave down the beard to the old school goat, and put on a pear of glasses for a song or two?

    See you guys at the Rangers game and maybe Christmas time.

  • Jessica

    That is suWEEEEET!
    Love it.

  • Jessica

    Just think, you guys were bloggin’ when bloggin’ wasn’t cool. (actually, it didn’t even exist yet! You are WAY ahead of your time!!!) 🙂

  • stacey

    That was awesome! I liked watching you guys just be yourselfs and having a good time. Plese find more videos so that we can all laugh until tears come out of our eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sandi

    And Jim and Robby don’t want to do the cover tune grab bags????? They got the moves!!!!!! lol. At any rate those are good times!!!! I bet you guys are alot of fun to hang out with…cause I’m having a good time hanging out with ya on the blogs and that’s only a small portion of you. lol. I can’t wait to ya’ll for the 10th time whenever you make it back up to N. CA…maybe I’ll finally get to meet ya’ll. Be blessed!

  • TLC

    I was so glad when I watched this video and it had “The Song” playing. I heard “I Can Only Imagine” this afternoon in my car and had a lot of deep thoughts about it. So here goes. At your concert you called it “the song that won’t go away.” This song will NEVER go away. It is timeless. It is a classic. Right up there with “The Old Rugged Cross”, “Because He Lives” etc.
    Each time I hear it something stirs in my spirit and makes me really think about the wonderful day when I finally meet Jesus faces to face. A song that does that can never fade, only grow more special. And when people hear it they remember it. You can ask almost anyone from any walk of life if they have heard it and they say “Oh yeah, I’ve heard that song.” That’s a total compliment to a song writer when a song is remembered after hearing it only a few times. The Lord is really speaking through this song.
    Hope all of you have some wonderful down time with your families. God Bless all of you.
    From my heart,

  • Lisa M.

    You guys prove time and time again how very talented you are. Seeing as how I’ve never had the pleasure of going to one of your shows (gasp! shocking isn’t it?) I’m wondering if you have ever done these great dance moves you’re so famous for on stage? I know you’re coming to the Chicagoland area soon, but I don’t know that I’ll make it to that show either. Bummer huh? But I do enjoy this SLOB immensley.

  • Matt Ulrich

    I was a BartCast watcher! I was quite sad when you stopped casting!

    On a related note, if you can’t find them, I’m sure they’re on my computer here somewhere. 🙂

  • Kelly

    Dear Bart….

    I think your secret is out :p

    Keep ’em coming as you find them!

  • Jen

    Thanks for letting us be flies on your rehearsal wall. That was great!!

  • Crystal Renaud

    had a feeling…

  • Christy

    That was totally funny. Thanks guys. I finally got your latest cd last night. You reign is awesome. I can listen to these songs and just go to that special place where it is just me and my daddy God. It is a major blessing. I think that is why you all are my favorites. You can be funny and make us laugh or you can share your tallent that helps us to be closer to where we need to be. It is refreshing to see people that love the Lord and can have fun too. Thanks!

  • Trudy!

    This was really wonderful to see…thank you all.

    Bart I hope your children are feel better.

    Hugs and Prayers coming your way always, Trudy!

  • Spencer Pablo

    Oh yeah, you better believe I watched them. In fact, I subscribed to everyone of your podcasts (including the MySpace friend counting ones). In fact, I still subscribe to the MOBcast in iTunes hoping that one day there will be some type of podcast that downloads in that folder.

  • biggest SLOBBER ever

    Ok, my respect for you has now changed dramatically… its gone from respect to admiration! hahaha that was sad/entertaining/disturbing/awesome and funny all at the same time…
    Only MERCYME can manage to bring me to tears with your lyrics and yet make me laugh and goof off along with you 😉 keep it up!

  • Brenda

    LOVED IT!!!!!! but Bart with no hair—not used to that one ….keep the hair. keeeeeeeep ’em coming too funny!!!!! 🙂

  • Robbie Paisley

    I watched the BartCast and I remember you had one where you were on a roller coaster that was hilarious. I think you were at Disney World and you kept saying, “I’m gonna be sick”. It was too funny.

    I am so glad you guys are doing this blog and I am very porud to be a SLOB.

  • anon4him

    hahah… pure genius! 🙂

  • Rebecca T :-)

    ooooh! blackmail! now you HAVE to come back to the Baltimore-Washington Area or we’ll let your secret out! Muaha

  • J.


  • J.

    how d you send questions like that to the band ?

  • J.

    The little guy who dances at this link reminds me of some of the mm dancing

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