Greeneville, TN

This pic was taken at the concert in Greeneville, TN… June 20, 2008
You guys were awesome!!!

Submitted By:  Jolene Pierce

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  • Ryan Watts

    No You Guys Were Awesome ,, I Seen You At WinterJam In Johnson City, But This Performance In GreenEville Was Totally Better,, God Bless All Of You.. Because You Sure Did Bless Me Last Night!!! Thanks Ryan W.

  • Jolene

    Hey guys…its Greeneville….lol

  • Kim B

    We were there last night in Greeneville and you could certainly feel God’s presence in the place! You guys have a wonderful ministry! Keep it up and come back to Greeneville soon!
    Thanks Kim

  • Teena D

    Thank you for a fantastic show. It was totally uplifting. Your music has been a blessing in my life. God Bless you all! Come see us again soon.

  • Andrew & Kathy Kerr

    We were on the 4th row in Greeneville and words can’t begin to describe how truly blessed we were to be a part of it. The music and lyrics you sing shoot straight to the heart. GOD was truly with us Friday night!! Keep on rocking and come back to see us soon.

  • Trish

    Any thoughts of coming back to Arkansas?

    Please, oh please???!!!???

  • Jaime

    You definitely brought the spirit to Greeneville Friday night. It was the first time my mother and I spent the evening together in years and I actually saw her cry several times that night. You were truly a blessing. I was already a huge fan and now I know what a great stage presence you guys have. You show that you love what you do. Thank you so much.

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