Smal Toun Spelleeng 3

Yes this sign is actually at a drive thru here in Greenville. Did I mention the education system in Hunt County is ranked pretty low?!?!?!


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  • kristina

    Yikes. That’s horrable. 🙂

    Just kidding, I really know how to spell horrible, but just couldn’t resist. 😉 Hope you at least got some ice cream! 😉 Happy Friday!

  • Christy

    That would fit just fine here in KY. Everyone thinks we don’t know nuthin’ no way. LOLOLOL Really, I could see that fitting in here. We are a small town with one red light. All we have is a lake.

  • Z

    Lakes are pretty nice.

    So is Ice Creem. It is a little known variety of Ice Cream made by reeming the ice using complex fabrication machinery. Made using tolerances of +/- 0.005″.

  • Sara

    That is hilarious, yet sad.

  • Christie

    That’s funnee.

  • Sandi

    haha, that’s awesome…my favorite one was in S. CA, there was a picture in the newspaper of a newly painted street indicating that a school was there…they spelled it “shcool”. Hmm….lol

  • Rebecca T :-)

    Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww (like the ‘wow’ in that Fios commercial that the flee says)

    There is a street near where i live called “Satan road” because they accidentally misspelled ‘Satin’

    You wanna hear something really funny and ironic? I live in the 3rd-richest County in the whole United States and we got out of school a day earlier than we were supposed to, simply because they didn’t want to pay the cost of running the air conditioning over the weekend. (is that 2 cool or wut?)

  • Jessica

    I love it, Mike. I always catch stuff like that, too. Should’ve been an editor. Our Chinese restaurant in town still has their “Grab Legs” sign out front. Kills me every time I drive past.
    There’s also a new one not far from me. A daycare place for older people. On “FAIRview Road” – the sign out front… “FAREview Daycare”. I mean, ‘Hello, people! It’s like only your address!!!’ I guess at least it’s not an educashun center. 🙂

  • Buggy G

    Christy, I live in Kintuckee too!!! 😉 Seriously, I’m trying to stamp out the stigma of our state. Now what’ve I gone and done with my overalls . . . ?

  • Brenda

    OH man that is too funny!!! We get ad flyers from my daughters school , and gosh i should have kept it …it was too funny— it was an advertisement for a preschool ….. and summer day camp for this summer well .. i read it and noticed that Satrurday was mispelled then another word …then another, there was like 7 obvious spelling errors on this flyer and some 900 kids go the the elementary school…. can you imagine 1. no one prove read it… 2. they made over 900 copies of this mistake ….. WOW!!! either really oooppps or sad oh man… I dont think i’ll be taking my kids to that one!!!

  • Kelly

    Oh my…this is a teacher’s worst nightmare!!!

  • candicane

    Is that in Greenville? My husband and I will be sure to get an ice cream cone next time we pass through. 🙂

  • Thom

    Found at the CVS in Seymour, IN:

    Front-and-back of those signs as well as two others in the store. Wild.

    Hope you’re well, brotha.

  • Bobby Moore

    Mike!!!!!!! Don’t be dissing fellow east texans…!!

    Bobby – (former mustardseed drummer and friend of jesse garcia)

  • Deb

    Hey now, at least they spelled one of the harder words right–“waffle”….lol

  • MMmike

    Nice one Thom!!! We’re good. had May off w/ the family and back on it for a summer full of outdoor shos and seriously, we’ve had the best crowds of our career this year…seriously you’ve all been awesome to us this year!!!! Thanks!


  • MMmike

    Also…how’s the new record coming??? When will it be out?


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