Cover Tune Grab Bag – “Never Gonna Give You Up”

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  • Clare

    amazing! the dancing really makes this one! Guys this series is amazing, I can’t wait for the next installment. Oh gosh I just got to the percussion bit! I laughed so hard!

  • Kaleb Trail

    This one makes slobber hall of fame.

  • kristina

    LOL! Love this, guys! The smooth moves you all have was the cherry on top! Hee hee! Thanks for the laugh! Have a blessed day!! 😀

  • klampert

    FANTASTIC…that interlude was amazing…you better do some of these live…!

  • cool dad

    That’s a rickroll I didn’t see coming. Nice job, guys!

  • Heidi Reed

    You rock! We are crying here… my daughter and I (she’s almost 4 she tells me). She wants to watch it again.

    BTW: Nice majorette kicks!!


  • Jay Sellers

    I’m with Joel, these have to make the live setlist!

  • Tod

    I never realized the vocal ability needed to create your very own Rickroll. Very impressive.

    The rewind part freaked me out. I don’t like it when stuff is backwards like that…it’s unnatural.

  • Toby Keathley

    Oh, when I need a laugh the most, you guys never let me down. Thanks for that!! Keep em rollin!

  • MomS

    Oh you are killing me!!! Such God given talent has not been wasted.

  • todd

    Percussion break too this to a whole nutha level.

  • Linner

    You guys are awesome! I love “Cover Tune Grab Bag”; cracks me up. You prove that you can have a blast while serving Jesus Christ. But where are Jim and Robby in these? Surely one of them is behind the camera…

  • Jessica

    I think the Cover Tune Grab Bag just hit a new standard of excellency.
    Where in the world did you resurrect that song from?!?! Hadn’t heard it since 1987!
    Great job though, guys. You’re like only the best boy band ever. Like, totally.


  • Christy

    OH MY! That cracked me up. You all are hillarious. I was also wondering where the other guys are.

  • Daniel Crowe

    woooow. you guys are actually making me interested in some of these older songs 😛

    i’ve always tried to avoid the 80’s 😉

  • transitionpete


    break it down now…


    that was awesome!

  • Christie

    Better than being rick rolled, for sure!

  • Heidi

    Sweet! Cover Tune Grab Bag…one of the highlights of my week. Your dancing and percussion skills are a wonder to behold. 🙂

  • Sandi

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting another Cover Tune Grab Bag. I haven’t heard that song in forever….but I love the random dance moves and the percussion….they were totally awesome!!!!!!! Definately entertaing me thoroughly…..I can’t wait until you come back to N. CA….your only scheduled concerts are in S. CA and are scheduled during the time I’ll be in IL, ha! Keep the CTGB coming….I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them!!!

  • Papa Ron

    I wish I had been able to give you more dancing ability Mike, however if it took away from anything else I’m glad I didn’t. You guy’s are the bomb! I can’t wait till the next one…..

  • Tracy Edwards

    Bart’s hat makes me almost as happy as these songs have!!


  • Magdalena

    Half hour ago was just reading my local papers in Singapore of “Rickrolling” hitting it big time in the internet, resurrection of rick ashley who is also coming to town. Coming in here to see this was like… WOH!… divine appointment???! Hope GOD is not telling me to go watch his concert…mercy me, nooo! This video has gotto to make it to my facebook. Thanks boys for the “stress release” moments. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • sammi

    thanks guys – i am going to be laughing all day! i’m sure people will stop and look at me & wonder what is wrong with me because of my non-stop laughing. it’s never a dull moment over here! 🙂

  • kelli


    This takes the sting ut of the fact that my Rick Astley cassette got broken so many years ago…. sigh.

    You SLOBs are givers.

    Every last one of you.

  • Mark the Simpleton

    I would like to place my vote for an old-school CCM song or two. There are some songs out there begging for some MM Cover Tunes Grab Bag love. What about:
    Not Gonna Bow – R Taff
    Heaven Bound – dct
    Get On Your Knees and Fight Like a Man – Petra
    Luv Is A Verb – dct

    Just think, er.. pray about it.

  • Denise

    Wow! High school flashbacks! 😉 Hilarious!

  • jen

    You are a bunch of wild and crazy guys!!! I loved it!!

  • Dave

    Love it! How about “come on Eileen”?

  • Kendell

    The choreography in that video is astounding! Y’all have some killer dance moves.

    Next Cover Tune Grab Bag suggestion…Sister Christian. Please.

  • Lisa

    You guys are just too much fun. I’m amazed at Bart’s vocal abilities, and that dancing…wow! You’ve been taking classes from Charlie. Admit it!

  • Kim

    Are you kidding me right now? That is hilarious. You guys are the best. I laugh everytime Bart posts a video! :0)

  • Kelly

    Brought to tears once again!!! Hehehe

    Thanks boys! Keep em coming! 🙂

  • PWOC

    That was absolutely fabulous!!!!!!!

  • Brenda

    Wow!! that was good… i must admit i didnt recognize the title though.. maybe i ‘m just young LOL bt once you guys started singing it , i recognized the song WOOOWWW!! Outstanding loved the dancing !!!!! Where are JIM AND ROBBY??? ARE they still in the band ??!!! LOL keeeeeeep the laughter coming!!!!!!!! God’s Blessings 🙂 🙂

  • Kim In GA

    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT LOVE LOVE IT!! I love it when ya’ll get tickled. I think you should incorporate a few of these into your shows. Let everyone see that you can walk the straight path & STILL have a sense of humor! Keep it up guys… It makes my day to come home from work & get a chuckle! Thank you so much!!!

  • Buggy G

    Boy, you guys really pulled out all the stops! The highlight for me was Bart’s “never gonna RUUUUUN around.” 🙂

  • Maria, Miami

    Its amazing how you can replicate the song to the T!! I almost choked I was laughing so hard.I Love u guys!

  • Z

    Amazing stuff! I, too, enjoyed the dancing. This just demonstrates how creative you are.

    I have to admit, I am jealous about how much fun you are having. I’m a cartoonist for Christ, and even though I enjoy it, I have never once been paid just to be me.

    I look forward to it though, just as I look forward to more of this blog!

    Love, Jim

  • Matt Ulrich

    Love it…

    Now I must ask…where’s Jim? I feel like he hasn’t posted on here in forever! Get with it, Jim! 🙂

  • Emma

    That was hilarious!

    My vote for the next tune grab: “I Don’t Feel Like Dancing” by the Scissor Sisters. 🙂

  • Trish

    That was a hoot-and-a-half! COMEDY GOLD, I tell ya! I love it when you all get tickled! This video will live in infamy! MercyMe has a special place in my heart. GOD BLESS MercyMe!

    pssssst, how ’bout doin Milli Vanilli, Devo, or B-52’s (Love Shack or Rock Lobster).

    And, last but definitely not least, WHERE ARE JIM AND ROBBY?

  • Kim In GA

    What about… Don’t Worry,Be Happy…. Don’t worry be happy now… ooh ooohoo oohooo ohhhoohhhoohhh…Don’t worry be happy now.. sorry… started singing & couldn’t stop! lol

  • Robbie

    That was great! Bart, I am really amazed by the range of your voice. I liked it when you got tickled but then recovered just as quickly. By the way, I like the hat.

    Mike, you are looking so cool back there with your shades on. You look so serious through it all and I liked the way you cracked up at the very end.

    Man, I miss you guys! I can’t wait till your back in the Memphis area again. I agree with the others you need to incorporate some of these songs in your concerts.

    Daniel, Why would you try to avoid the 80’s? That era had some of the best music ever.

  • Tammy

    Love the dancing, Barry looks sooo comfortable!!

  • Jonathan

    I’m loving the growth in these videos…amazing. I have a request. It’s a fun song, and I know y’all could pull this off easily…

    “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go,” by Wham!

    Do it…

  • Sara

    You need to do these live. I would love it when I came to concerts if you ever come back to Fort Worth Texas! Love ya’ll

  • Keith

    you guys are amazing !!! First you help me change my life and then make me laugh. I before I was saved thought being a “Christian” , was sopposed to be boring. Ya , right!!!

  • Lisa V

    My birthday is tomorrow but I feel like I just received my birthday present today =o) That was great!!! You guys are awesome! Is there a way to download these on ITunes?

  • stacey

    Ok, i started to post earlier but realized i miss parts of the video from laughing so much. Second around saw the whole thing this time, i had tears in my eyes by the time i was done watching. I mean tears from laughing and coughing too. I loved it! Please do more grab bags and god bless you guys for being silly.

  • Lisa K.

    My kids just love you guys! I showed them some of the previous blog entries and by far, the Cindi Lauper song got the most laughs! Nathan, your facial expressions just crack us up!! Bart, the hat is priceless. We love you guys!!

    I must ask… where in the world are you recording these grab bag songs? It always looks like you all are stuffed in a closet somewhere!

  • TLC

    Yeah! Come out of the closet and use a REAL camara.
    Really smooth moves in Slobberville. gb

  • tam

    oh. my. stars.

    that is out of this world!

  • Ryan

    This is awesome. Can you do Bring em’ Out by Hawk Nelson? or L.O.V.E.

  • Buggy G

    You have to do “Barbara Ann” by the Beach Boys!!! PLEASE do it, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba-art! 🙂

  • Ryan

    I just had the best idea 4 yall to do 4 the CTGB- Dont Mess Around With Jim. i can picture it already! please do it

  • Gina

    Loved it! Keep cracking us up!

    Still wanna see ya do “Footloose” by Kenny Loggins!!!! Please!!!!

  • candice

    Its nice to see you all having fun. Just be careful with your voice Bart! 🙂 How about Open Arms by Journey? I know it can happen.

  • JohnyN

    Dance is really good 😀
    I can’t wait for the next Cover Tune Grab Bag!!!

  • Trish

    Are there any plans for coming back to ARKANSAS? Please, oh please!?!?

  • Paul Patterson

    Man.. I love watching these.. needless to say, I talk about them on my radio station..

    PS.. i love the random picture of the baby in the background of the outro.. a great disappearing act in those orange PJs haha

    Bless you guys! Christ Jesus Loves U

  • Crystal Renaud

    one thing lacking: needs more cowbell

  • melanie martin

    ya’ll are crazy and make me laugh!

  • Cassandra

    ACK! We were just RickRolled! ROFL!!!!

  • Barb

    I agree with gina…Footloose, please. you guys are great.
    Makes my day…
    Brody’s Mom

  • Sara

    I think you should do RESPECT by Aretha franklin. That would be awesome!

  • savanna @ ga

    im savanna im 10 years old that was halarious im a big fan of yall and yall r amazing keep on doing great im a slob lol

  • Pete

    hahaha….gonna break the triangle bart…

  • Charity

    I love you all so much. I needed a good laugh!!! Thank you!!! It cracks me up when Bart starts to lose it =]
    Nathan def. knows how to work the camera!!!

  • Rebecca T :-)

    I think Jim and Robby are actually purposely timing their absences so they avoid having to do the Cover Tune Grab Bag!
    I loved how Bart was sitting their wailing away at his triangle with that stoic expression on his face.

    (Was it my imagination or was Mike playing tambourine with a baby toy?)

  • MMmike

    yes it was one of my kids tambourine toys…the triangle was too…that’s why Bart had to hit it so hard…the plastic mallet wasn’t loud enough. Glad you’re all digging these…we’re having a blast making them for you!


  • mmBart

    if only we could hit 100 comments on this topic, then could force Jim and Robby to participate. Sigh. Cue sad violin music.

  • Sandi

    Bart, are Jim and Robby being party poopers? They’re missing out on all the fun!! Here’s an idea, if they don’t want to participate…take some random footage of them and include it in the video….and voila, they’ve participated without knowing it. lolololol. 🙂

  • mmBart

    Trust me, they will partake very soon.

  • MMmike

    oh yes…. they will…. even if it’s by force… they will!!!!!!

    mike (with an evil grin)

  • savanna @ ga

    Make them be the Shoo Bop girls!! LOL!!

  • Cassandra

    Does it have to be 100 different user comments?

    BTW, I have a LiveJournal and made a user icon for your Cover Tune Grab Bag entries. =D

  • MomS

    Where is Rev Velvet in all this?

  • Jessica

    Cassandra, that’s awesome!
    Hope you don’t mind my using it on my blog!!
    (Tell me if you do.)


  • Buggy G

    Mike, I don’t see earpieces on your sunglasses. How are they staying on your face? Tape, glue, magnets? An appropriately structured nose, excellent equilibrium?

    In the next video, I expect to see you balancing a spoon on your nose . . . and high-kicking at the same time! 😉

  • Trish



    (what are ya, chicken or somethin?)

    c’mon gang, help me out here!


  • Katherine

    Come on out Robby and Jim…only 19 comments to go!! 😉

    Once again-great stuff-always makes me laugh which is just what I need! Keep it up!

  • TLC

    You will have to get a bigger closet to fit Jim & Robby in. haha 18 comments to go! Come on fellow SLOBs.

  • candice

    I want to see Jim and Robby partake! Whats with the skipping out you 2?

  • Toby

    Doin my part to reach 100.
    Bart, can ya do a chipmunk voice? I’d love to hear ya sing…Christmas, Christmas time is here, time for joy…You get the idea :-).

  • Lori Broach

    I was just so overwhelmed tonight with my husband’s health issues. It’s been a rough couple of days. I was spent. Then I found this. OH MY GOSH! What a turnaround. My five-year old son and I laughed so hard. I think the triange jam was my favorite. I gotta watch that again. I can’t wait to show my husband. Thank you!!!!

  • Buggy G

    “I still want a hooly hoop!” 😉

    Hmmm…yeah, I bet Bart can do a chipmunk voice. The guy’s got incredible range!

  • Jan

    Never have I seen such passionate triangle playing. I think Bart may have found a new calling. In some churches, it’s the shofar, but I think you have the triangle-playing anointing. AND it looks like you guys have been studying Darrin’s Dance Grooves. Looking forward to the CTGB installment.

  • Rebecca T :-)

    Here’s comment number 88! Yay! let’s get to 100!

  • Kaleb Trail

    This is to help with the 100 comments to get Jim and robby in there. I’d like to see some bongos and an acordian.

  • Char

    These things always bring a smile to my face! I especially like the part where Bart screws up! 😉

  • Alec

    …Wow. That…was pretty hilarious. And you know, I’m not sure many people here just realize they’ve been Rick Rolled. It’d be funny to see people linking to this video, rather than the original.

    But yes, you must get Robby and Jim in here. That, combined with more dancing numbers…

    And since there haven’t been many other suggestions this time around, I again refer to Play That Funky Music (White Boy) by Wild Cherry.

  • Toby

    Again doing my part to get to 100. I believe this is 92…Come on people, call all your friends…I’m not sure I have 8 of them :-).

  • Kim the SLOB.. AKA Kim in Ga

    WOO HOO… WOO HOO…. Another Covertune Grab Bag coming out!!!! Hurry up guys!! We’ve been waiting WAYYYYYY too long!!!

  • candice

    Lets hear another cover tune! How about the song from Smoky and the Bandit!

  • Rebecca T :-)

    Here are another 2 comments to reach 100!

  • Rebecca T :-)

    Here are another 2 comments to reach 100! #96

  • Kat

    AWESOME!!! I’m officially a Cover Tune Grab Bag addict!! Don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard watching a cover video in my life!! Loved your dance moves and the jam session at the end with the triangle and other instruments was awesome!! Can’t wait for the next installment!

  • Buggy G


  • Buggy G


  • Buggy G



  • SlobberKing

    Dude! You guys rock! When do we get t-shirts……

  • jenn

    I think that one is my favorite!! Bart I really like the running part! The dance moves were just like the video, I’m sure. Keep them coming! 🙂

  • Sue

    I LOVE u guys!!!!! That was sooooo funny esp. the dancing. Can u please sing “Mustang Sally”?

  • Dave

    O my goodness, this was SO funny, I almost wet myself!!! You dudes are hilarious!!! I was crying, I was laughing so hard at this one and the others, and I almost messed my pants!!! Woo! Got to calm down now…

  • patt t

    We saw you last night in S. Diego Ca. You were awesome.So great to be with christians,enjoy the presence of the Lord and laugh. We felt refreshed when we left. So wonderful of you to share some personal experiences-gives the songs more depth and connection. Your grab bag is soooo funny.How great our God has a sense of humor!!!

  • Leisa

    Just discovered these cover tunes! Great stuff. We loved ya’ll when we saw you in Greenville TX (Yay greenville!) last November. Can’t wait til next time. God bless you all!

  • Jeff 53

    Break It Down!



  • Lina

    LOLOLOLOL You guys are serious dorks! But in a hilarious way of course….You have to keep doing this, My tummy hurts from laughing…….I think I might like to see some Lynard Skynard (Curtis Lowe) but that might not be as funny as say….cold hearted snake by Paula Abdul

  • Beverly From the US

    I believe we are related! You act just like my dad did! AWESOME!

  • victorioussurrender

    ahhh!!!! i thought the comments would never end!…congrats anyone who made it this far down the page!….lol…i LOVE this ctgb! i think its the best with the vocal harmonies and the random breakdown at the end….awsome…

  • Missy Randolph

    I love you guys! You can sure put a smile on someone’s face when they are feeling down and out. Nathan, you need an award for some of the faces you make in these cover tunes. You are hilarious! Bart, the vocals were right on! Hope to see you all at Faith Day in Cincinnati again this year!

  • Beverly

    You guys really make my day with these grab bag songs! It reminds me of when my dad was young and I was little…he would always do silly songs like that. Give him any instrument and he would go to town! You guys are great! THANK YOU!

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