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Well we have decided that everything on this blog is pretty corny, which is awesome by the way, except for the name. A blog by MercyMe? Boooooo! We need something that pops! Something that says,”Seriously? That’s the name of your blog?” Something that says “You people need to walk away from the computer and get some sun on those indoor all day pasty white legs.” So after much deliberation we have come up with the name. Are you sitting down? Ladies and gentlemen we would to introduce you to MercyMe’s “Spectacular League Of Bloggers” aka S.L.O.B.

Now that is corny and awesome!  

Press “Play” before reading further.

So, my fellow Americans, we are no longer known as mere bloggers…oh no…we are now and forever known as “Slobbers!” Members of a secret society that will soon take over the entire world! Well actually it’s not really secret, and I’m not sure what it takes to make it an actual “society” and wow the world is a pretty big place, so maybe we’ll just go to somebody’s house and take over their pool or something. Maybe hog the remote to their tv. That could be pretty intimidating I guess. Whatever the case SLOBS  RULE!!!!

Are you a SLOB? I know I am.

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  • MomS

    So when are the T shirts going to be available???

  • Kelli

    First off- that song always makes me cry the ugly cry … so thanks for that 🙂

    Second, with hand on heart I pledge to be be the best SLOB I can be.


  • Kim Franks

    What a name… But I love it!! Easy to remember, that’s for sure. I saw you guys Tuesday here in Chattanooga. Let me tell you…. It by far, was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been too! It’s a worship experience that I wish could have gone on for hours!! Can’t wait until you’re back in this neck of the woods!!! Take care and…. keep singing!

  • Phillips Mom

    I just wanted to let you guys know what a blessing you are!!
    I am a mom of three boys, and I’ve made some really bad decisions in my life, I ended up going to prison for 10 years, and as a result of my bad choices my kids grew up without parents that were there to love them and guide them. When you are locked up you lose everything, I guess thats for a reason: because you are forced to get very quiet and spend alot of time within yourself. The great thing about my incarceration, is that I found my way back to God. Don’t get me wrong there were ALOT of times I wanted to give up, times when I felt I was all alone and no one understood where I was at or the desperation I felt. Then I would turn on the radio and would hear your music, It was as if God was calling out to me to not give up, that I wasnt alone, and that I was loved, I came to understand no matter how bad my mistakes were or how unloveable I felt, that God loved me and had a plan for my life. I have been out of prison for three years and re-building my life with my children and my husband. One of the hardest things has been trying to heal my 13 year olds heart. Phillip, my son, doesnt trust or believe in anything he cant see. I believe it is my past choices and failures as a mother that have led him to this place, weve had a rocky time of it, and I fear he is going down a path I once traveled. Phillip doesn’t have faith in a loving God or a Savior, I stay faithful, praying to God that this will change and that all of my children will find Gods grace and Love like I have. The amazing thing is Phillip really likes your music!! I believe it is ministering to him. We are really excited to see you guys in concert on Saturday the 14th here in Denver at Elitch gardens. Thank you for all you guys do, you are a blessing to my family and a light for us in the darkness.

  • Jessica

    Sounds great to me!
    Although I don’t think SLOBs generally have enough motivation to actually go out and take over the remote, let alone the world. 🙂
    Or maybe that’s just this little SLOB, in which case, I will speak for myself (and my pasty white self, as it were). 😛

    ps~ I’m with MomS – we need t-shirts. We are an elite group, you know.

  • Lisa K.

    Love the new “Slobbers” blog. Yes, please… we need t-shirts to be legit. How about something like, “I am a S.L.O.B” or “Proud to be a S.L.O.B”?

  • Sandi

    haha, I love it. I’m a SLOB, wahoo! I agree…I want a shirt! lololol.

    PS You guys should incorporate some of the awesome Cover Tune Grab Bag songs into your shows…give us the pleasure of hearing and watcing it live, lol.

    PSS When are you coming back to N. CA? The closest on your schedule is Bakersfield which is 4 hours away…and I’ll be in IL at that time anyway…ugh! lol

  • Heidi

    Maybe the only time I can proudly say that I am a SLOB! Can’t wait for the next Cover Tune Grab Bag from the awesome Slobbers!

  • kristina

    Hee hee! I’m proud to be a SLOB! SLOBS rule! 😉 Thanks for the giggle! Have a Happy Weekend and a Happy Father’s Day! God bless!

  • Brenda

    Yes, i guess i’m a SLOB too!!!…looking for the next cover tune grab bag song…. 🙂 God’s Blessings

  • Jessica

    *I just want to say to Phillips Mom:
    Hang in there – your son is at a tough age. Don’t push him, just try to encourage him and set the example for him now that you wish you had before. God can take your ashes and turn them for beauty. Just give Him time. And your trust.


    ~Your fellow MM SLOBber

  • TLC

    I want a t-shirt TOOO!!! I will wear it proudly, like all of my other MM t-shirts. Everyone already knows I’m a MM nut. Now they can know I’m a MM SLOB. And hey, think of all the people that will want to check out the MM blog when they see the t-shirts. So now you HAVE to get the shirt thing going on. Ya’ll are the best! gb

  • Robbie

    I like it, I’m a SLOB!!!

  • anon4him

    lol! *dies laughing*

  • Christy

    Wow. I wondered what I would be when I grew up. A MM Slobber. My family and friends will be amazed. I think an official MM Slobber shirt would be great. Count me in. When we come hear you, we could wear them. That would be too cool. This could be BIG!
    Happy to be a SLOB

  • Stephanie

    So, when are you guys coming back to Little Rock, AR? Maybe squeeze in a date around the MO trip???? Please, please??? If you come, I will stand proudly in the front row with a SLOB tee 🙂

  • stacey

    I like it being known as a MM SLOB and please a T-Shirt would be great. Count me in and i promise to be one of the best SLOB’s around. Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Father’s day.

  • Pete

    i think we should make catch phrases/cliches or remake them using the word SLOB….what’s wrong? SLOB got your tongue….??…not sure if that was a good one or not….who’s next?

  • Jessica

    “Ask me about my SLOBBER”

    “SLOBS United!”

    “Team SLOBBER”

    “MMmmmm SLOBBER”

    “Proud SLOB”


    Happy Father’s Day, Guys!

  • Kim Franks

    This would look cool on T-shirt: Oh MercyMe, I’m a SLOBBER!

  • Lisa V

    Awesome~~ I am proud to be a SLOB. Tshirts are a great idea =o)
    Have a very Happy Father’s Day!!
    God Bless You

  • Lisa K.

    “Have Mercy (me)… I’m a slob”

  • brittany

    cool name you guys brittanygeorge

  • Trudy!

    Happy Father’s Day, Guys!!!

    I think you started something great…count me in! I’am a Total SLOB!!! Let us know when T’s are available…Hugs and Prayers come your way. T.

  • Heidi Reed

    After reading what Phillips Mom wrote I cannot be silly. That was such a touching story.

    You guys are a true blessing to so many. SLOBS or not!

    Happy Father’s Day favorite group of band men. 😉

  • Nora S

    what a great concert at Six Flags in NJ last week in the blazing heat!!!! First time and it won’t be the last. I am a Slob and so is my hubby. Peace and God Bless!

  • Cassandra

    =D Yep, I agree, some t-shirts please.

    Silly MM Slobbers Unite!

    Happy Father’s Day, all!

  • TLC

    To Phillips mom- you have been on my mind and in my heart. I am lifting you and your family up in prayer. I’m sure a lot of the other SLOBS have done the same because I know this is not only a fun loving group but a loving group of people. I hope you feel the love and know that you’re not alone. God Bless you and your family.

  • Jim Z

    I just have to say, you guys are so awesome and so creative! It is so inspiring. Even the little grab bag that scrunches up and stuff… that is hilarious! May God continue to grant you good success at what you are doing.

    Love, Jim

  • Family Jules

    Will y’all be getting business cards

    I like the new name. As one who chose my blog name oh so carefully, I salute you.

  • Kaleb Trail


  • Lisa

    Wow, your new blog name puts mine to shame. So, I will proudly stand alongside you and count myself among the SLOBs of America (or at least your blog.)

  • Dan

    I’m definately “Slobbin”. Great name. I love this blog or rather yet this “Slob”.

  • SlobberKing

    Dude……the name ROCKS!!!!Press on my fellows Slobbers for Jesus…..WE NEED T-SHIRTS!!!

  • Kim In GA

    Going to the show in Knoxville on September 25th…. I’ll be the one in the “I’m a SLOB & proud of it!” t-shirt! LOL!!!

  • Tammy

    I am a S.L.O.B!!! I love the new name!! See you in August!!

  • Rebecca T

    What Jessica said about Slobs being to lazy to take over the remote reminds me of a T-shirt i saw once that said “Procrastinators Unite! …tomorrow” Speaking of T-shirts, I want a SLOB t-shirt too! I want one that says “I am a S.L.O.B.” or “Proud to be a S.L.O.B.” We could even make bumper stickers and fridge magnets! This is going to be sooo AWESOME!!!

  • Rebecca T :-)

    ON a more serious note:
    there is this guy who keeps posting creepy poem-comments on YouTube under Christian songs. his user name is TheDarkLordLucifer. I think he is possessed by demons, and i know he is a satanist. Please pray for him, and get as many people as you know to pray for him too! This is SOOOOOO important!!! We need to pray that Satan would lose his hold on this guy!

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