Dancing Millie

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  • Christy

    Happy Birthday Mike!
    Millie is an awesome dancer. I’m sure she will be a great big sister. Congrats on #3.

  • Heidi Reed

    She’s a doll! I loved that — so did both of my kids (2 and 3). That is so adorable. You guys do the cutest videos. So much fun for us.

  • MomS

    Happy Birthday Daddy! She is a most awesome dancer must get it from her MOM…Thanks for being her hero!

  • stacey

    Happy Birthday Mike!!!

    Millie is just too cute and a wonderful dancer. She could dance cirles are around you guys. These videos you guys post are great and keep them coming.

  • Sandi

    She’s adorable!!!!!!!!!! And Happy Birthday Mike!!!!!!

  • Cassandra

    Aw, she is adorable… poor baby though. Hehe

    Happy Birthday, Mike!

  • TLC

    Sooo precious! Happy Birthday too.

  • Robbie Paisley

    What an adorable ballerina, kids are just so precious.

    Congrats on baby number 3.

    Have a wonderful birthday, Mike!

  • Lisa

    Well, I guess birthday wishes are in order. Happy Birthday! Millie is a great dancer, and I’m sure she’ll keep the new baby quite entertained (with much supervision!!)

  • Wendy

    Happy Birthday, Mike. Thanks for sharing the adorable dancer from your house. She’s great! 🙂

    We’re anxious to meet you in New Mexico next week. See y’all at brunch.

  • Jess

    Yet another video that my niece will be BEGGING to see over and over again! (Not that I mind… that little Millie is a cutie!) Our little Savannah’s favorite part is the ‘nose part’. (For a diva-in-training, she sure has an odd sense of humor sometimes!! It can only be explained by the influence of her little brother.) 🙂

    Happy Birthday, Mike!


  • Robin C.

    Happy Birthday Mike…she is too cute…she and my son Noah dance just about the same. We were on vacation this past week in Myrtle Beach and these 4 sisters (elderly) were always somewhere close to us on the beach and yesterday as they were getting on the elevator they stopped us to tell us how Noah had made their trip because he was such a “delight” to watch on the beach and they LOVED his dancing!! Then I had to laugh when they asked me if he was taking dancing lessons…I chuckled and said, “only when I am cleaning house!”

  • becca

    OK, I just have to tell you guys this story. My son, Will, is 3 1/2. We took him to his first concert when he was just 2, and it was you guys with Audio A. and Aaron Schust in Tulsa. He LOVED it. Anyway, so he’s a big fan of MM. The other day, we heard God With Us on the radio. He saw a 7 in the station’s call numbers in my car and the conversation went like this:
    Will: We know this one! It’s on number 7.
    me: We do know it. Oh, is this number 7 on the CD?
    Will: No, it’s on number 7 on the radio. It’s number 4 on the CD.

    Yeah, I’d say he’s a fan…

  • Brenda

    Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!! aaaaawwwww so precious !!! she’s a dancer isn’t she !!??? very cute!!

  • Bari

    What a beautiful child! Above it was said she got her dancing ability from her Mom. I assume her beauty came from there also?!?!
    Happy Birthday

  • Susan Livingston

    Too cute! What a great way to start my day today. Happy late birthday- we were gone to Kansas to take Lance for base camp and he is flying out this morning to Tokyo. Give Abby and the kids big hugs for us!

  • Meg Duncan

    Millie has so much rhythm….must have gotten it from Abby!! No Princess ever had a better Daddy than Millie has. Say hi from us to all three kids when you get home. She definitly got her coordination from Abby and Millie sure has IT goin’ on, baby! She reminds me of me….except for the coordination part….KLUTZES RULE! (not really, but we make life more funny to the others who watch us!)

  • Rebecca T


  • Papa Ron

    Dancing seems to run in the female end ogf the family. They are all so good at it. Beauty also. Brains dito. Hey what are us guys dong here. Oh ya we hold it all together. Know you had a great birthday and can’t wait to see you in August…

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