Cover Tune Grab Bag – “Stayin’ Alive”

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  • Lisa

    Wow…what to say? Lovin’ the shirt, Bart. Go cubbies!

  • Robbie Paisley

    Okay, all you need now is a white polyester suit. That was fun I love the Bee Gees music. Makes me want to do the John Travolta walk.

  • PapaRon

    aww you made your mama cry…

  • Sandi

    lol, oh man…that was awesome! Nate’s body language was cracking me up. The helmets were a great touch! Where was Jim? lol, I can’t wait to hear more of these. hahaha, wow!

  • Trudy!

    Wow! That was awesome!!! Great, Great job!!!! Do it again…Hugs Trudy!

  • Clare

    immense – this is all I can say.

    I LOVE IT!

  • wes amick

    Fellas, that signifies that it is DEFINITELY time to get back on the road and work……WAY too much time on your hands…..i am still laughing though! I have to ask, how many times did you go through it to get it right?

  • Jessica

    That was awesome, Guys!
    Especially considering y’all look more like the Village People than the Bee Gee’s! 🙂 (OOH! You need to throw a little Y M C A into the grab bag!!)

    Who knew you had such range, Bart?

    Enjoyed it! And will enjoy it many more times!!
    Can’t wait for the next one!


  • Heidi Reed

    That was freakin’ hysterical!! I am crying!! You guys are so great!! I am entertained. I have been entertained. And it was for free. And ok so now I swear you have a fan for life. Wow. Just awesome. [clapclapclapclap]

    I’m still giggling. Good night you silly willies.


  • Emma

    So… I’d been having a crappy day until I saw this. Thank you, I laughed and Nathan especially cracked me up. Love the “costumes”. Thanks!!

  • todd


    Absolutely perfect. You guys might just turn out to be You Tube celebrities after this post!

  • stacey

    You guys are just great and again made laugh so hard i had tears in my eyes. Those helmets are great touch and Nate made me laugh even more. Thanks!!

  • Tracy Edwards

    wow. . . freakin’ hilarious!!

  • Christy

    Words totally eluded me the first time I watched. I was laughing so hard. That was so funny. The second time, I laughed just as hard. You guys are good. LOVE IT!!! Please don’t quit your day job.
    Christy in KY

  • Heidi

    That is the best laugh I’ve had in a while!! Hysterical! Can’t wait for more. 🙂

  • Matt Ulrich

    Haha…I couldn’t see Nathan’s guitar until the very end, so I thought he was hitting something.

  • MMmike

    COSTUMES???? What are you talking about, Emma?

    Wes…that was take 2.


  • Kaleb Trail

    ??? Those aren’t McPhersons.
    Come On guys, if you are going to make a serious music video, you need to bring in the “real deal”

  • suzanne

    Comments from my 6 year old son, Adam, who as standing behind me as I watched this hilarity:

    1. “What’s up with those helmets, Mom?”

    2. “Oh my…….”

    3. “Those guy’s moms gave them too much sugar….”

    That was so worth watching. And what IS up with those helmets.

    I love that you guys are so silly. Silliness is ESSENTIAL in my book. Rock ON!

  • MomS

    Puuuleez can we see the other side of the camera? Huh Huh can we Pleeeeezzzzeee.

  • Amy (Beyond JEMS)

    brodyharper sent me a tweet to come over. love it! made my morning! my 3YO twins came racing from the other room & decided to dance. who could resist?

  • Donna

    we want more, we want more! funny.

  • MMmike

    Mom…the other side of the camera is a laptop….nothing too exciting!!!


  • Kaleb Trail

    The more times you watch it the funnier it is.
    I keep noticing stuff I didn’t notice before. Classic.

    I like the high angle strumming by Nate there. lol.

  • Kaleb Trail

    Please make us MP3 files we can download
    of these songs and the songs you made for MySpace.

  • Elizabeth Ann

    that…..was amazing.

  • Tim

    That was classic! Bart was crackin upduring the middle!!!

  • Becky Bauer

    You guys just made my day cuz its turning into a cruddy morning


  • Aaron

    CLASSIC! That was wicked sweet. Nice work guys. I actually understood the lyrics more than when the Bee Gees did it.

  • Alastair

    Man, I was laughing out loud at this one…. just brilliant!

  • TLC

    Marvelous, simply marvelous!

  • Daniel Crowe

    class was boring so i pulled up the blog to check for updates….saw this song, and had to listen…..i couldn’t help but laugh while watching, so now my teach ain’t so happy 😛

    haha….keep them coming!

  • Hallie

    WOW.that was FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Luv it!

  • anon4him

    lol! Awesome ^_^

  • Artie

    Oh, that was awesome! Nate was crackin’ me up!!! I need a good laugh and wow the range. Thank you all so much!!

  • kristina

    Awesome! 😀

  • KayD

    OH MY GOSH that was the best thing I’ve ever seen!! LOL I asked for BeeGees! And it was everything I coulda dreamed of…and more… 😉 THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  • Katherine

    That was stinkin’ hillarious-I cannot help but come over to your blog and crack up, which is what I need!! Ha ha ha-thank you for this!! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more!! You guys are great.

  • Ed

    Nate totally made me think of Devo. Just trade in the bike helmets for red flower pots and you are there!!

  • Trish

    WOOT! You played MY request! I am doing cartwheels! That was all I thought it would be AND MORE! 🙂 That video will live in infamy! THANK YOU for making that song “special”. You guys are THE GREATEST!! And, I really mean that!

    Your LIFELONG fan,


  • amy

    Great Job guys…. Nate you had it going on. Love the helmets, it added just that touch you needed for the video. So what is up next? Can’t wait to see it.

  • DAVID E.

    You guys have too much time on your hands……that was awesome.

  • Bree

    Why was Bart cracking up at the end? Was it because Jim was doing something funny in the background?…

  • Buggy G

    It’s a modern-day miracle!!! You guys made me actually enjoy that song!

  • Cassandra

    ROFL! I was in tears and loved that it all stopped and started again. I would also like to know how many shots that took… you all giggled in that one a little, so I can imagine more of that went on. =D Thanks and keep up the great work! *looks forward to the “Cover Tunes Grab Bag” posts*

  • Brenda

    OK!!! that was hilarious(sp)? wow i had to watch it over and over LOLOL Nate’s body language was too funny, the helmets, NICE, Bart i didn’t know you could go that high, then stop …then you surprised me and kept going…. WOW!!!! then Bart started laughing and i was laughing…… so where’s Robby and Jim?? TOO FUNNY… keeeeeeeeeeep the laughter —– this was good

  • Aunt Meg

    Hey Mikey, What’s with the helmet?? Do you live in Libby or something? It’s amazing you could record that without cracking up!!! Love Always, Aunt Meg

  • TLC

    Ok, I have to suggest a song that would be really funny to see you guys sing. How about “These Eyes” by the Guess Who.

  • Tammy

    All I can say is…. WOW! Dont quit your day job!!
    (I love the grab bag)

  • MMmike

    Actually, Brenda….Robby lives about 2 hours away from the rest of us and Jim was having Hunt county’s largest garage sale in his front yard, so he was a bit out of pocket. Maybe he’ll be a good boy and blog about it one day…maybe.

    Aunt Meg….seriously everybody…she’s my aunt…everyone say Hi Aut Meg….1, 2, 3….

    The helmets were because Nate and I rode our Honda Ruckus Scooters to the place we shot the video….we actually live across the street from one another…He can’t get enough of me.


  • Buggy G

    HI, AUNT MEG!!! 🙂

  • Trish

    HI, AUNT MEG!!! 🙂

    Will you be an Aunt to ALL OF US?? 😉 Will you also take ALL OF US out for ice cream and a movie?? Better yet… can you score us some FREE tickets to MercyMe concerts??

    PRAISE GOD for MercyMe!!

  • david e

    Hey guy’s How about doing YMCA or the Car Wash.

  • Alexander

    I just keep watching over and over and over. Nate made me crack up! And by the way, who reads Car and Driver? At the opening sequence, there’s an issue behind the paper bag…

  • Brenda

    well then i guess we can excuse Robby and Jim…. but you guys were still hilarious!!!!!>>> so this video and the “shake it don’t brake it” video are my favorite LOLOLOL

  • Wendy

    What a riot. Care to do it live in New Mexico? (I double-dog dare you.)

  • Robin C.

    lol…I needed a good laugh. Hey, gotta run, my favorite movie is on AMC…The Princess Bride…

  • RaeAnn

    That was hilarious I was laughing so hard nice hat bart. At the talent show on wednesday some kids sang “Don’t stop believin” and I think that would be cool for you guys to sing.


  • jenn

    Loved it! You guys are a bunch of funny boys.

  • Bill Swingle

    Forget the silly helmets. There is no substitute for talent. When you got it, you got it. Period. I am truly stunned at yours. WOWZERS!

    The Bee Gees??? I never would have believed you could have do it so well! Gadzooks, is there no limit to you guys? Wow.

    Bart you got pipes! Dude, I can’t believe your range.

    Bill Swingle
    Janesville, CA

  • Keith S.

    Awesome guys! I really enjoyed the title song also the whole thang was halarious. keep on shining!!!

  • Meg Duncan

    Hey Peanut Gallery !! (see how old I am…that’s from Howdy Doody…and you’re going “Who?”) I can’t be anyone’s Aunt but Mike’s. Unless y’all want to move to the frigid Northwest! It’s 37 degrees outside and we’re in the midst of a total white out blizzard! But y’all keep supporting Mercy Me and Awesome Mike!! Love, Aunt Meg

  • Buggy G

    I envy you, Aunt Meg. Not because you’re Mike’s aunt, but because you have snow and cold weather! The temperature here is reverse . . . 73 degrees. My summer blues have already set in.

  • Gina

    So funny! Loved it! Can’t wait for more songs. How about Footloose!

  • Rebecca T

    Buggy G- 73 degrees?!?!? where do you live? it’s been above 90 degrees here where i live! you know what i would give for it to be 73, like it should be at this time of year?
    oh, and you know Bart was singing in his falsetto voice which was why he was able to hit that note… which by the way was only an F below high C ( i can hit an E above high C 😛 …well at least i can on a good day)

  • Buggy G


    73 degrees + humidity + about 50 more degrees for how it feels to me = TOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! 😉 During the day, the temperature has been in the 80s and has hit the 90s. On a side note, we also have cicadas here to add to the summer fun!

  • Rebecca T

    Buggy G-
    Time to go on vacation to somewhere cooler hu? (thats what i’m doing this weekend! :D)

    …though not to where Aunt Meg is- that sounds a bit TO cold!

  • Buggy G

    Thanks a lot, Rebecca! Now I’m jealous of Aunt Meg AND you! 😉 Seriously, have fun on your “cool” trip. I would love to go on vacation, preferably a permanent one! To a place where it’s always cold and there are no bugs . . . except for me, Buggy G. 🙂

  • Jerry

    This is why we miss you guys so much. Good Times. When is next time you all will be in OKC. You need to meet our newest addition of the Jackson family. We now have four boys. Keep in touch.

    Be blessed,
    The Jackson family

  • Bill Swingle

    >>Our second cover tune grab bag is up on the blog!
    >>5 days ago

    Where’s the new cover tune?

    Bill Swingle
    Janesville, CA

  • Daniel L.

    Mr. Barry,

    You are a silly boy! I sang a little bit at home with my guitar. Thank you for helping us. Come visit. I miss you.

    Daniel L.

  • iknowtheGURU

    Two words: Hil Arious

  • Sherrilynn

    ear to ear smile. thank you so much for the laugh. your families must be proud. love ya!

  • joanne

    it brought tears to my eyes 😉

  • Louise

    This was so funny, great work!… while I could not stop myself from smiling… I could hear my parrotlet say : “you want to sing? you want to sing?” That is a very good sign guys!! Whenever I listen to music while working on my computer, I can’t keep myself from singing and harmonizing, and so does my bird… he just love to sing and to specialy say it!!!

  • Smilemaker

    Just found these this morning. My daugther was laying down laughing and said “what a kick”. I agree!! What great family entertainment. It’s so funny to see you guys try so hard not to laugh while you are performing these tunes.

  • brenda carter

    Love how high you can sing. I think it would be great if you did the song Brick House.

  • Dudettes with hats

    We love you guys!! Especially Nathan’s faces.. it’s so hilarious. So… we pooled our heads together (yes, there are more than 2) and we would love it if you sang the song “Funky Town”!!! OR.. A Disney Princess song of your choice! I.E A whole new world, Kiss the Girl, Beauty and the beast… etc. So, alrighty then! Thanks for your time! Loved your live concert! You’re amazing!
    Love the girls..!
    P.s. We don’t actually have hats.

  • Debbie

    This one is my favorite. You crazy people crack me up. Please don’t ever stop.

  • Lina

    Yeah you guys are totally goofy and its so funny. But Bart you got range man, you can sound like Barry White or Amy Lee or anything in between! Hey speaking of Barry White, you gotta sing some, thats my request. Love you guys

  • Cathy Dee

    HA HA HA HA Yall kill me!

  • Corissa

    That was very funny! I love it when you crack up during the song, to me that makes it more funnier lol! Keep it up 🙂

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