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Hey MercyMe bloggers aka MercyMoggers…or…uh..blergyMe…no…how about…MoggyBlee’rs. Anyways sorry we have been a little slow lately, but I am back from vacation, so we are back in business. Well, sort of in business. I need time to create stuff for the blog, and then we will be in business. So in the meantime, heeeeeeere’s Charlie!


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  • Jess

    My niece is gonna LOVE it!
    She still requests the last one with Charlie and goes around saying “I’m Cha-lie.” 🙂
    Too cute.


  • suzanne

    Simply adorable!
    Keep ’em coming.
    We should have taken song requests for CHARLIE to sing, ya know…..


  • Robbie Paisley

    Oh my gosh, he is so precious!

  • Lisa K

    What a hoot to have the sillyness of Daddy and Charlie on Youtube!! Y’all crack me up!! My kids want to adopt Charlie.

    My favorite part is hearing your whole family laughing and giggling in the background. What a great legacy you are giving your kids….laughter! Kudos to you and your wife, Bart.

  • Heidi Reed

    He’s the best MM mascot there ever was! Well, and the other band member’s kids too. Can’t you guys get them all matching outfits and do a MM cheer for us? Pom-poms for the girls, megaphones for the boys. Awww. That would be soo creepy, er, I mean cute!!


    See you soon.

  • Christy

    Too cute. He is a lot like his dad, huh???

  • Cassandra

    here, here… songs for Charlie! =D

    Welcome back and glad you had a safe and good trip. =)

  • stacey

    I know i say this all the time but your son is just so cute!! The faces he makes is very funny and cute. Glad to know you guys made it home save from vacation.

  • andira

    That is so great. Charlie, master of expression!

  • Stephanie K.

    That kid is a genius at being cute. 🙂

  • Kate

    Totally reminds me of our 2 year old. I love the faces. You’ve got a little cutie on your hands. Can’t wait for more. BTW…we LOVE your music. Hopefully coming to Northern CA soon. We loved the last concert.

  • Brenda

    Way to cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tammy

    Is there anything cuter than when Charlie says his name??!
    What a sweet boy and he is so entertaining to watch.

  • Rebecca T


    We’re sorry but our committee has deemed Charlie to cute for his and your own good and have decided to confiscate him….
    …jk, i wish… LOL 😀

  • Wendy

    Charlie is adorable!

  • RaeAnn

    That was way to cute. Charlie you rock like your daddy.

  • jenn

    My 20 month old loves Charlie. While he watched this video he would laugh and talk out loud to him. Thanks for the fun around our house.

  • Ben

    I can just see Bart makung those faces in back of the camera….

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