World’s Largest Fan

On Vacation, I encountered the largest fan I have ever seen. And to think, we were looking for the world’s biggest ball of yarn. This destroys the yarn..I think.


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  • Jess

    It does look cool.
    So, why the horrified look?



  • Christy

    Makes you want to say
    Whooaaaaa Duuuuuuddddddeeeee!

  • Bruno

    Well guys, I’m so sorry but I must confess, I didn’t understand :/! I hope someone can explain me! GOD bless you!
    My name is Bruno and I’m from Brazil!

  • nancy

    I want one one of my own. Where did you find it?!

  • Lisa K

    Okay, Bart… we need some details. Where are you? Why are you scared? and Why is a ginormous fan about to attack you?

  • Heidi Reed

    At least there are no boogers hanging out of your nose.


  • Kelly

    Wow, I seriously need that fan! My A/C just broke today, and well, I know you know how Texas summers are…ugh!

  • Emma

    Is that for real?

  • Rodney

    Last week, we asked our readers to help us get added to your blog roll. Well, we got your stamp of approval and today were telling our readers about it.

    Thanks and yes I do think that this is the worlds biggest fan.

  • Lisa

    You’re lookin’ a little scary there.

  • The Honey Family

    Bart, I thought WE were your biggest fans?!

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