You Reign

Hey everybody, apparently we got a little ahead of ourselves when we posted our latest video to our new single “You Reign.” Our label asked us to wait until it actually went to radio, and then we could “release the hounds.”  In other words, do us a favor and call or go to your local Christian radio station’s website and start requesting to hear “You Reign.”  We would greatly appreciate it.  Because we should never forget that everytime MercyMe sings, an angel gets its wings…wait I don’t think that’s right…but let’s not take any chances.

Ok, and in the meantime, enjoy the video and thanks to all you goofballs out there that keep laughing at our blog.  If it were not for you…well…we would be blogging to people who don’t think we are very funny. And that’s not very fun at all.


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  • Denise

    We’ll contact them and get the word out! Love it!

  • suzanne


    So does my son, Jonathan, age 19 MR/autistic. He was singing it just this morning in the shower.

    Will contact the station and get the word out.


  • Wendy

    The angels are thanking you! Love the video and the song. And thanks for all the laughs…you guys rock!

  • Heidi Reed

    Ok so I have to wait to hit “submit comment” because I don’t want it to end. I love this song!

    All funny aside — you guys are such a blessing in my life.

    Funny back — sing something like “Please Rain” and aim your voices/instruments towards Florida. K? K!

    Thanks 😉


  • Christy

    What a great video to go with an awesome song. I love the prayer you did before. We really love your music. I even used one of your songs when I did a talk on the Emmaus Walk. It was awesome. Thanks for sharing your tallents with us. AND, you are all funny, it isn’t hard to laugh with you.

  • Robbie Paisley

    I’m on it!

  • Nathan

    Won’t let yall down!!! Love the video by the way!

  • Jess

    Well, letting the ‘goofball’ comment slide…. I LOVE having your crazy blog to come to and just be able to laugh and appreciate the silliness that is MercyMe. 🙂
    Keep it up. (I’ve even got my 5-year old niece hooked on y’all – she just can’t get enough of “Man’s Man” and “Family Dance Night”. And Gracie is ‘her girl’.)

    … oh, yeah. And good music, too. 🙂


  • Sandi

    I love this song. K-Love has been playing this song alot for the last week or two. It’s great!

  • TLC

    XM radio “The Message” has been emailed.

  • Brenda

    not a problem!!!! LOVED IT!!!!! God’s Blessing

  • Joshua

    This song was such a turning point when I saw you guys at WinterJam in January…the show was great to that point, then it just took off into a whole new place. Plus being one of the fans who helped videotape it was especially awesome.

  • Holly

    Sending an email now, but will call them in the daylight.

    Love the song!

    God Bless you all.

  • kristina

    Hey Bart! 🙂
    Love the song and the video! Off to request it!

  • Tammy

    Love this song!!! The whole album must make Him smile.
    It is truly amazing the talent you all have!!

  • The Honey Family

    Great to finally see the video! You may not remember but Traci and I were blessed to capture the video footage from the Bloomington IL Winter Jam Show. What an experience…I remember coming home late one night and seeing an email that said we had won a contest to video Mercy Me! Needless to say…after I realized it was not a joke (Traci had not told me she entered for us) we flipped our lids! Talk about Family Dance Night! We almost broke it, shakin it! Anyway, the show was in a few days and 280 miles away…so we frantically got some neighbors to take care of all the farm animals, put the bees on autopilot and packed up the 1 ton van. With all seven children and our fearless friend/nanny (“Choley Woley”)strapped in,[Robby: if you drive a bunch of kids around in a van long enough, eventually you crave it like morning coffee..hang in there!] we put the van into hyperdrive and headed West! Four hours later, we made a quick stop at Pizza Hut, drove to the hotel, shoved nanny and children out the van door for a pizza/pool party and headed to the venue. Todd White & Co. from NEON were great and set us up with our cameras. Traci was stage left and I got to be on the floor next to the sound board. What a rush!! Remember how you guys felt at the Grammy’s??? Well needless to say we really felt like we were livin’ large that night and we didn’t even have a flat Stanley. In fact, we were so excited to meet you guys we forgot to take a pic! [Obviously we have made up for that – Groucho Glasses] After the show we hung out as long as we could to make the feeling last…we even parked our van across the street from your bus and tempted each other to go bang on your door posing as a pizza delivery guy. We finally stopped acting like teenagers and went to Steak-n-Shake for our traditional Post Mercy Me Show Blues shake. When we got back to the hotel, all the kids were asleep but we woke them and Choley Woley up to share our experience [not our shakes]! To put things in perspective I have been on the Presidential 747 twice even though it’s a “once in a lifetime experience.” As exciting as it was, it will never compare to that night! Thanks so much for being who you are and showing so many people the Love of God.

    Oh Yah, how did we win the contest? Simple, we told the truth…WE ARE MERCY ME’S BIGGEST FANS!!!!!!!!

    In Christ Eternally [thank you God!]

    Larry, Traci & Family [aka. the Honey Family]

  • west

    well…haven’t been around much latele…work and all….

    good song…miss ya’ll….very cool…hope it hits……ever think another “I can only imagine” will pop out again? not that ya’ll don’t have some AWESOME tunes….but…just curious…the things you shouldn’t think about late at night

  • Garrett

    When I first heard this song it was an immediate favorite!

    It’s my favorite song to hear on the radio by far and man it’s an inspiration to me as I go through tough school days.

    God bless,

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