Recording With Vince

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  • Pete


  • kelli

    Too funny!!!!!

    Can’t wait for the finished product.

  • Robin C.

    too cool!!!

  • DAVID E.

    That was awesome. Singing with you should have been at the top…..well maybe marrying Amy #1….singing with you #2.

  • Donna

    you videos just make me laugh!

  • Kaleb Trail

    Hey bart, I have an idea.
    It would be so awesome to have a duet album. It will consist of MercyMe style songs sung with your favorite artists, or friends. Like Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mac Powell, Vince Gill, Bill Gaither, whoever. lol.
    I love the song “I see Love”

    Keep up the good work, I will continue to be envious of you guys and all the fun you have playing music.

  • Jessica

    I bet y’all had a good time. He’s just about as fun-loving as you are, Bart!
    Can’t wait to enjoy the final results on this album! I know it’ll be great.


  • jacquie


  • Denise


  • Renee

    Bart! you guys…all yalls rock! COME TO MADISON WI!! 🙂 you guys can stay over at my place!!! yay! just kidding, but if you ever needed a place you could…and while your here you could maybe play some songs…maybe!

  • Family Jules

    Wow, you really are cool now!! Hehe.

  • kristina

    Ok, that song sounds beautiful! I love Vince AND you so what a great combo! 😉 That bucketlist of Vinces’ was too funny! Love the video! Had me giggling! 😉

  • Rebecca T

    (as in the ‘Wow’ from the Fios commercial where they all say ‘wow’ then their pets go ‘wow’ then the flea goes ‘WOWWWWW’

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