Stuff That Bugs Me

Looking back at the blog, I realized that I have made way more videos than I have actually typed anything. So today I am going to be ΓΌber-profound. I did an interview recently and they asked me what, in life, really bugged me. At the time, I could not think of anything. Well, after many night’s thinking about what I should have said, here is my top 5 things that bug me to death!

5. Nailbiters- First off let me say that I used to be one. But now, thanks to my wife breaking me of the habit, it drives me nuts! That constant clicking sound! Click click click…I am stressing myself out just thinking about it. And let’s not forget what collects under those fingernails… Ok I just threw up in my mouth a little.

4. Loud whisperer in movies- It was hard putting these in order because, on any given day, this could be #1. Seriously how one can accomplish whispering louder than their regular talking voice is beyond me. Talking on your cell phone in the movies is just as bad. This one goes out to our manger…yeah I am talking about you Brickell.

3. Talking through the bubble- I don’t really know what else to call it, but it’s when a person gets that “bubble” thing caught in their throat and when they try to continue talking they sound like kermit the frog. Am I the only one here? Am I crazy? If you have experienced this, please just take a second and swallow so that we don’t expect you to bust out with “the rainbow connection.”

2. Out of control cough- Now I understand that this one is pretty much out of your control, but man! You know when something goes down the wrong way, and off we go!!! It’s not much the initial wave of out of control coughing that bugs me. It’s the random trailing coughs that get me. I sat next to lady on a plane that got choked up on the runway, and 2 whole hours later she was still hacking away every few minutes. Almost pushed me to nailbiting. Our drummer, Robby, has had a slight cough for about 12 years now. He denies it, but I know it’s been at least that long. Everytime he says anything that starts with an “H” he goes into a coughing fit! It kind of goes like this, “Bart do you mind hhhhelping…cough…cough…hack…help…cough…helping me…choke..cough…oh forget it.”

1. The third sneeze- Everyone knows that sneezes come in 2’s. No matter where I am, if I hear a third sneeze I come unglued. The other day this lady sneezed about 20 times in row with some “tickle me elmo” sounding sneeze. I actually fainted.

Well there you have it. My top 5 things that annoy the dog out of me. Please feel free to share your pet peeves. Is it peeves or peaves? Maybe it’s peighves. Yes that is certainly it. Please share your pet peighves with us. Bye bye.


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  • Dee

    I’m right there with you on the talkers in the movies – it is why I only go to movies when I think hardly anyone else will be there! My biggest pet peighve would definitely be “crunchers/smackers” – you know, the people who like to “crunch” (or as I say, eat with their mouth open) – especially stuff like popcorn and chips. Unfortunately, most of my extended family are crunchers/smackers. It is so bad that a couple of years ago my aunt gave me earplugs for Christmas!

  • Heidi

    People with ear-thingy cell phones. I ALWAYS think they are talking to me. They talk. I say “what”. They talk. I say “I’m sorry, what”. They point to their ear phone all irritated like. I get mad and roll my eyes.

    People who get my order wrong in the drive thru. I mean seriously, how hard is it? Two 5 piece chicken nuggets, no sauce, 2 value fries, large coke. Is that hard?

  • jonathan

    Great post Bart!!!!

    Heidi = My wife and I own a restaurant, now we are pretty much perfect at our place :-), but I would suggest go working at one for a while before asking “how hard is it”.

    Working in a food business is probably one of the hardest things to do.

    But I will have to admit….as many times as we have gotten our orders wrong at other places….I ask myself the same thing from time to time. Around here Popeyes has about a 5% sucess rate.

  • Robbie Paisley

    In Robby’s defense if he has been coughing that long then he needs to get it checked out, it could be his sinuses.

    I can relate on some of the ones you listed such as the bubble thing only we call it a frog in the throat. I heard a radio dj do this once and it was very annoying. Talking on cell phones during a movie is bad too.

    These are some of my pet peeves.
    * People who will go to the express lane when they have way more than the limit. It never fails that this will happen to me when I am in a hurry.
    * Poor sportsmanship.
    * Going by a drive thru and when you get home realize they messed up your order.
    * Employees who spend most of their day looking busy when they are really not doing anything.
    * Toilet paper that unrolls from the bottom, I like it to unroll from the top.
    * A toddler with a running nose and no one ever seems to wipe it.
    * People who forget to flush the toilet.
    * Tall people at concerts.
    * Not rinsing the sink well after brushing your teeth.

  • TLC

    1.People that drive in the left lane of the interstate at a slower speed and just happen to get side by side with another car and block both lanes. Most of the time they are talking on a cell phone, not paying attention.

    2.People that do not use turn signals, especially when I’m waiting on them to make my turn.

    3. People that neglect and abuse animals.

    4. People that cough or sneeze and do not cover their face.

  • Mark the Simpleton

    I thought for sure that you would be annoyed with the improper and, dare I say, egregious use of commas. I’ve heard that you’re quite a grammatical stickler.

  • mmbart

    yes oh simple, one, grammatical ERRORS; annoy me to no end?


  • Eric

    1.) I have to agree with Heidi, the people with the blue tooth ear piece. I don’t like it when people get a class and stop talking to me to take the call.

    2.) This is a weird one, the sound of people eating when I am not…

    3.) People who ask questions during a movie, Like: “Why is she doing that”, “What does that mean?”, “What did she say?”. It is even worse when I have never seen the movie and someone is asking me questions.

    There you have it, some of my pet peeves

  • Eric

    that was 1.) when people get a call, not class. Sorry it is finals week

  • Mom

    Too much time on your hands…I can’t stand coffee slurping

  • Robin Cunningham

    Well, here are my pet peeves, in no particular order!
    1. I agree with Eric. It drives me batty when I can hear someone eat!
    2. People who will pick at the inside of their ears and then “flick” their finger to rid it of the picked item. EEEWWWWW!
    3. forwarded “chain” emails that claim if you don’t forward it to 12 different people something bad will happen to you.
    4. People who do not know the difference between yielding and merging.
    5. Realizing that the public bathroom I just used is out of toilet paper!!! (you laugh, but you know its happened to you).
    6. Grocery carts with one bad wheel or any other non-working part ( I always get them! I walked around WalMart the other day with a cart needing a front end alignment) OR
    7. People who push their carts up on the grass as opposed to putting them in the cart corral. Yes, I am the person who will purposefully go and get your cart in front of you and shake my head.
    8. Allowing a phone cord or hair dryer cord to become hopelessly tangled.
    9. A man who spits! They spit on ground and then you step in it. This is just gross and please don’t do it in front of my child!
    10.People who chew gum and pop it! Drives me nuts to hear someone pop their gum!

  • Kaleb Trail

    I have to say, that I can not stand it when people have their guitar out of tune. I can understand if it is out of tune during a song (new strings, hard playing etc.)
    and you wait until the song is over before you tune it.
    It makes me mad when people do not realize it and I have to actually tell the people “Tune the Guitar.” The worst of the worst is when they say “What?” or “Sounds fine to me” or “close enough” or “nobody can tell”. Which brings me to my second, which is laziness.

    Also, It burns me to no end when people intentionally drive in the “passing lane” at exactly the speed limit or slower.

    One More;
    I hate it when my wife (I love her) doesn’t hear what the actors are saying in the movie and I have to pause it to tell her, or she doesn’t understand the plot, and I have to pause and fill her in on whats happening.

  • MMmike

    yeah…I’m with Robin…people who can’t merge should all have their liscenses revoked for sure!!! Also…I’ve heard that the chick-fil-a in the texarkana mall actually has a perfect running record of no order screw ups…is that right Jonathan??? Also…you may not be a christian if you don’t eat at chick-fil-a…but that was in one of those nasty email forwards. i had to say it or m 5 closest friends would all die…then lets face it…I’m out of a job!!!!


  • Jessica

    Well, Bart, I am definitely with you on the whole movie disturbance thing, but my greatest pet peeve is when folks drive with their hazzards on in a bad downpour. I mean, people have got to realize that it is harder to keep up with a intermittently flashing light in low visibility than a constant steady light!! Drives me absolutely crazy.
    Other than that, just being wasteful. Jotting down a nothing note on a big piece of paper and then ripping off three sheets and throwing it all away kind of thing.


    (Whew! I feel much better airing out my grievances!!) πŸ™‚

  • Jessica

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!
    Now that I’ve read some of the other comments, I will have to agree that I HATE (sorry, Bart, but I really do hate it) when people slow down to merge onto the interstate! Hello!!
    And, I’m sorry if any of you has one, but I hate Nextel radios. Not only do I have to hear this end of the conversation I care nothing about, but I have to hear the other end, too! And usually loudly. And don’t even get me started on the BEEEEP! Grrrrrr….

  • Brenda

    All these responses.. lololol oh my gosh i can relate to many of them… Robin- with the shopping cart ALWAYS !! one wheel always doesn’t work…
    i have a few
    * when people dont use thier turn signal
    * when you get those Christian email saying this is a test
    * when i’m talking to someone face to face and they don’t look at my eyes…then they answer me ..and i’m not done talking…which means they ‘re not listening!!
    Bart, all your stuff …way too funny!!!! πŸ™‚

  • David

    Brilliant…..just brilliant. I’d expect nothing less from a man or your knowledge and capabilities. Just to make sure the point hits home, brilliant.

  • Sammi

    i think everyone used up all the good ones! (BTW, sorry about the bad punctuation!)

    1. i live in tacoma/seattle area so i HATE people who don’t speed up when they are merging onto the highway!!! it’s 60 people!!!
    2. when my 15 yr. old son drinks a rock star, he always slurps it – that drives me crazy & it’s always while we are driving. it makes me want to crash!
    3. driving less than the speed limit, esp. in the fast lane.

    but i don’t have road rage or anything! πŸ™‚

    good post – i feel much better but i think i’ll just stay home tonight.

  • Joshua

    I don’t mind occasional talking on the movies but I hate when it’s someone who’s seen the movie before…”get ready dude, that scary girl is gonna jump out here in a minute and everyone is gonna scream…hilarious!”

    Girl jumps, people scream, my blood pressure goes up…

    I also hate (about myself) grammar and spelling perfectionists…like when you posted a comment about your manger…hmmm, like what Jesus was born in? I didn’t know they could talk on cell phones…

  • mmBart

    what are talking about? He is our manger!

  • stacey

    All your post are really great ones and i agree with you all. Here are some of mine pet peeves.

    I can stand it when you talk to someone and spit starts to form on the sides of there mouth. Gross!

    Or even when my sons don’t flush the toilet. When you go into the public restrooms even worse. Nasty!

    Those people that drive but don’t go the speed limit, then forget to use the turn signal. How about the drivers that go in and out of traffic. I like make up your mind people.

    Ok that was enough to say for now don’t want to go on all night. LOL!

  • PWOC

    My pet peeves are (in no particular order):

    People who smack especially when I am not eating

    People who eat while I am on the phone with them (I usually have to scream when I hang up)

    My husband breathes SO LOUD!!! )I now carry ear plugs in the car so I can plug the ear closest to him and we can still have a conversation)

    People who pass me and then I have to decrease my cruise control

    Kids that run in the church sanctuary and sit on the alters

    People that don’t stand during worship when they are asked to do so

    Maybe I should stop typing and go pray!! πŸ˜‰

  • PWOC

    Mike I beg to differ about the Chic-fil-a in the texarkana mall. About three weeks ago I went in to get a sandwich with no pickle. It was in the middle of the afternoon so I was the only customer they had. All the girls had to do was toast a bun and put a chicken breast on it. I watched her make it and wen she slapped the pickles on I told her that I requested no pickle. She proceeded to remove the pickle and tried to give me the same sandwich. I then informed her that I would be unable to eat the sandwich with the pickle juice on it. She the toasted another bun and tried to put the same chicken breast on it. Once again I told her that there was pickle juice on the chicken too, so I would be unable to eat it. She slammed the whole sandwich in the trash and made me a whole new one FINALLY!! I can’t help that I am just a tad pickey!!

  • Josh Wax

    you have composed a great annoyance list. i too was once a nail biter…i just grew out of it though…no reason. and about your “loud whisperer in the theater” thing, i would like to mention one experience i had at a theater that i think should be added. i went to see The Matrix a couple weeks after it first came out. i was still in highschool…or maybe i just graduated…i don’t remember, but it was while most people were still in school. it was me and two of my friends, and we were the only people in the theater until one lady walked in. the ENTIRE theater is empty and she sits right beside me…RIGHT BESIDE ME…not like two seats over or anything. i thought that was weird, but that’s not the annoying part. she was listening to headphones…loudly…even through the previews…all the way up til right when the movie started. yeah, i got to watch the movie in peace, but c’mon…

  • Jen

    PWOC, this may be the funniest thing I have ever read…

    “My husband breathes SO LOUD!!! )I now carry ear plugs in the car so I can plug the ear closest to him and we can still have a conversation)”

    because I HATE loud breathers, so I totally get what you are saying. I just think it’s funny that you have an earplug for that one ear. That is a true sign of love and compromise. You get the plug so he can keep his life. Nice.

  • MMmike

    PWOC….that was strictly for the benefit of Jonathan…next time you’re @ that particular Chick-Fil-A, look for a guy with a tie and a name tag that says Jonathan, and tell him I said hi and he needs to stop using me for baseball tickets:)


  • new guy

    these are all very cute.
    here are mine:
    1.when i yell at my son like i hate him but really i love him to death and i just can’t seem to accept that he chooses not to listen to what i say. he’s three.
    2.when I am right about something and because the other person doesn’t see the truth i want to break something.
    3.people who break things when they are mad (go figure)
    4.people who like to pretend that their evil sins don’t exist by telling eveyone about thier “not so bad” sins and then laugh about it cause we all do it. hypocrites
    5. people who are fake straight to your face even when you already called them out and their sin is in the open.
    6.basically all liars myself included

  • Nancy

    Drives me nuts when people continue to talk on their phone while they’re trying to order/pay at a fast food counter (or dept. store or convenience store or any other store).

    And it works both ways. I once was in the middle of placing my order at Taco Bell, the person ringing it up stopped punching buttons on the register to answer her cell phone.

    One conversation at a time, please!

  • Heidi

    LOL Jessica — It’s more like a “Ba-Lip” than a “Beep”.


    Heidi R.

  • Heidi

    I have one more…

    People who LURK on blogs but DON’T leave comments.

    Drives Me Nuts!

  • Kaleb Trail

    Here’s another one. People who either never answer their cell phone when you call them, or their phone is never on/dead. Especially when they tell you to call them and even what time and so you do, and they don’t answer…ever.
    You call 5, 10, maybe 100 times and still no answer. I hate that.

  • Todd Branson

    Mike that was Funny !!!!

  • Lisa K

    Bart, What a great and entertaining list. I loved reading through everyone’s pet peeves as well. Too funny!

    I must add my own pet peeves:

    1)People that stop at a yield sign. Hello… Mr. Timid, do you not see the 864 cars lined up behind you? Yeah, sure, I can go 0 – 50 in my super charged Honda Odyssey minivan (sarcasm here) to get on the highway from a DEAD STOP.

    2)People that don’t return phone calls. My husband claims that women truly stink at returning phone calls. I would tend to agree.

    3)My kids that come to me saying that one of their siblings is doing the following to them: (pick one) looking, touching, breathing, bothering, hitting, pinching, kicking, spitting, sitting too close, sitting on top, scratching…. okay, I am out of ing verbs, you get the picture. This just makes me want to duck tape them together. ARR!!

  • Family Jules

    Ok, Bart, you started it so here it goes:

    People need to learn to drink beverages, hot and cold, without gulping! It’s a yucky sound.

    I also hate to be the one who takes the cotton out of the medicine bottles. It gives me the willies.

    Last one. People who sit in the front of church and proceed to eat during the service. I will exclude the Pastor on this one because he’s workin’! Oh, and the worship pastor because, hey, he is usually workin’ too. Usually.

  • Robbie Paisley

    Reading these made me think of another one.

    When you’re drving on the interstate and traffic comes to a complete stop. When you do get moving again its start and stop for the next 5-10 miles. At this point you’re thinking there has to be a wreck or something, but then find out there is nothing. This drives me nuts because it happens almost every day when driving home from work.

    Also, when a police car is parked on the shoulder then people think they should slow to 25-30 mph.

  • Ben

    Well, I have some interesting pet peeves,

    1) I am a total grammar and spelling freak, BUT, I also hate grammar and spelling freaks. Go figure…

    2) People who constantly complain about every little tiny thing that they couldn’t possibly change, “I wish this paper wasn’t so white!”

    3) People who constantly insult themselves so you will counter their insult with a compliment.

    4) Chain emails that say things like: “Forward this on to 20 people if you think you are a good Christian.”
    “If you forward this on to 5 people, a miracle will happen in a day. But if you forward this on to 20 people, a a miracle will happen to you in 5 minutes!” )-(

    5) People who write blogs in “text speak”. It annoys me 2 no end. If u no wat I meen.

    Well, that pretty much exhausts my list of pet pieghves.

  • Pete

    bothers me when people ask, “did you get a hair cut?”…when i had long hair and now i have short hair….apparently, i did…

  • Heidi

    @ Pete: ROFL!!!! Well, did you?

  • Robin Cunningham

    Lisa K..totally agree about the guy who is afraid to enter traffic from the yield. When my son was about 2 years old we were in a turn lane waiting for the guy ahead of us to turn. He was taking forever to turn and traffice was a good 2 miles away. I was getting impatient and not thinking about the fact that my son was in the car, I yelled at the guy in front of me (wonder if he heard me?), “GO, GO GO YOU PINHEAD” and from the back seat I heard Noah say, “GO GO GO YOU PINHEAD”!!!!LOL, I thought I was going to die laughing. Therefore, I have changed my verbage since then to a nice calm, “you are cordially invited to ENTER traffic!”

  • Robin Cunningham

    I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone eat in church! I think that would really bother me too! Obviously it would not bother me if it was a fellowship afterward or something where everyone was eating, but to eat during a service..nope, not feeling it.

    Oh, Oh, another thing that I just simply can’t watch (or hear for that matter) is when someone takes some kind of meat and eats it down to the bone and then sucks on the bone (like wings)…Makes my stomach turn just thinking about it! YUCK!

  • Lisa K

    Robin C– I loved the story about hearing your son, Noah repeat your “Pinhead” comment!! I have a Noah too but I can hear him repeating, “Come on, people. Get off your phone and drive.” He is my built in conscience!! I will definitely have to try out the “cordial invite” line. he he!!

  • Alymc

    I agree with being able to hear someone eating when you’re not.

    Also, when someone thinks it fine to talk and talk and talk when you just woke up 5 minutes ago and haven’t even had your first cup of coffee.

    Finally, I understand certain grammatical/ punctuation errors, but when someone can’t get their to/two/too or your/you’re or their/there right it kinda bugs me.

  • Pete

    yeah, i did get a hair cut…..

  • Sara

    My pet peeves are:
    1. people singing out of tune
    2. people sharing drinks
    3. crazy drivers
    4. plumbers (no offense, just pull up your pants please!)
    Hee Hee!

  • Judy


  • TLC

    Judy, Judy, Judy. Your shouting. If a person is driving slow in the left lane and they are going the same speed as the person in the right lane, wouldn’t both drivers be going slow? SO, if someone passes them they may just want to go the normal speed limit which is their legal right. It is un-christian to falsely accuse someone.
    These responses are suppose to be for fun, not to be mean-hearted. God Bless you and try to just have fun!

  • judy

    sorry, i must have had some left over road rage. I will be more pleasant in the future.

  • The Honey Family

    It really bugs us when we can’t attend a MM concert in over two months!

  • Linda

    Wow. There are lots of pet peeves I didn’t realize I had.

    I’m a stickler for punctuation, spelling and grammar. It bothers me to no end; I think it stems from failing spelling in 7th grade when my spelling book was stolen.

    Truly misspelled words and emails bug me SO much. Spell check works, truly! And most sites where you can post comments now have that squiggly red line telling you the word is wrong. If you just right click on the word, it will give you options. Try it. You’ll make me happier.

    Oh, and I must say something to Judy (yelling aside, of course). In driver’s ed, I was taught that when passing, you may go up to 10 MPH over the speed limit in order to pass, but must resume your speed once you have passed. So, if someone is in the PASSING lane, it would behoove them to actually PASS cars. If they are not passing, then they should be driving to the right. It is not called a driving lane. In Germany, you’d be killed on the Autobahn quite quickly if you don’t stick to that right lane. (by the way, I use cruise control consistently, so I don’t have to worry about the speed limit unless it changes or someone’s going slower)

    My most recent pet peeve? When you are super sweet to the cashiers at stores or restaurants, and you get surly looks and mumbles in return. Maybe I’m in a putrid mood too, but I’m not taking it out on you, so please try and be nice to me. Set an example for my children to see.

  • Kaleb Trail

    What I want to know, is do the wives of MercyMe have any pet peeves about their husbands. My wife claims she has no pet peeves with me.

  • Mandy

    Linda ditto on the spelling. I drive my siblings crazy when I point out their spelling and grammatical errors. I do think that some people either don’t use spell check because think they they don’t need spell check or they don’t feel like using it for whatever reason. The one thing that is bad about me being a spelling/grammar freak is my friends jump on any chance they see to point out *any* little spelling/grammar error I make.

  • Kelly

    I went to a camp when I was 6 and I was a nailbiter back then. The counselor came up to me and told me I really shouldn’t do that. She then proceeded to tell me about all the little worms that crawl around under there. Haven’t done it since! And now that I’m a teacher I have a LOT of fun because I get to pass on that lovely story to all the nailbiters in my class! πŸ™‚

    Oh and my brother’s ex had this thing where she would sneeze 12 times in a row….never any less…and it was a little chipmunk sneeze….so annoying!

    Anyways, as for me: (in no particular order)

    1. People who recite movies as you’re watching them! If I wanted to hear you recite the movie, I wouldn’t have paid $9 for the ticket!

    2. PeOpLe WhO tYpE lIkE tHiS!

    3. That annoying beeping your car does when you leave the keys in and have the door open!

  • Lisa

    Oh, where to begin? There are so many.
    I suppose my top three would be:
    1. People chewing food- especially my family.
    2. Looking over my shoulder while I’m working on the computer. And it can get very dangerous if you chew food and look over my shoulder.
    3. Annoying habits- last school year one of my students would suck his thumb and put his finger up his nose, at the same time. Ew! This year, it’s one who rubs her belly button. Constantly. Argh! So very annoying when trying to teach!

  • Kelly

    I thought of another one….

    I DESPISE people who use the word “PWN” Grammatical errors are not meant to be made into “cool” words!!!! They are meant to be corrected!!!!

  • Brenda E

    1.People who never accept responsibility and blame their mistakes or oversights on others
    2.Slander or gossip
    3.Pride or gloating when someone else was wrong.
    4.Loud car radios… I listen loud sometimes but I mean the boom ba boom 3 blocks away
    5.Snobs and Liberal politicians… Sorry, gotta throw em both in there on #5.

  • Ginny

    1.When people put stickers on their cars that belong on Trapper Keepers.
    2.Gasoline stations that double as eating establishments. It’s just not right. (i.e. Exxon/McDonalds)
    3.DEFINITELY..slow mergers. I live in Dallas and I think the merging process completely baffles these people.

    Wow. Well, I feel better. πŸ™‚

  • Jennifer

    Kids with handheld games drive me crazy!! My kids have them, but they aren’t anti-social. If someone is talking to you, put the game down, pause it if you must, but look at their face!!!

  • Kelly M

    I was in Walmart early one morning picking up a few things. That early they usually only have one register open. There was a man in front of me whose cart was loaded with groceries. I smiled pleasantly as I thought “I wish there was another lane open”. THEN, his wife comes up with ANOTHER full cart and he starts unloading hers onto the conveyer. THEN, she walks off and minutes later comes back with her arms loaded down with more stuff. THEN, he walks off while she stands there and gets more stuff and comes back with his arms loaded down. I wanted to scream, but in the back of my mind I wondered if I was on Candid Camera. I kept my cool on the outside but on the inside I was fuming. “Bless their hearts!”

  • Katie

    Lisa K i got another for you, pokeing. (sorry for all you that hate bad spelling and grammer!)

  • Katie

    Robin Cunningham I hear ya with the bone thing! G-R-O-S-S, gross!

  • Melanie

    Things that bug me:
    My ex-husband used to suck his thumb, he was 28 when I divorced him and he still sucks his thumb at 33.He did it in public too!
    When people don’t listen to me.
    When my husband puts his clothes all over the dresser.
    When people scrape a dish with a fork.
    The sound of crinkling wrappers or people who put their hands in a chip bag and dig around in it.
    When people whine like they are 2 years old…I hungry(but it sounds like “I-e-e-e-e-e- huuuunnngreee…and so on), I tired, I thirsty, I full…my step daughter who is 25 did this the first time I met her and I was so annoyed by the time she left, I could not wait for her to leave.

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