“Dear God…”

“Dear God, please make the Texas Rangers good.


“…. but God, I do like my seats.


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  • Randy

    I have gone to many a Ranger game in my life. Until I moved to Orlando six years ago I lived less than two miles from the new stadium.

    Good or bad, I love the Rangers.

  • Sandi

    let the Rangers play the A’s everyday….then you’ll be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The A’s love losing to TX, grrrrrrr

  • jonathan

    Your prayers have been working in the ast 2 weeks. GO RANGERS!!!

  • Todd Branson

    How many Ranger games do you get to a year, with your busy schedule?
    Baseball is awesome. Go Yankees, Rockies, Brewers

  • Toby

    Uhhhh, go Cubs?? Amen

  • angie

    Oh how cute, that’s the same prayer we pray in KC!

  • Robbie Paisley

    You do have good seats. Awesome!

  • Nathan

    …..first picture your in what looks like the nose bleeds and the next your 2nd row up behind home plate….did someone recognize you? lol

  • Joshua

    Dude, I would totall make fun of the Rangers but I’m from St Louis and can’t say much… of course, the Cards are much better…

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