Workshop Live

This week Barry and I aee in Pittsfield, Ma. working with our friends at What workshoplive does is teach music lessons online. We’ve started the MercyMe workshop so you can all
have your own private guitar lessons with Barry and me!!!


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  • Eric

    Sweet Sign me up!!

  • Christy Sharp

    I will be checking it out for my guys. Thanks!

  • Tim

    Is this gonna cost money?

  • Robbie Paisley


  • Joshua

    Yeah, as if… I checked this out and, well, give me ten more years of playing and I’ll look again and see if I’m good enough…

  • MMmike

    Tim….yes…as does anything on this planet, it does cost money, but if you’re thinking of getting guitar lessons, trust me…you will not find guitar teachers of the caliber that workshop live has in most cities in america. The great thing about WL is the interface where you learn. It has visual learning, audible learning, tab, notation, animated guitars…so many ways to help you understand what you’re playing. It’s truly groundbreaking, and I WISH it would have been around when I was learning. The cost is way cheaper than getting a guitar teacher as you have 24 hour access to these unbelievable teachers for however many days you sign up for. We FULLY endorse this program and are honored that they would want to work with us.
    Josh…i’m pretty sure there are beginner and intermediate lessons on there that you cold lock into…sometimes it just takes a little while to get used to learning from something online like that, but trust me….it works!!!
    We’ve had a great experience working with these guys.


  • Nat

    Thanks, Mike! You guys are the best. We’ve had a ton of fun with you. And as teachers, you’ve definitely kicked us up a notch.

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