Family Dance Night

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  • Nathan

    That was freakin’ awesome! That made my day!

  • boomama

    That made me so stinkin’ happy.

  • Sabrina

    Wonderful! So, so cute! Loved the light saber.

  • PapaRon

    You Guys ROCK!!

  • Christy Sharp

    Break it down! That’s how you roll!!

  • Heidi

    That is BEYOND awesome. Too awesome for words! I LOVED IT! We have dances here DAILY. It’s great!!

  • Farns

    So I know what song was added to view this, but it definitely was not the song that y’all were dancing to, so pony up and tell us what was on the play list.

  • Brenda

    Thats totally cool!!!! my girls love to dance too!!! keep on rocking out— that inspired us to dance more!!!! 🙂 🙂 two thumbs up

  • Fuschia

    Holy cow, that was AWESOME!!!
    But what’s up with not respecting Mama’s wishes?!


  • Nancy

    Love the happy family doing the happy dance. The break-dancing-baby-on-his-head step was my fav!

  • Pete

    so great. i live alone, but i guess ill have to have a dance night anyway…..great video.

  • trish


    Are you dancing “The Carlton”?

    That video was 10 tons of awesome! Thanks for making my day!


  • wes amick


    Trish, I think that was the re-run dance wasn’t it?

  • tam


    your kids have skillz.

    must have gotten those from mama


  • Kristie

    Thanks for making my day – that was the greatest – We do all kinds of crazy stuff like that at my house – I’m so glad to know we’re not alone… :)!!

  • Shanda


  • Robbie Paisley

    That was so awesome!

    We are always goofing around like this at our house. Hey, its fun to be silly sometimes.

    Wes, I was thinking the same thing Bart has lost a lot of weight.

    Keep on dancing that was great!

  • TLC

    So much love & fun! Ya’ll are so blessed. This will be wonderful childhood memories for your kids. Don’t be so bashful Mama, we want to see you too! I believe Bart IS shrinking!

  • Katherine

    That is hillarious-I LOVED it!! I think I did see “The Carlton” in there!! What fun and great memories you are creating-that is how life should be lived-dancing away!! 🙂 I always love coming over here, because even if I am having a bad day, I know I can always get a good hearty laugh and be cheered up!!

    Thanks for sharing dance night with us!! 🙂

  • Martha Jane

    LOVED IT!!! Thanks for making me laugh hysterically and having others think I was crazy…this has made my day!!

  • Heather

    What a sweet family you have, your kiddos are such cutie pies.

  • jonathan

    AWESOME!!!!! I really enjoyed this one.

    I do request to see one of these from the Scheuchzer’s household within the week!!!!

  • Linda Sue

    Smoooothhh moves indeed – came to your blog via BooMaMa and you do have some mad dancing skillz. BTW your lovely wife wears more clothing as pajamas than most of the girls we saw at the grocery store today wear — well wear to the grocery store! Good for y’all – if you can’t be silly with the ones you love – what’s the good of being in love?

  • Lisa

    That’s awesome!!

  • Barb

    That was fantastic. I watched it twice…what a fun family..
    Thank you…Brody’s Mom

  • PapaRon

    Yeah Scheuchzers with hats on their heads!

  • tam

    ok. needed a laugh. just watched it again.


  • Ashleigh (Heart and Home)

    That break dancing baby looks like he’s doing his best Moe impersonation–he doesn’t happen to be a Doodlebops kiddo, does he? I recognize that EXACT move. It happens a zillion times a day around here. Cracking up here!

  • Pam

    Love is what it is all about! Thanks for making it fun too! What great memories you two are making for your kids. Keep on dancing (and singing)!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christy

    Words cannot express the delight of watching that video. I laughed and I smiled through the whole video. It made my day.

  • jenn

    I just found y’alls blog tonight and I love it. We need to start a family dance night because I could not stop smiling while watching the video.

    Loved the move your little guy was making (almost hand stand thing). Our 19 month old started doing that this week.

    Fun blog.

  • kristina

    Ah yeah! Dance it out!
    What smooth moves! 🙂

  • Janera

    I smiled and nodded in my office chair and remembered my own daddy dancing with us to Conway Twitty tunes.

    But, hey, this works, too. 😉

    Love it!

  • Dena

    That was quite possibly the best youtube video I have ever seen! Thank you, I am grinning from ear to ear and the day’s frustrations just vanished. 🙂 My daddy could do the coolest shimmy you’ve ever seen and this brought back the best memories.


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