To Grill or Not to Grill….

Well, if there were two things in my life that I really wanted when I grew up, got married and owned my first house, it was a nice new Grill and a new Riding Lawn Mower. Well, when I did get my first house, the yard was so small I wouldn’t have been able to even turn a riding lawn mower around in it. But I did go by my first big gas grill. $119 at HOME DEPOT. It wasn’t extravagant, but it was gas or charcoal. Well now after 5 years, I have a new house with a bigger yard and riding lawn mower, but my grill has pooped out.

My question to all of you is…. Do I scrap the grill and all the memories attached to it or do I try and fix it? I think I can buy a replacement burner for like $15, but then it might not fit and I might not be smart enough to figure out how to do it. If I decide to buy a new one I know what I want. Its the new Char-Broil Red. Wow, its like the corvette of Grills. It can use propane or convert to natural gas. And to top it all off its Red. Would match the way my wife decorates nicely.

So please weigh in with your thoughts, comments, ideas or otherwise snide remarks and let me know what your thinking. Thanks… and have nice Spring day.


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  • adam

    I say go with the new one. Grills these days have all sorts of cool bells and whistles that would make it totally worth it.

  • Joshua

    Well, I understand that you have memories attached to it but…dude, it’s just a grill, you know? The memories aren’t going away just because you get rid of the grill.

  • Brenda

    get a new one!!! keep the memories….you’ll always have the memories…

  • Jess

    Go for the Charbroil Red… it sounds awesome and hey, if it matches your sweetie’s decor… how much better could it get? 🙂


  • Donna

    one word for you WEBER!!!! they will last ALOT longer than the others. they are availble in red, but your could go for the Rolls Royce of Grills the Weber Summit 650 for natural gas. you will be the envy of all men. you will need natural gas for this bad boy. it is HUGE!!! my man can cook some food on there and i don’t have to mess up the kitchen.

  • Eric

    You know, it is always fun fixing your oil grill but if it is time to get a new one than go for it.

  • mmBart

    Man this is a tough one, but my vote is…new car. You’ll forget you even had a grill. By the way, you called it the “corvette of all grills.” Do you think there are cars out there that are the “char-broil of all cars?” hmmmmmm.

  • Lisa

    I say if you might mess up the repair(which will just frustrate you), you can afford to get a new one, and your wife doesn’t mind. Go for the new one =o)

  • Lisa

    Go get the new one. You can make some more memories with it.

  • Robbie Paisley

    Get a new one. I can tell you from experience that replacement parts are never the same. In the end its always better to just replace the grill, that’s what we did. Take a picture of the old one so when your feeling sentimental and thinking about your grill memories you’ll have a picture to remind you of it.

  • lbee from the Honey Family

    Go for the new grill Robby…got one for myself a birthday or two ago…nothing like brats and dogs at one temp and burgers at another…be careful so as to not torch to mohawk though! Have fun…gotta go…Olivia is was wrestling with Ruth and Naomi and is screeming bloody murder…oh wait, now she’s laughing…anyway…buy the new grill, enter the Open Pit Classic and show em how it’s done!


  • Heidi

    Get the new one. Ditch the old one. Enjoy your food.

  • Christy Sharp

    They are a dime a dozen now. I looked at Lowe’s the other day and so I say buy a new one. I love the new ones with storage and side burners. You have to let us know what you got now.

  • Pete

    it’s like storing pictures on a cd, you can only put so many memories onto a cd before you need a new one to store the rest….i say get a new one….

  • Emma

    Get the new one and make new memories. 🙂

  • Danielle

    I just fixed my old one. Home Depot has replacement parts, and they’re pretty easy to install. You’re grill probably needs to be cleaned up anyway. It’s a good weekend project, that would actually only take about an hour. Then you can use the money you saved to go buy big fat juicy steaks to cook on it, without ruining them because you’re getting accustomed to a new grill. Keep life simple. 🙂

  • Lisa

    Okay… I must share this info. Go check out this website: This grill is called a Traeger grill and it works alot like a convection oven. It uses real wood pellets (small pieces of wood) as a fuel source. You can grill, slow cook, smoke, cook biscuits, grill pizza, you name it. It’s an awesome grill. I have gone through 4 gas grills and this Traeger grill is the absolute best grill. Food tastes sooo much better. Go check it out.

  • Todd Branson

    Lisa knows what she is talking about, but I ditched the gas grill for a Weber charcoal grill. Trust me your food will taste so much better because of the more even heat. Also marinate your steaks for 2-3 days in whatever marinate you love. Mine is a combination of A-1, Lawrys Steak sauce, 2 tspns of sugar, clove garlic, worchester sauce, and whatever else gets the palet. This is Todd and this has been brought to you buy the good people of North Metro Church, Thornton Co. You guys hungry yet?

  • tam

    have a proper burial and get anew one! make new memories!

  • Wes

    Tell you what you SHOULDN’T get… is a Jeep grill. They’re neat looking, but they don’t last long at all. May as well go for the Red model, but i would keep the old one stored away. You know, take it out once in a while, pet it, have coffee together, catch up on old times…

  • alan


    My recommendation would be to just ditch the gas and go charcoal. Better taste and no worries about fittings, hoses, and all that mess. I’ve owned the same charcoal Brinkman Smoker/Grill for 8 years and it’s outstanding. I’ve grilled and smoked just about everything you can think of on it except ham. I’ve even thrown vegetables out on it.

    I use it very frequently and it’s still got several years of good grilling and smoking left in it. More importantly, I haven’t had to worry about replacing anything on it.

  • Kim Berly

    New grill And, I will expect some tasty burgers from it next time I visit. Is it Cardinal red? 🙂

  • Robin Cunningham

    I would say go with the Char-Broil, but I am a little bias because Char-broil was founded and is still headquartered in Columbus Georgia, which is where I grew up. I have NEVER EVER had any other grill besides a Char-broil. I can remember my dad going to their “warehouse” off of the Bealewood Connector and getting his grill. I have since moved up in models, from my first really small one, to my second hand one that I got at the Columbus Junior League attic sale that was gas, that I was so afraid to use the gas in that I made my husband convert it to charcoil ( I have a fear of explosion and don’t ask why), to a smoker, and then about a year ago, the then Corvette stainless steel Charbroil grill that I had to break down and go to the blue store to purchase (Lowes). My husband is a Tony Stewart fan so we only shop at the Orange Store!! It has the electric ignition and the side burner (that I think I have used twice). And we use our grill at least once a week! Come rain, sleet, snow and hail, we use our grill. Anyway, I speak from a long line of Charbroil owners and they are the best,well worth the money…GOOD LUCK.

  • Spencer

    Nice. An infrared cook top. I picked up a Blue Ember grill and learned to cook open flame with that. I wonder how the IR grill will cook.

  • Josiah

    Ok, here’s what ya need to do. Call your boys up at the record label and have them get Char-Broil to sponsor the next run of shows. I think there might be a few super duper IR grills in your future. You know…one for the house…and a few for the tour!


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