Golf…what a relaxing way to spend the day. Ben came with me to be my caddy….or was he there to make sand angels in the sandtraps…can’t remember…


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  • Christy Sharp

    That is too cute

  • Heidi

    He is the angel. What a handsome little guy!

    Not to salt the wound, but how’s it going with finding the stolen stuff?

  • Robbie Paisley

    He looks so sweet!

  • Eric

    Oh to be a kid again… life was so simple and everything to did was cute

  • Eric

    That was everything YOU did was cute… sorry

  • Brenda

    aaawww he’s cute !!! Hope you both had fun!!!

  • MMmike

    I believe Jim and Misti are still filing through old receipts and such to give to their insurance company…even for things like sunglasses and stuff that were in the car….I think I need to clean out my car more often…i’ve got stuff in there that there hasn’t been a receipt for in years!

  • Lisa

    He looks like he’s having fun. Since I’m a freak about a clean car and my cd player is broken, the car and my reusable shopping bags are all a thief could aquire from my car.

  • Olivia Louise Bowron

    Look out MMBen…I’ve got my eye on you! I like you too!

    Livi Lou!

  • xxFell-2-Hardxx

    Ha, that is way to cute!! I wish I could do still do that. Hope you guys had fun golfing. xp

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