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  • Todd Branson

    Can your wife talk to my wife-My wife won’t let me grow a beard. Something about whiskers poking her when I kiss her.
    She also let’s me know if I want to kiss her, I better not have facial hair. Is this too much info, am I rambling? Bart, you have a rosey glow and a pinkish hue(something taken from Seinfeld)Have a great time off. Bart and keep taping so we can see the beard grow. Not like I have anything else to do than to watch your beard grow. Laugh

  • Nathan


    Although it does remind me of the old days, when you had no hair at all!

  • Mark the Simpleton

    Bart, you are one dashing fellow. (And I say this with no shame.) The only problem with beard re-growth is when the sides of the mustache start irritating the corners of the mouth. That has always made me nuts.
    Have fun camping with Sam…

  • Robbie Paisley

    You look handsome either way. Just curious, does your wife prefer you with or without a beard.

    My hubby has a mustache but I wish my hubby would grow a beard. He did once and I loved it on him. He says it was too much trouble to keep it trimmed and shaped, so he shaved it off.

  • Tom Lister

    I know that feeling of regret. It is that momentary thought of maybe I can undo this… Then nope!! Guess you gotta live with it!

    Maybe you should run a poll or something and see what variation of the beard we would like to see you grow. A goatee maybe? A fumanchu?? Some massive burns? Soul patch??

    Would be fun! (As long as it is not me being the experiment! LOL)

    God bless,

  • Sandi

    I like it. It’s all about the no facial hair on men for me, ha! Makes ya look younger too (not that you looked old before, 🙂 hehe).

  • Emma

    Um… grow it back.


  • Heidi

    No one will recognize you in public. You could make that a completely fun thing. Ha! The possibilities that exist!

    Todd: I have to tell you that you walked right into it this time. I hope you don’t mind being picked on a little. I take it you can handle it. Anyway, you said “not like I have anything else to do than watch your beard grow” and I immediately laughed my rearend off because the FIRST thought that came to my mind is “no, that’s right, Todd, you have to go golfing which is way better than watching Bart’s facial hair grow”. ROFL! Then my 2nd thought was “I’d rather watch his beard grow”. Ok – done busting your chops. Thanks for playing along. XO!!

  • mmBart

    wow I have never so many lengthy replies. Trust me when I say, I am growing it back starting right now.

  • Brenda

    Wait Bart here’s another reply……. good choice on deciding to grow it back… i had to watch the video twice… then i had no words…. you look completly (sp?) different wow!! and very young. My hubby has had a mustache for over twenty years. I wont let him shave it….just because.But yes it does grow back quickly so….. Have a Happy MAY , relax , dont do anything, (except your honey do list) LOL and grow your beard back 🙂 Blessings

  • Todd Branson

    Hey guys, I also like Nascar and the driver turning left all the time. When I was in England I did watch Cricket and Snooker matches. Now watching Bart’s beard grow, I guess you can call that another sport.
    B Thank you for your support. As 4 you Heidi-I’m crying on the outside but laughing on the inside-just kidding-u got a great sense of humor.

  • Jason T in G-town

    Wow, a haircut…..I remember those days. Now my face is the only place I can grow the hair…get’n so old. Anyway, have a great time off. After all these years, you guys are still awesome! Keep looking up!

    God’s Blessings,

  • Katie Williams

    … Why Bart? Why?

  • Sara

    At least it is better than watching grass grow…no sunburns!

  • MMmike

    Steven?!?!?! is that you????

  • Daniel Crowe

    now you can’t do all the great things that a beard/mustache let you do… store food for later!


  • Kim Berly

    Bring the beard back!

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