Even Backup Singers Need Hymnals

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  • Robbie Paisley

    I love hymnals, they bring back a lot of good memories for me as well. By the way that sounded great!

  • Todd Branson

    Bart, So I am going to take for granted when we, your fans, come to your concert, you will pass them out because even your fans need hymnals-laugh! He sounds good and can’t wait for the new CD. God bless you Bart. Enjoy the time with your family, you and the band deserve it and see you June 14th in Denver.

  • Heidi

    He sounds fantastic! It’s going to be a great album!

  • Darrell Snyder

    hello Everyone
    our church has just split from our main body due to changes in how the main body has chosen to conduct its self as we move into this new age. as of now our church has around 60 members who followed our pastor to a new location. we are now Kingdom Community Church in Struthers Ohio. a nonevengelical church, our problem is we are on our own pretty much, we are renting a building until we find one our congragation can afford. what we need are hymnals we need about 100 to start with is their anywhere you can recomend that we might find some for little or nothing, new or used it matters not.

    if you can help, my number is 330-953-1272
    and the pastors number is

    Kingdom Community Church
    Email: kingdomcommunitychurch@ymail.com
    586 youngstown-poland road.
    struthers ohio 44471

    Pastor Rusty and Linda Wills
    Thank You and God Bless

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