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  • Heidi

    The dude with the mic looked so unenthused it’s not even funny. You guys are rotten stinkers!

    Enjoy reuniting w/your family. You were all in my prayers. Happy May!!

  • Jen

    Out of control!

    2 things:

    1. Have fun with your families.
    2. I dig the new stuff you’ve added to the site.

  • Robbie Paisley

    I’ll be seeing this in my mind every time I hear one of you doing a radio announcement on the radio. I know you all get inundated with requests to do interviews, annoucements, pictures and all so, its good to see that you can have some fun at the same time.

    Glad to hear you will have some time off now. I know your families will be happy to have the time with you. God bless!

  • Emma


  • Todd Branson

    I will hug him and pet him and love him. Mike, tell me about the rabbit. Mike, way to stick it to Bart and not mess up———-You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great week, guys.

  • Katherine

    Funny stuff…as usual. I have loved all of your videos and insights into the band-it made the concert last night all the better knowing what I know now! 😉 Come Worship TX was awesome-great day, enjoyed you guys, was blessed by the time of worship, and wish blessings on you all as you get to spend time with your families!!

  • Katie

    Nice, Dude.

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