Happy Hunting

Hey Everyone,

Well this is going to be a bit of a different type of blog than you’re used to. On Monday the 14th of April I surprised my wife by taking her to a concert. That concert was Bon Jovi with Chris Daughtry opening. I know… Bon Jovi. Hey it was free.

Chris got several of us tickets and passes to the show. It was a great night for my wife and me to have a little time by ourselves. We’d gone shopping for clothes for the boys that day. They’ve outgrown pretty much everything. We had lunch with a photographer friend of mine and had a little time to enjoy the day. After the concert we went out to the parking lot and couldn’t find our car. I looked on the ground where I thought it had been and saw some glass from a broken window. I looked at the car next to me and realized that their passenger side window was broken out. Then it hit me. Our car had been STOLEN!

Needless to say all the fun memories of that day just fizzled away. Here’s the kicker though. We had two Mac laptops, my camera bag with all my gear and extra lenses, an iPod, a GPS unit, a video camera, two car seats, all the clothes I told you about and numerous other items. Unfortunately I had also put my wallet in the console along with my keys. Now why in the world would I do that you say? (I ask myself that everyday now. Lesson learned. I guess you never think you’ll be the one that someone commits a crime against.) Our car had a keypad on the outside of it so I didn’t need the keys to get in. I left my wallet because I didn’t want to sit on it the entire show. Luckily I’d taken one credit card and my license out of it in case we wanted to buy some food or a souvenir.

We’ve had to close our bank accounts, credit cards, change all of our automatic billing, run credit checks to see if they’re trying to open accounts under our name, change all the locks on our entire house, put in an alarm system, rent a car, deal with car insurance, homeowner’s insurance and police reports. In addition we’re having to prove we owned everything in the car by getting receipts, manuals, serial numbers etc. I’d actually had all of that listed but it was in my laptop. Why didn’t I make a backup you say? Well I did and it was on my wife’s laptop. This is the first time I can ever remember that she’s had her laptop out of the house. She brought it for some addresses to mail some bills while we were on the way to Dallas. So I guess you kind of get the picture of how ironic this is.

The police haven’t had any luck as of yet. So this is where you all come in. I’m asking anyone in the Dallas area (and I know there are a ton of fans here) to help me find my car. The car is a 2003 Eddie Bauer Ford Expedition. It’s Hunter green with gold trim all the way around the bottom of the vehicle. The license plate number is: 782-GFF. They are Texas plates. Write this down and keep it on your visor or another place in your car. Another distinguishing mark is a bug guard on the front edge of the hood. If you see the car don’t try and intervene. Instead call 911 and explain the situation. Follow at a safe distance if possible.

Now here’s the payback for you all. If someone helps to locate my car then I will give you 10 tickets plus meet and greet passes to meet the entire band for whichever show in the U.S. that you want to attend. Now unfortunately I can’t provide transportation. I will also invite you and 9 of your closest friends or family to a cookout at my house in the Dallas area. Needless to say you will be catered to. I’ll also have gift packs for everyone.

The last known whereabouts were at a 7-11 store at 2990 Lombardy Lane in Dallas. They attempted to use one of my credit cards about 30 minutes after they stole it. Based on that they were heading north on I-35 and then just east of that.

I know this sounds crazy but it just might work. You never know who might stumble across it. I’ve seen God do crazier things with MercyMe before.

We’re praying and trusting God knows what’s best for us. If he allows us to get our car and items back then all praise to him. If not, then still all praise to him. It looks bad until you think what could have happened had we walked up to the car as they were breaking in it. Who knows if they had a weapon. So from that viewpoint I’m very grateful that it was just material things that they took.

Thanks to everyone for their help and support. Good hunting.


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  • Robbie Paisley

    I don’t live in Dallas but if I did I would do my best to help you. I know how you feel although I have never had my car stolen we were the victims of a home burglary several years ago. Like you, we were glad that we were not home at the time because who knows what they would have done, because they beat my dog with a wire hanger and locked her in one of the bedrooms. We were more upset with how they had treated our dog than the things they took because she had whelps all over her.

    I’ll be praying for you and hope they find you car as well as the other things. I’ll also keep an eye out here in Tennessee because you never know they may have left the Dallas area.

  • Sandi

    wow, that is horrible! I’m really sorry. I don’t live in TX so I probably won’t see it…but hey, just in case they decide to take a road trip across the states to CA….I will keep my open here! 🙂

  • Heidi

    Not in TX either, but that’s an awesome incentive! I’m sure your fans in TX would help you w/out a prize. Anyway, that is very nice of you.

    Good luck!!

  • Hannah

    Hey Jim,
    (I’m Barry’s friend Hannah from GMA week) I unfortunately am nowhere near Texas so I doubt I can help you find your car but I will be praying for you and your wife and kids that God will help you guys recover your stuff! Don’t be too discouraged. God will take care of you guys!!!

  • Sara

    Hey! I am a Texas fan in the Dallas area and will be more than happy to help you look gor your car!
    Good Luck!

  • Spencer Pablo

    I am so sorry to hear that–good luck. I’ll keep an eye out here in the west.

  • Brenda

    So sorry to hear that… hope someone finds it… Good Luck ….prayers!

  • Suzanne

    I live in the Dallas area – Plano, actually. I work in Dallas. I can keep an eye out, but I hate to tell you… criminals here are pretty slick. They probably already have that ride on the way to Mexico! But anything is possible! I am probably totally awful, but I feel almost worse for the computer equipment! I would be devastated if my Mac got stolen. I do backup, though. Time Machine is a beauty! Good luck – I hope you find it.

  • Just A Passer By

    I’ll be praying hard for you Jim, seriously. Jeez, I wish I lived in Dallas to keep my eye out. I want nothing more but for you guys to get your car/stuff back and a little wish that I would recieve that rad little prize you got there. Hey, do you got a prize for hardest prayer? J/K. Well all luck to ya and hopefully the theif will be extremely convicted.

  • Emma

    Well, I’m not anywhere near Dallas but I’ll keep an eyeball out for your car just the same. I’m praying for ya, buddy.

  • Patrick

    I’m in Kentucky, but i’ll be praying for you guys. I’m surprised you can’t hack into the gps system that u had in the car and locate it like that.

  • Katherine

    Wow, that is totally not cool…I am in the Dallas area and will definitely keep my eye open. Maybe they will be stupid enough to drive it around town so someone here can spot it!! I hope so, because I know how rough this can be. Blessings~

  • TLC

    Maybe you could track it with your GPS or if the laptops have a wireless connection, maybe it could be tracked with that. Sometimes repo companies can find cars that are very hard to find. I’m 100 miles east of Dallas but will keep my eyes open and watch in this area. Good Luck1

  • Alastair

    Man that sucks. Hope you get results soon!

  • Lisa

    That’s horrible! I’m so sorry your day with your wife ended on such a bad note. I’ll be praying for your family.
    On another note, the video of you scaring Wally (at the GMA awards) is priceless! So funny. He was talking about it on his show tonight.

  • Indigo

    I know what that’s like… My family’s suburban got stolen. Ironically, it was stolen from the repair shop, where we had brought it because it wasn’t running right. How they got it running well enough to drive off with, I don’t know. There wasn’t anything of particularly high monetary value in it, but there was loads of cassette tapes (the car had no CD player, so yeah) which we were quite sad to lose.
    But the worst thing, is how it makes you feel so… violated. And then, yes, the thought of, what if it was at home when it was stolen? …It’s very frightening. But God protected us, and He protected you and your family, too. He will work it out for His glory, and for your good.

    Anyway. I wish you good luck in finding it, and I’ll remember you in my prayers.

  • The Honey Family

    Hi Jim!

    Any luck finding your car? Just wanted to say that we were very excited at the prospect of winning a chance to come to your house for a BBQ with 9 of our closest friends (which would just be our children). We’re so excited, infact, that we just decided to buy you a new expedition, just so we can hang out with you and your family! Maybe honey sales will allow this month!

  • Char

    My sis lives in that area, so I’ll link this post to her. Not only to help you, but the reward is “SWEET” and would be the dream of a lifetime!!

    So I’ll look forward to that cookout!! 😉

  • Hilary

    What was the outcome of the car theft?

  • Matt Myers


    I am amazed everytime I hear about you and the group. It still blows my mind that many, many years ago. I sat between you and Brian in youth choir. How nice you and your family were to a new short kid who really had no clue. Looking foreward to seeing your concert in Cedar Rapids, IA in April

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