A Conversation With Aaron Shust


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  • adam

    I love it when Bart just walks away

  • daniel crowe

    amazing bart.

    glad to see all those video intern skills paying off 😛

  • Spencer Pablo

    Wow–that’s funny. It’s as if the camcorder is built into your hand now, we get all these great video updates.

  • Katherine

    That is hillarious-it even caused me to snort 😉 Gotta love it-hope you guys are having a great week! It sure looks like it…

  • Heidi

    I Am So Confused

  • Robbie Paisley

    I’m still laughing about the part where Bart ate something and then drank the juice and made the face. I keep replaying that part over and over its hilarious. Honestly, Bart would make an awesome comedian.

  • Christy Sharp

    OK, all I can say is that you have all been up WAY TOO MUCH. Your dilusional now. LOLOLOLOL and FUNNY!!!

  • Nathan

    You guys are awesome!!! Anyone else notice how when Bart comes in and then leaves again Nathan is just gone…? I thought that was hilarious!

  • boomama

    The orange juice was killer.


  • Lisa

    I found your hilarious blog through Jenny Simmons and the band Addison Road. Ryan Simmons is my husbdand’s counsin.

    I think it’s official… Bart, you are a hoot and goofball!! What is the world did you eat and then gag back up?? I thought we might see OJ sprouting out your nose!

    Love to hear all about Mercy Me. Ya’ll rock!

  • Lisa

    Okay, just to set the record straight…. I CAN spell.

    here is a quick translation”

    “husbdand” = husband
    “counsin” = cousin
    “Bart” = goofball, prankster,joker

    that’s all…

  • stacey

    Just so funny!! I like it when Bart is there and leaves then Nate appears. Then with the orange juice that was great. God Bless.

  • Todd Branson

    I’m Mike Wallace, I’m Morley Safor, I’m Steve Kroft and I’m Bart Millard, these stories and Andy Rooney on 60 minutes.
    Does that sound good, Bart?

  • Shust

    hilarious. i’m glad my boring, the face you made before you walked away is my favorite part. Thanks for handing me the Kleenex, Jim.

  • Shust

    yeah, that comment didn’t make any sense. I just got home from nash.
    i meant to say i’m glad my boring speech made your schtick funnier.

    Nathan, you crack me up. hope you all made it back safe

  • MMmike

    everybody say thanks to Aaron for playing along…..


  • Heidi


    Ok – now I’m not so confused. Ha ha! Ok. Off to get my coffee. Bye.

  • Robbie Paisley

    Thanks Aaron!

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