Sneaky Sneaky

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  • Rachel

    Clever. Very clever. I wonder if it really works…

  • Robbie Paisley

    That’s a great way to catch a break. Sneak on!

  • Jessica

    I’ll never hear your ‘plug’ on my local station the same again. 🙂

  • Christy

    Hey guys. I have been gone on an Emmaus Walk since Thursday. They are awesome if you haven’t been. I did blog about it. I just came by to check on you. YOU are all hillarious. I have cracked up while catching up. Hope your having a blast at the GMA’s. Happy snoozing.

  • Todd Branson

    I would say you have to much time on your hands, but with the way you tour, that would be a misstatement. You guys deserve it, take a break. Seriously, you guys should take it on the road because you guys are funny and you make me laugh.

  • Heidi

    Off topic (even though that was chuckle worthy for sure):
    Shout out to the radio DJ on WAY FM in south Florida who checks out this blog. Ha! I’m a listener and I live on the Treasure Coast.

    Ok – back to Mercy Me.

    He he. You guys are so funny!


  • Heidi

    Oh, hey, wait. That was sort of sneaky of me too, wasn’t it?


  • Nathan

    You guys are too funny!!! If I even walk by a room with a closed door and here 1..2..3… Im going to laugh!

  • Emma

    That. Is. Brilliant.

    Nap on, my friends, nap on!!

  • Brenda

    Well there you go…. nap while you can!!! very smart!!

  • Leon

    guys.. i DARE you to put a tractor trailer on your blog!

    greetings from Holland,

    Leon van Steensel

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