Learning To Pose At GMA

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  • Clare

    ah you guys are funny!!
    The one thing that made me laugh most though was the fact that the hand signal you guys were making, that’s a total no-no gesture here in the UK!! Shocking!! Haha, just kidding, I know you don’t know any better lol.
    Keep making me laugh!!

  • Heidi

    Clare: Like “the middle finger” here? Too funny!! Guess people here are give each other the “no-no gesture” all the time then. Hysterical!


  • MMmike

    guess Toby’s not gonna go over to big in jolly old england…he does that in like every picture he takes…no-no Toby….no-no

  • Brenda

    Too funny !!! but its pretty cool that we all get to see little blurps of MM and other artists …… Thanks God Bless

  • Paula

    For some reason it’s considered a little worse than the middle finger over here. If you do that to someone, you’re likely to be given ‘the bird’ in response. 🙂

  • Robbie Paisley

    Keep at it Bart you’ll get the hang of it soon. Then you can write a rap song and show us all your moves the next time we see you in concert.

  • Todd Branson

    Work with Toby, Bart—–When you come to Denver in June–let’s see some dance moves———-Shake it Bart!!!!!!!!!
    Ricky Martin tried to help George W. Bush. Get some pointers from Toby.

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