Julia Roberts!

So we are performing at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs for a conference, and who is checking in right next to me?

Julia Roberts!

I was too scared to say anything. So I will say it now.

“Hey Julia, I know you probably read our blog, so I just wanted to say wassup. Sorry I did not say hello at the hotel, but I did not want people to know that MercyMe was there…it probably would have started a riot. You understand. Say hi to Richard Gere for me.”


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  • Robbie Paisley

    That’s too cool!

  • Heidi

    You are SUCH a nerd! ROFL!!

  • Jen

    That’s awesome.

    How’d you get a picture? Stealth like?

  • Emma

    Don’t worry Bart. I wouldn’t have been able to say anything, either. Or I would have started a sentence and choked on my tonsils.

  • TLC

    Now you know how we would feel if we got to meet MM. I think you just had to say something, because that looks like a pose if I ever did see one.

  • Brenda

    Wow!! Julia Roberts way too cool… I’m with Jen …how ‘d ya get the picture?? I think i wouldnt know what to say—

  • Jess

    Where’s Flat Stanley when you need him most?!? 🙂
    Oh, well. I’m sure you’re right in saying it would’ve just caused a riot anyway.


  • alan

    Do you think if you would have said something Bart, the conversation would have been something similar to this?

  • Barbula

    Well I will say this, I was at the Broadmoor last night for prom. I was waiting for my date to get out of the bathroom, and apparently was sitting next to Danny her husband. Julia Roberts shortly after walked out of the bathroom. My prom date washed hands with her and didn’t relize.

  • Spencer Pablo

    That’s so weird. I was just chatting with her and she was like, “I think that was Bart Millard checking in next to me at the hotel. I couldn’t get a word out. I was all nervous.”

  • Broadmoor

    that’s a stock photo….Bart didn’t take it.

  • Sandee

    Julia was in Colorado Springs for a friends wedding. But I have to tell you, I would have gone gaga to see Mercyme there. LOL

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