Bad Allergies

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  • Jeanne Rivers

    Can sympathize with you on the allergy problems. This Texas air is driving me crazy. I hope you get feeling better.
    Wish I could see y’all in Alvarado next weekend.

    Keep up the good work!!!!!!

  • Nathan

    That was freaking hilarious….hope ya get better!

  • Clare

    Bart, that’s simultaneously disgusting and really funny!! Especially since I didn’t see what was happening at first and just thought you were being gross!!

  • Brenda

    That was too funny ….!!!!!!! My hubby had real bad allergies too poor thing Take Care of yourself… 🙁 but that WAS very funny!!!

  • Heidi

    Stinking hysterical

    Icky too

    Why do I laugh at these things

    Your fellow allergy sufferer

  • Sassiekiwi

    Okay … sorry about the allergies but that is the most hilarious thing I have seen in ages!

  • Tim

    That’s awesome. You should use Claritin D.

  • stacey

    That was just gross and funny at the same time. I hear you on allergies and in two weeks i will be getting allergy shots. I can’t take any other medication for my allergies. So lets pray for all the allergy suffers. God bless and hope you feel better.

  • Nancy

    You are absolutley hilarlious! My husband takes allergy shots so I can keep my cat. And, believe it or not, the cat has pollen allergies. Isn’t that crazy?!

  • Sabrina

    My 5 yo son cracked up watching this. He loved it. We can all relate with the allergies as it’s hit our family hard this year. He’s very impressed that you’re the guy that sings Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God All-My-Way. He has hearing loss so some words get a little jumbled to him on the radio. He doesn’t catch all the words, but he loves ya’ll. Hope your allergies clear up very soon!

  • Emma

    I actually snorted water through my nose.

    Hilarious, my friend.

  • Robbie Paisley

    Mighty Morphin Bart!!!

    Too funny, I’ll see you guts tomorrow night.

  • Dan F.

    One word, dude… Claritin. Seriously, Claritin is your friend.


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