This Is What Happens…

This is what happens when I go on the road….complete bedlam and mayhem. Actually, Abby’s a little more willing to let the kids have fun in a mess than I am…I freak out and chase them with wipes everywhere we go.


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  • Heidi

    I TOTALLY love this picture. Ha ha!! Now have them roll all over the carpet!! Yeah, fun times kids!!


  • Jen

    What a great picture for blackmail in the future…

  • stacey

    Great picture really cute kids. That is just priceless and by the way what did the ring around the bathtub look like with all the pretty colors. Looks like fun bless there hearts.

  • jonathan

    I have seen this before, but you can never see this one enough. AWESOME

  • Robbie Paisley

    I understand about the wipes as I am the same way. But, its times like this that you have to remember how much fun making a mess was when we were kids. They grow up so fast so its great to have moments like this.

  • Brenda

    Oh my goodness… i understand about wipes too and i ;m a mother of two…its all cute and fun and sweet and THEn ITS time for the CLEAN UP … every now and then sure … my kids never did that LOL…they did markers on themselves…LOL enjoy it cause it doesnt last….

  • crumbsonmyfloor

    I am speechless…..looks like fun though.

    Take care,

  • Jason Bean

    Whoa! Not sure if I could handle that. I don’t freak out quite as bad as my wife, but don’t know if I could handle that one or not. Maybe I should just calm down and relax. =)

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