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It’s Monday. That means it’s time again for “Ask MercyMe” This week it’s long time guitar genius and “gear guy” Barry Graul. Barry has played with several different artists and knows a lot about guitars. He’s also got a few other hobbies. So here goes. What do you want to know from or about Barry? He will post his answers on Friday.

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  • Heidi

    Hi Barry. Can I touch your head? It’s like when I see a silk blouse hanging in Dillards department store. Even if the thing costs like $200 I want to touch it. It looks so soft and smooth.

    But, seriously, what’s your favorite childhood memory?

    Heidi Reed

  • Randy Megathlin

    Hi from a fellow runner and SRV fan. I love your music and guitar sounds. Do you have any suggestions for a guitar rig (pedals, amps) for someone on a limited budget but wants to be able to get some good guitar sounds for church and home? Thanks!

  • Todd Branson

    Aside from playing with the greatest Christian band, what was your other most accomplished thing in music?
    What is your favorite Bible verse?
    Why is it the best song on every MM CD is the last song (I would die for you, Finally Home, In you, Keep singing, etc)? When I get your CD’s the very first song I go to is the last song and becomes my favorite song! I love singing your music too at church too.
    May God continue to bless you and the rest of the band. Also love the new website.

  • Joshua

    Since I complimented Mike on the guitar stuff on all the albums, I throw one your way. Props. Anyway, what’s your favorite guitar that you own?

    P.S. Loved meeting you guys back in January at WinterJam and taping part of the show for ya!

  • Josh

    you had so few questions i thought I would assist

    What is your favorite state?
    Mac or PC?
    Cubs or Cardinals?
    Shaved Bald, or Naturally Bald?
    Would you be interested in growing a mustache for a little holiday called mustache may?

  • TLC

    What’s the story behind the “Have Fun” song at the end of “Coming Up To Breathe”? Also, I would like to be the first to ask you what kind of hair products you use, citru shine maybe?haha I just had to try my hand at being a comedian. Hope you found it amusing. I agree with Todd about the last songs and MM being the greatest. God bless!

  • Robbie

    I’ve heard that prior to MercyMe that you played with DC Talk, what other bands have you played with?

    How long have you played guitar and how did you get into the music business?

    Who are some of your favorite bands?

    Who influenced you the most, musically?

    Do you have any pets?

  • Sara

    Hey Barry!
    Favorite month?
    Hamburgers or hotdogs?
    Favorite MM song of all time?
    Who would you die for?

  • MMmike

    Barry…in a knife fight in a dark alley, on the seedy streets of Gotham, who would win…you or The Joker?


  • Emma

    Have you always been bald?

    What’s your favorite book? (i.e. not a book of the Bible, just in general.)

    What’s the funniest thing you’ve ever seen/heard/done/etc?

    What’s your favorite color?

    Do you ever get sick of answering the same questions over and over and OVER?

  • Mandy

    Who takes the longest to do their hair? Who gets haircuts most often?

  • Dale Best

    What’s the biggest difference between the onstage performing experience with dcTalk and MercyMe?

  • Daniel Crowe

    hey barry,

    what was it like for you to join mercyme as a full time member? and before that….you toured a bit with them, right?

  • Brenda

    Hey Barry, first of all, i like you hair style —I looks very easy to maintain.. 1. how often do you have to shave it?? 2. Did you know when you were young (kid) that you would be playing a guiter in a christian band? How did you get hooked up with MM? some christian bands out there … look well lets say punk rockish…. Have you guys ever beeen told that? I remember hearing a song from the newsboys without seeing them … then saw them (not live ) and wow they dont look –like their music … Keep playing!!! you guys are the best!!!!!! your my favorite !!:)

  • Lizzie

    Hi Barry,

    I was wondering, what’s the longest your hair has ever been?


  • McWesty

    Hi Barry,

    East or West coast?

    Do you have a life verse?

    Prayer requests?

    What can you see from the stage, anything?

  • tlc

    I have playlist of favorite songs on my computer and last night I clicked one that had a lot of the songs from “Undone” and as my cursor went by the songs I noticed that you had written most of the songs on that album. How many of MM songs have you written?Undone is my favorite album.

  • Kevin

    Barry, my favorite MM song is “Keep Singing”. Do you have any bible verses that provided you inspiration and comfort in co-writing that song? Thank you so much for that song, it speaks what’s on my heart as follower of Jesus.

  • Kenny P

    Hey Barry,

    Did you ever find out what happened to the cows that disappeared from the yard behind your house??? You may need to call Maulder and Sculley…..
    See you in Phoenix in July

  • KenMan

    When are you going to release a solo album? Following Bart’s lead here are some possible titles:
    “Barry Me on the Lone Prarie”
    “Barryed Treasure”
    “Beisboll Been Barry Barry Good to Me”
    “Barryed Alive” ( this would be the live album)
    “Cran-Barry Juiced”
    Let me know what you think….these are GOLD baby.

    No seriously Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Ken Polvino or Steve Lukather, who’s your favorite??

  • Tim

    I asked mike this same question but it differs from person to person so here goes?
    What is your favorite guitar, effect, and amp? What other instruments do you play besides guitar?

  • Rachel

    ok barry. here are my questions:)
    What has God been teaching you lately?
    What is your favorite memory since being involved in CCM?
    I have seen from the scrapbook blog you guys have met alot of cool people..Who has been your favroite?

  • Kellie

    What’s the best prank you’ve ever pulled on someone?
    What’s your favorite hymn?

  • Kristy

    What is your handicap in golf? Are you a Nascar fan and who is your favorite driver?
    Remember you doing the song Undone at a Billy Graham crusade in Kansas City-I as fortunate to tape it and I have it on my IPOD. Do you have plans to do any mission work with traveling overseas any time soon?
    You guys work alot and tour constantly-What can we pray for for you and the band and when are you guys going to take a long, extended break? Not quit but a long break.

  • curtis ellis

    Hi my name is Curtis Ellis I went to the Choctaw indian festival in 2008 with my dad and one of you said that you had lost your dad at the age of 19. when you said that I looked back at my dad and said, “dont you dare!!” I was laughing when I said it. I had no idea that he would cause on sept. 12 2008 my dad died. I was 19. I’m about to be 20 in march and I was just wondering how you got through it. It’s killing me and I miss him so much!! I have no one to talk to!! can you please help me?!
    yours in Christ,
    Curtis Ellis

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