Number Three


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  • adam

    I guess it’s better than if it was on the girls back.

  • Emma

    So… that’s the scariest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  • Jan

    That is about the most disturbing thing I have seen all day on the internets.

  • Robbie


  • Dadooz

    So which of you is that?

  • MMmike

    it’s Joel.


  • joel

    Actually, Mike, I am a Jeff Gordon fan and have 24 on my back.


  • j

    I thought Joel was a Ricky Bobby fan?

  • Katherine

    Hillarious…and sickening!! I am a huge Nascar fan-but that is just wrong! 😉

  • xxFell-2-Hardxx

    That is really wierd

  • Debbie

    Nah Ha!!!

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