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  • Chris

    Solution? What about the beloved Rangers?


  • Bart

    Traitor? Traitor? Who’s been there during every bad season? Who, every year, says this is the year we turn it around? Who believed when the organization told me that “Oil Can” Boyd was a great trade many many years ago. Who got extremely emotional when Nolan Ryan became V.P.? Me, my friend, me.

    PS. Fenway was a religious experience.

  • Amanda

    I am pretty much just jealous…
    1. that you got to go to Boston in general, and
    2. that you got to go to Fenway ON OPENING DAY…

    As a huge Sox fan, and someone who just generally really really loves Boston, I can say with all honesty, there really wasn’t ANYWHERE else I wanted to be yesterday. I hope it was great!

  • Hannah

    that is a solution. just not a good solution. lol. of course fenway was a religious experience.

  • joel gutowsky

    so did you get to see buckner throw out the opening pitch or was that game 2 at fenway?

  • Sandi

    I could’ve settled that one…wear an A’s hat! 🙂

  • MMmike

    we did get to see Buckner. It was like he never shanked it..the crowd went nuts for him for like 5 minutes…it was beautiful and muy emotional!!!!


  • Christy

    Good answer!!!

  • Joshua

    Wow…that looks almost as good as if you would have worn a St. Louis Cardinals hat…

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