Friends Are Friends Forever


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  • adam

    The guy on the left, who I am assuming is MWS, has a shiny arm.

  • Holly

    Was this on tour in 2004? I was at the show in Atlanta and it was likely the best christian music concerts I’ve ever been to – and being there with thousands of others praising God through your music…. what an incredible experience.

  • wes

    So…..a cool photo without a description? Maybe we should let everyone know who is in these photos with you????? I think it is pretty neat that Jim Cavizel hung out with us for a run on a tour a few years ago! He looks like a regular guy in this pic.

  • James

    Wow, Bart got the idol. Now there is no way they can vote him off the island!!

  • Char

    Man…all of my favorite artists in one picture!

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