Boston Tigers or Detroit Red Sox

opening-day-fenway-1213-large.jpgToday I am heading to Boston with my wicked awesome wife to attend opening day at Fenway park.

Here is my dilemma, a great friend of mine pitches for the Detroit Tigers, the team that is playing against the Red Sox on opening day. Do I wear my Detroit hat and support the team who got me in the game and risk being injured by Sox fans, or do I wear my Red Sox hat and soak up a day of being part of Red Sox nation?

Or maybe I should wear my Rangers hat, my first love, and let both sides point and laugh at me due to the fact that nobody in the world takes Texas Rangers baseball seriously except for the Ranger faithful. Decisions decisions.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of “Bart and the Fenway Fiasco.”

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  • jonathan


    First of all I have already had it rubbed in my face by Mike that you guys were going to Opening Day at Fenway.

    I would wear Ranger stuff, but thats just by first and oly love. But you better go with Tood Jones, because you dont mess with the person that gets you in!!

  • Robbie

    If you are going to wear a hat then I say go with the Detroit Tigers since your friend got you the tickets. Of course, you could leave the hats behind and then no one will know who you are supporting. Have fun!

  • Glenn

    Wow. I’m curious to hear how this drama unfolds. I say wear the Rangers hat, (because you know I’d be wearing my Dodger blue). Enjoy Fenway! Wish I was there.

  • Christie

    Gooooo Tigers!

  • alan

    I also say wear the Rangers cap. You could also just completely cop-out and not wear anything team affiliated, but honestly where’s the fun in that.

  • Joe Doh

    You get to go to the season opener?! I am very jealous! I live 15 min away from Fenway Park but no way can I afford to buy tickets. Have fun for me and enjoy Red Sox Nation!

    (If you havent guessed… I vote Red Sox hat)

  • frank

    I will be there for Thursdays game all the way from Birmingham, AL. Lifelong dream to attend a game at Fenway!

  • dew

    I wouldn’t mess with all those other hats, just wear a real team hat like, say, the Astros!

    Go Stros!

  • Emma

    First of all, I didn’t know people still said “wicked awesome.”

    Secondly, you should wear your Rangers hat.

  • Hannah

    Jealous on the Red Sox tickets. My bro and I spent an entire Saturday in a “virtual waiting room” and dialing a number till our fingers hurt with no luck on the first day to buy sox tickets. Yes, we are the faithful. You better have supported the home team Bart. You were after all in Fenway.

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