Later April…Been Nice Knowing Ya.

calendar.jpgMercyMe has gone to great lengths to try not to be away from home too much. When we plan a tour, we only book a few days out the week, so that we can still be husbands and dads.

Well, for me, April slipped through the cracks. Sometimes you say yes to things as far as a year in advance when the calendar looks wide open. Sometimes you keep saying yes, and suddenly, when the time comes, you freak out wondering how April got so slammed. Well guess what? Let freaking out commence.

Let’s see if I can explain, in detail, how April will go for me. It all actually started the last week of March with me in Nashville working on my solo album, “Hymned Again.” I finished vocals at roughly 3am on April 2nd and I went straight to my car and drove 9 hours getting home roughly at noon on the 2nd. I was home for the rest of the 2nd and 3rd, and right now, April 4th, I am typing this on a flight to Chicago for a MercyMe show tonight. We then have a show in Wisconsin tomorrow night, and a show in Iowa on Sunday. On Monday, April 7th, I will fly into Dallas with just enough time to meet my wife at the airport to catch another flight to Boston.

We are going to Fenway park for opening day…let me just say I am giddy with anticipation. Away with my wife and my first trip to Fenway! Can life get any better? I submit to you it cannot. Ok where was I…oh yeah…so I fly back home from Boston on Wednesday the 9th, and then fly out to Las Vegas on the 10th for a show at Nellis air force base. The show is actually on the 11th, but we have to soundcheck the night before, so it adds an extra day of being away from home. We then fly home from Vegas on the 12th where I will meet up with my family for a Texas Rangers game where Third Day happens to be performing as well. Gotta support your buddies any chance you can get. Are we tired yet? Heck I am tired right now.

Sunday the 13th I am home, and able to go to my home church, thank the Lord, and then on Monday the 14th I head to good ol’ London. Yep you read right, London. And here is the kicker…it is for one day. You may not realize this, but 2009 will be 10 years since I first wrote “I Can Only Imagine” and I have been given the opportunity to record “Imagine” with the entire London symphony at abbey road studios for a very special project we are working on. So I fly to London on the 14th, sing on the 15th and fly home on the 16th. Jet lag you say? Who has time for jet lag? Not me.

I am off to Colorado Springs the very next day on the 17th. I am there for two days and then fly to Jackson, TN for a show the night of the 19th. After that, we drive into Nashville for 4 fun filled days at the Gospel Music Association convention thingy and dove awards. Then after the band heads home, I stay over for 2 more days to wrap up my solo project followed by me flying back to Dallas on the 26th to meet up with the band for a show in Alvaredo, TX. This show will be emotional for me because it will be the end of a crazy month. I will be hugging people, singing friends are friends forever…you know, just like the last day of church camp.

The good news is I am home the entire month of May, but first I gotta get there. So if you have read all of this and not gone cross-eyed, I applaud you, and ask that you would pray for my family through this tough time. And pray that May will be such a special time together with my family that April might be forgotten.

April I love ya, but you got to go!!!!

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  • West

    I was out of breath with anxiety about mid-way through this.

  • Robbie

    Bless your heart, I feel so sorry for you. I cannot imagine how hard that is going to be for you.

    The offer is still on if you want me to bring you some good ole Memphis BBQ when I come to the Jackson concert. I live near the Memphis area and would be happy to bring some for you. It may make your April a little better.

  • Jen

    Okay, that made me jealous and sick to my stomach all at the same time. I love to travel and wish it were me. At the same time, I’d love to spread that out over maybe a two month period.

    You’re crazazy!

  • Brenda

    WOW…………did you breathe while writing all that??… GOB BLESS

  • Heidi

    You know, Bart, I am a kidder. I like to joke around. I think that is why I am so attracted to this blog. You guys are funny.

    But what you just wrote breaks my heart. It seriously does. I can’t imagine not seeing my stinkers for that long and being that tired and that carted here and there and everywhere. A month without my husband beside me in bed… heck, I can’t even go a night w/out noticing. Plus you have all those strange hotels in strange towns. You have fans that want you on your mark each and every concert b/c, to them, you just got there and man you gotta give and give and give. No breaks this time. Sheeesh.

    It will take a lot of strength and I am sure God will be there for you. I will be praying — for you and your family. I guess I never really considered how hard your job/ministry is. May God carry you right through April. May it be fun most of the time. And the good thing is, May will come so fast b/c being that busy April has got to just FLYYYYY by. Good luck!

    Heidi Reed

  • Christie

    Praying that April flies by quickly for you. Thank you for using your time and your talent for God. 🙂

  • Joshua

    Wow, I agree with the poster below who is jealous and sympathetic. My prayers go out to you. And I’m looking forward to the new solo album. And the “special project” with the LSO.

    New MercyMe and solo Bart, can life get any better? I submit it cannot!

  • Lisa

    Whew, got tired just reading your itinerary….

  • stacey

    I will be praying that you and your family make it through April. May will be here sooner than you think so just hang in there. By the way I like April because my Birthday is in April. Keep the faith and god bless.


  • Paula

    I can’t believe you even had time to write that entry!!! I guess we won’t be hearing from you on the blog for the rest of the month — take a breather from something – will ya!!
    God Bless you and Keep your family safe and sane until you get to stay home with them next month.

  • Christy

    One day at a time brother. I am a stay at home mom and homeschool teacher to our 2 boys. You would think life is slow and easy. NOT. I get so tired of running and I imagine you would too. Hang in there. It is all worth showing Jesus to someone.
    Prayers for strength, supernatural rest and safety.

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