The Pot Of Gold

So we’re on our way to a show and we stop in Oklahoma for a quick bite. I get off the bus and what do I see. A beautiful rainbow! You know the saying…. “There’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow” So my question is which end of the rainbow. I think I might’ve solved the age old question to that. I’d have to go to the right. Then again there’s a salad bar to the left…. Hmmmmm. Life’s choices.




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  • spence

    That pot of gold stuff is a bunch of junk if what you’re telling me is at either end is a western sizzlin and a taco bell…although, I and a fan of the sirloin steak and texas toast with a loaded baked potato…hmmm…those little leprechauns…i knew they were behind this whole thing from the beginning…

  • Pete

    taco bell and directions home….you guys would alway say….

  • adam

    sheesh… I hope there is a bathroom somewhere in the middle.

  • Just A Passer By

    hmmm… I wonder which one you chose. Probably the salad bar; I would have.

  • tam

    That’s classic! Oh the pressure!

  • kathleen

    What is a rainbow isn’t just an arc, but a circle? It’s never ending, just not always visible. Think about who might be looking at the other part of the circle…

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