Hey everyone,
I’ve really tried to think and be really deep with my next blog so after much prayer and thought here it is. By the way Robby needs to follow the drummer’s style. As a matter of fact I think this is Jackie Chan’s long lost brother. I’ve seen them play at a couple of weddings too. They’re great.

P.S. Thanks to Blair Master’s for enlightening my musical tastes just a little bit more.

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  • Tim

    That’s great!!! I didn’t know you could headbang to that kind of music.

  • Emma

    Ouch. I think I just fell down a well of depth. That was truly the most inspired blog post I’ve seen on here for quite a while.

    Seriously, though — That drummer was incredible.

  • Heidi

    Uh, yeah, uh, wow. Hmm. Is it hot in here?

    Oh no. My kid is crying. Gotta go.


  • Brenda

    that was different …….little headbanging….. interesting…. don;t change anything — Robby, really dont ..lol

  • Sassiekiwi

    Okay … I live in Korea and that was just too funny! LOVE the drummer … 🙂 It almost makes me want to give up keys and sway instruments!

  • Sassiekiwi

    whoops … that should have read SWAP instruments … I guess I was a little caught up in the swaying thing!

  • Alyse

    That’s funny!!!! He’s really into that song!

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